Metal Fruit Baskets

One of the best ways to keep fruit well stored is to put them in a basket. The metal fruit baskets you can see below ensure that the fruit or vegetables you put in them are well ventilated and dry. Some of them can even be pieces of stylish decoration, too. Check my collection for more ideas.

Metal fruit stand

These solid, metal zinc washtubs serve as ingenious, homemade way for storing various stuff. Its universality creates a wide spectrum of application, from a display for fruits and veggies, through a utility box, ending on a stylish toys container.

Metal fruit baskets

This wall-mounted metal shelf is a mix of rustic industrial style and functionality. Attractive wire shelves are spacious and beautifully presented in the kitchen or pantry. Solid construction is durable.

Metal fruit baskets

Three-tiered dark brown metal basket stand for fruits and vegetables (or maybe tools at a workshop?), fitting the bill if one wants a hint of vintage as an interior accent (I'm tipping a rustic kitchen).

Wrought iron fruit stand

Add an antique distressed metal tiered stand to your home for more industrial look. It is an excellent decoration on dining table or lazy Susan. Great for fruits, candles and more.

Two tiered storage basket wire decor shabby vintage stand metal

Two Tiered Storage Basket Wire Decor Shabby Vintage Stand Metal Vegetable Fruit
A pretty vintage 2-tier standing basket for fruit. It's crafted of metal wires. It has 4 scrolled legs and a tall double-handle attached to both baskets and having a brown wooden grip at the top. Baskets have slanted out walls with a diamond design.

Metal fruit basket

Add this beautiful rustic basket rack to your entryway or bathroom and enjoy stylish product. It features the metal and wooden construction and five baskets with different sizes.

Metal fruit baskets 1

A simple, but functional and nice basket for fruits and vegetables. It is made of stainless steel and provides three separate storage spaces. It is a handcrafted product with a rustic farmhouse stylization.

Hanging metal baskets kitchen

This stylish hunger plate is a beautiful wrought iron construction. The whole looks very dignified and stylishly introducing to the interior a note of antique character. Attractive decorations add all the elegance and style.

Vegetable basket stand

A lovely decoration for dining rooms, restaurants, and kitchens. With such a beautiful metal basket, you are getting gorgeous scrollwork with floral design, and two different size fruit baskets for storing your fruits and vegetables.

Metal tiered fruit stand

With those practical helpers, you can make your home more practical, and at the same time organize your smaller belongings. Baskets are characterized by metal wire construction with various finishes and easy mounting.

Metal fruit baskets 2

Attached to the wall, this metal fruit basket will be a great accent in any kitchen or dining room. Small, yet handy and convenient, offers 3 storage shelves for your fresh fruits and veggies.

Metal fruit baskets

Standing on 4 legs, this fruit basket is actually a very solid iron construction. It features 3 tiers for storing your fruits and veggies. An ideal decoration for a rustic or industrial kitchen. However, it can be also used in a workshop, as a storage for tools.

Metal hanging fruit baskets

Made of metal fruit basket is an excellent kitchen assistant. The simple form, plenty of storage space and wire composition make it easy to store vegetables that are readily available by the cart wheels.

Spectrum 39010 Scroll Fruit Bowl, Black

Wall hung baskets

A practical piece for indoor use that allows you to store your smaller belongings, fruits and vegetables. The 3-tiered farmer's basket stand is crafted of strong wire, holding three different size baskets, and maintaining proper ventilation to keep your products fresh.

Wrought iron wall shelves about tuscan wrought iron metal 3

Tiered tin basket traditional food containers and storage

Tiered Tin Basket Traditional Food Containers And Storage
Two-tier storage tray made from galvanised tin. They are great for camping, or to use for any garden purpose. The rustic, old-fashioned vibe it carries is irresistible, but it's also very practical and durable.

Metal fruit baskets 6

It looks like a professional pantry in the back of an expensive restaurant. But - it can be your pantry! Ordinary metal shelves, combined with traditional metal fruit baskets, organize the space in an incredibly neat way.

Metal fruit baskets 2

Now you can easily arrange and organize your fruits and vegetables on your counter with this amazing metal fruit basket that offers three shelves, each bigger than the last one. It will keep your supplies fresh for much longer.

Metal fruit baskets 1

Being a great piece of contemporary design, this fruit basket is made from stainless steel, combining minimalistic style with maximum functionality. A cool spot to store your fruits and veggies.

Metal fruit baskets 3

Metal fruit baskets can replace boxes and other containers at home. They are light and airy, making them great as drawers for clothes or kitchen containers. This black traditionally woven basket can be used in every dimension. Its black color is very neutral.

Metal fruit baskets

Enchanting with its cool and clean, modern design, this metal wire fruit basket can be a great kitchen rack in general. It can be used to store not only fruits but also vegetables or bread. Features a glazed round top and convenient 3 wheels.

Metal fruit baskets 7

The organization of the cheats plays a key role. Now imagine that you are coming back from shopping and the fruit can be put into a hanging metal fruit basket with shelves, dot-shaped and bright silver.

Weathered charm winston wall basket

Weathered Charm Winston Wall Basket
This metal fruit basket is a great addition to any wall. The metal construction is excellent to create the industrial looks. The three storage spaces have enough place for fruits and accent pieces.

Wrought iron fruit baskets

Made from wire, this set of kitchen baskets can be a cool, contemporary inspiration, adding some storage space for your fruits, veggies, bread or jars. They are inexpensive and lightweight.

Basket accessories

Basket Accessories
The metal bushel basket for your fruit with he burlap or linen lining. It guarantee that it will stay fresh longer than in the air-tight box. Even it is very practical, it looks also very stylish in the rustic kitchen.

Metal fruit basket stand

Made of metal wires, the basket for fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to have funky details for the kitchen or dining room. Simple form and a lot of storage space make it perfect for everyday use.

Metal fruit baskets 1

Sundial Stand Fruit Basket

Sundial Stand Fruit Basket

Metal fruit baskets 11

Farm to Table Metal Coffee Cup Keeper Fruit Basket

Farm to Table Metal Coffee Cup Keeper Fruit Basket

Tier hanging woven wire metal basket fruit vegetable kitchen new

Fall halloween thanksgiving centerpiece in tiered fruit basket displays mini

Metal fruit baskets 9

Metal fruit baskets 18

Fruit Basket With Banana Holder - Chrome Metal Wire Hanger - 14.76 inches tall

Wrought iron fruit bowl

Metal fruit baskets

3 Tier Satin Nickel Hanging Vegetable Basket

Metal fruit baskets 2

Blar Grape Fruit Basket

Blar Grape Fruit Basket

Diy hanging fruit basket 2 locker baskets

Metal fruit basket

Metal fruit baskets 4

Metal fruit basket with banana hanger customized designs are accepted

Vintage French Fruit Basket with Handle

Vintage French Fruit Basket with Handle

St. Louis Fruit Basket

St. Louis Fruit Basket

Ebay 69

Euro Fruit Basket

Euro Fruit Basket

Creative Home 73100r 3-Tier Hanging Basket Diam