Metal Designs For Walls

Do you like metal solutions? Or maybe you are searching for something innovative? In that case it might be worth to have a closer look at the metal designs for walls that we have prepared for people like you. Feel free to pick the most suitable idea for your house.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Metal designs for walls
Emily Mart

This metal panels for walls create a lasting beauty that will embellish every contemporary house. If you want to add your walls a modern, sophisticated character, these shall appeal to you.

Metal wainscoting ideas

Create a surrounding of true originality and creativity with this galvanized metal design for your bathroom walls. It will keep your interior looking beautiful and fully complete, while adding a vintage vibe to it.

Metal designs for walls 5

Not sure whether this metal design for wall could be executed at home, but why not give it a try... Nice, contemporary, geometric form of 3D figures, finished gray. Could borrow my living room remodel inspiration from it...

Metal designs for walls 17

Decorative and practical at once: this metal panelling protects walls and provides visual interest with its pretty pressed tin pattern full of swirls and weaves. It sports plain color: neutral sandy beige.

Metal designs for walls 6

If you think, that wall without any pattern is dull, but you don't want to buy inconstant wallpapers, this solution is dedicated special for you! You can decorated your walls by this silver, beautiful stickers.

Metal designs for walls 38

Rustic composition of furniture in a large living room with a slanted ceiling and a connected kitchen with a dining area. The living room is furnished with two sofas upholstered in a microfiber material in a gray color.

Metal designs for walls 7
James Alicia

Embodying a romantic winter climate, this beautiful wallpaper constitutes a perfect background for a rustic living room or bedroom. It corresponds perfectly well to the owl pillow and rustic sofa bench.

Metal designs for walls 1
Peyton Donaldson

A fantastic shower unit in a modern and minimalist design. It features an open space with galvanised walls with a glossy trim. The shower panel in a similar color gives it a cool, industrial look. Plus, it's easy to clean.

Metal designs for walls
King Heather

An absolutely fabulous wall decor proposition, this bevelled subway tile in dark and metallic glazes will distinguish your interiors, adding them a bit of the smooth contemporary chic.

Metal designs for walls 2
Martinez Melissa

Corrugated metal as wall covering - would love it for the mudroom! Nice finish of this metal wall makes me really feel like having it in my entryway. Such a clever idea of how not to get your wall get dirty.

Metal designs for walls 3
Tara Zucker

Coming from a designer house in Zwolle, Netherlands, this beautiful staircase adds the space an intriguing, industrial character. Metal boards on the wall smoothy correspond to the metal staircase.

Metal designs for walls 9

Adding sparkle and texture to your bedroom doesn't have to be costly. This shining headboard was made from corrugated metal usually used for roofing purposes, and it only cost about $30. Design by Kara Pasla

Metal designs for walls 16
Allison Evans

How to Stencil Moroccan Stencils in Metallics for Amazing Wall Art :: Hometalk

Metal designs for walls 4

Imagine Cuban kitchen, you go there - and what do you see? Probably similar shaded furniture and metal shelves on one of the walls to accommodate as many favorite delicacies as possible. Tipical metal design for Latin America.

Metal designs for walls 11
Bianca Weberable

Decorative Artist Leslie Redshaw of Unfauxgettable Interiors mixed Modern Masters Metal Effects, Venetian plaster and our Metallic Paints for a unique stenciled wall finish!

Metal designs for walls 2
Julie Kel

I love the grasscloth and wainscoting idea to add some interest on your walls

Metal designs for walls 18
Murphy Julie

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Metal designs for walls 10
Alison Nels

Reclaimed Space, Land Yacht ... rustic bathroom idea!!! Love it!!!

Metal designs for walls 27
Allen Alicia

Various building patterns architect Kengo Kuma

Metal designs for walls 25

Sheets of corrugated metal (available at most Home Depot stores) make a stylish tub surround. After removing the plastic tub surround, cut the galvanized sheets to fit and finish the panels with Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel before screwing them in plac

Metal designs for walls 39
Rachel Massonable

/\ /\ . Marke 3, Filip Van Damme

Metal designs for walls 3
Olivia Smithist

Practical and waterproof shower design that includes conctrete, glass and metal elements. Thanks to these solution, the whole construction is durable, practical and very attractive in any kind of bathroom.

Metal designs for walls 32
Mendes Natasha

corrugated+metal+wall+panels | Corrugated metal for interior walls? - The Garage Journal Board

Metal designs for walls 26
Lindsey All

plain mirror bedazzled...paint chairs that magenta color

Metal designs for walls 37
Tara Zucker

Bathroom Corrugated Metal Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor

Metal designs for walls 22
Kimberly Cam

Love the crown molding and metallic paint stenciling on the ceiling- good for a small space to draw the eye upward

Metal designs for walls 36
Washington Crystal

Dutch Boy Treaded Grapes as a basecoat; stencilled with a metallic paint

Metal designs for walls
Kristin Allen

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Metal designs for walls 12
Tara Zucker

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Metal designs for walls 21

Really awesome rusted metal wall art. Simple thin wall box tube cut offs welded together. Wish it was rectangular...I would have bought it on the spot. Maybe I'll make my own.

Metal designs for walls 8
Jaclyn Wil

love this pearl paint with a matte stencil on top- geat for a half bath- or revere w/ matte paint and high gloss pattern

Metal Wall Décor
Sarah Ashleyist

Metal Wall Décor
This geometrically shaped, abstract wall decor comprises a feasible way to enhance the ambiance. It pleases the eye with symmetrically placed round pieces filled with stained glass, that meet like sun rays in a colorful centre.

Metal Wall Décor
Julia Lambertify

Metal Wall Décor
It is a beautiful and colorful metal wall décor. It looks amazing on wall in bedroom, bathroom, living room and more. You will be impressed how amazing this wall décor is. It adds style and beauty to any room.

Metal designs for walls 4

Custom elements for this office space of the KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

Metal designs for walls 19
Jacqueline Rogers

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Metal designs for walls 24
Lindsey Tay

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Metal designs for walls 28

CNC machine a piece of plywood for covering the band joist. Then provide lighting behind it so it glows through at night.

Metal designs for walls 29

neon, metallic, and neutral tassel garlands // photo by // design by

Metal designs for walls 30
Peterson Meghan

Metal doors instead of the walls that we currently have for our meeting rooms ~ Not sure if we have the budget to do this - but it would be good.

Metal designs for walls 31

I really like this idea for hotdesking- It makes great use of the space and if on casters we could change the layout easily as and when is needed. When we don't need the desk spcae they could act as shelves/partition walls etc

Metal designs for walls 33

Beautiful surfaces in this minimalist room. Nice juxtaposition of traditional chandelier and modernist bent-wood chairs. They really nailed the wall color, too.

Metal designs for walls 34

Metal Print Gallery Wall using #ShutterflyDecor with FREE printable too!! -- Tatertots and Jello

2 Piece Urban Trends Sleek Wall Décor Set
Natalie Bry

2 Piece Urban Trends Sleek Wall Décor Set

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Metal designs for walls 35
Zernike Laetitia

TOP TIP: For a luxurious look add cushions in jewel colours such as Marsala and turquoise.

Metal chain portable room partition

Metal Chain Portable Room Partition

Brass hood
Karen Nelson

Brass hood

Sheet metal room so cool for a boy
Vanessa Thom

sheet metal room So cool for a boy...

Metal Building Systems, Third Edition: Design and Specifications
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Stylish Solutions Halle "Life Is Not Measured" Wall Décor
Shannon Ram

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