Meditation Chairs

Are you a fan of meditation? Do you feel like relaxing for a while and let the thoughts drift away? With a meditation chair it's easy. Comfy seat that helps to assume the right position and nice upholstery will cater for your meditation and home decor needs. Check the meditation chairs below.
Style: Contemporary, Eclectic, Modern, Rustic, Traditional, Vintage
Color: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red

Caroline Patterson Interior Design Expert
Meditation chairs
Jessica Wash

A lotus meditation chair is for every fan of meditation and relaxation. It features the wicker construction, which is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. The white padded seat is for enhanced comfort of use.

Meditation chairs
Jasmine Tho

This amazing chair is suitable for meditation and will provide you with the right amount of lumbar support, while the design makes for a beautiful addition to your home decor with its dark brown frame and vibrant red upholstery.

Meditation furniture
Cooper Kristen

Looking for a meditation chair? This yoga chair is perfect for that purpose. Eco-friendly rattan will make every yoga session turn into a true connection with nature, and the comfortable shape will provide you with ultimate comfort. Meditate away!

Meditation chairs 1
Yulia Thompson

Marina Burini – Stylist and Co-Owner of Beautiful Dreamers at her Home and Store in Brooklyn « the selby

Lotus meditation chair
Robinson Layla

Spice up your home with Hindi accents, using this luxurious meditation chair. The chair is crafted from very sturdy wood, and designed to provide the best comfort in any sitting position. The frame is short and well-sculpted, also accommodated with set of white cushions for the best experience.

Folding Meditation Chair
Sarah Ashleyist

Folding Meditation Chair
Compact and durable meditation chair designed for maximum comfort and versatility. Features solid, foldable steel frame, comfortable seat and back in quality cover, and lightweight construction for easy storage and transport.

Meditation chair for upstairs

Meditation chair for upstairs.

Outdoor meditation chair
Rachel Massonable

Meditation room needs a minimalist decor that provides an atmosphere of tranquility and pure focus with no unnecessary objects that could distract you. Here some low-back meditation stools with white padding are provided.

Portable meditation chair
Flores Karen

Eye-catching set consisting of a low wide chair, a cover and pillows. A frame is of thin rounded brown beech rods. The poly-filled cover and pillows are of cotton with a small colourful stripes in Aztec style and should be professionally cleaned.

Rattan meditation chair
Alyssa Wilsonify

Maybe it is not a perfect chair for work at you office, but when you decide to practice meditation at your home it will perfectly support your spine. Could be easily folded and hidden after the training.

Lotus chair meditation

Seeking the perfect chair for meditation or rest, you can choose among the unique designs that perfectly match the interior. Structures based on cushions, rattans and braided materials are exceptionally efficient.

Floor chairs for adults

Large meditation chair with a simple and classic construction based on gray and white materials. It includes soft backrest and seat cushions that improve comfort and relaxation. Solid wooden frame includes straight, simple legs that provide stability and support.

Legless chairs

Rustic approach to a minimalistic garden chair made entirely out of light walnut wood with a ribcage-like structure of the back. The garden chair is fitted with a single, thick cushion to ensure the seating comfort.

Meditation chair 1
Allison Wri

There is no disadvantage that meditation could bring. Improved concentration, enlightenment, peace and harmony. It will be pleasant to do it in a comfortable upholstered meditation chair in shades of green and gold. It will help you focus on your own breath.

Meditation chair 2

Meditation Chair

Basho meditation chair
Brooks Sara

Basho Meditation Chair

Zen by design the samurai meditation chair

Zen By Design - The Samurai Meditation Chair

Portable Floor Chair, Karma Chair, Folding Chair. Adjustable Angle Back-Rest. 14" Wide X 22" Tall X 21" Deep
Maria Adam

This folding chair is portable, lightweight, and provides back support. Upholstered in durable fabric and padded with high-density foam, the chair also includes a height-adjustable backrest that allows for varied angled positions.

Meditation floor chair back support

Arm chair mounted on wooden frame and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Seat is covered with richly decorated fabric and fitted with extra pillow.

Meditation chair amazon
Wesson Jessica

A comfortable and ergonomic chair for calm people who like spending their time on meditation. This rattan construction is solid and good for interior or outdoor use. A white, soft cushion provides good comfort of meditation.

Legless chair
Tara Gosselin

Rustic design for a unique-looking meditation chair with a wide and long frame. The chair is made out of decoratively carved oak wood with a lint tint and is fitted with thick cushions, providing a comfortable finish.

Meditation chair 4
Bianca Noorda

Comfortable and attractive elements for people who prefer Asian stylization. These Thai triangle pillows provide comfortable floor seating for anyone. This soft pillows are finished with an attractive pattern.

Meditation seats
Cintia Brook

Helping you meditate and find your right rhythm back, this meditation chair enchants with its handcrafting. Slightly dished, profiled silhouette and solid, bright wood construction.

Floor chair with back support
Peyton Marthy

Round arm chair as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Upholstery is made of nice touch fabric and fitted with additional pillows for added comfort.

Japanese floor chair
Holly Simmons

If meditation is a large part of your life, you should think about a proper accessory to do it on. This water hyacinth meditation chair comes along with a tray, and it doesn't need much space to store it. The chair is durable, and elastic enough to ensure you a proper comfort during meditation.

Back Jack Floor Chair (Original BackJack Chairs) - XL Size (Black)

It is a set of chairs floor, which is perfect for many different circumstances. Chairs can be used as an child's room, but also prove themselves in a variety of venues, workshops, theatrical or therapeutic.

Alpha Egg Shell Chair and Ottoman White/Green

Alpha Egg Shell Chair and Ottoman White/Green

Lotus chair multi purpose chair provides a full relaxed and
Anna Rive

lotus chair multi purpose chair provides a full relaxed and correct ...

Meditation chair with back support

This will be the room beside the master bedroom that overlooks the zen garden. So if it's raining, I can go in there and still get my relaxation in for the day! ;)

Back Jack Floor Chair (FOLDING BackJack) - PURPLE
Chloe Hughesful

It is a very original, useful and comfortable product. The floor chair has got a soft seat and backrest. It is available in many different colors that look attractive. The product size is 14 x 21 x 3 inches.

Ascendant Meditation Chair with Brocade Cushion
Lambert Abbey

Ascendant Meditation Chair with Brocade Cushion

Tatami chair
Patricia Woo

The ZenCircus chair is a twist on the latest trend of fitness-minded furniture that makes it possible for the user to do a long list of alternative exercises like yoga positions, trapeze and balance.

Modern Contemporary Lounge Chair Red
Hayes Margaret

Modern Contemporary Lounge Chair Red

Swingasan at pier 1 imports i dont know where i

Swingasan at Pier 1 Imports I don't know where I would put this but I love it!

Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair
Bush Eliza

It is an office chair that has got an ergonomic design, solid wood construction and great finish. It is a fantastic addition to your office space. It adds comfort to any home.

Bamboo Fifty Four 5437 Payabg Chair
Chloe Hughesful

This astonishing chair has a lightweight frame manufactured from a solid bamboo wood in its natural look, finished with rattan stripes. Two comfortable cushions are covered with soft white muslin fabric.

Metro Shop Tatami White Floral Meditation Backrest Chair (China)

Metro Shop Tatami White Floral Meditation Backrest Chair (China)

Oriental Furniture Japanese Style Game Chair, Tatami Meditation Backrest Chair, Red Geisha
Denise Brya

Have you ever tried to play your favourite game sitting on the floor? For sure! And when you feel that the floor level is sometimes just perfect to play games and chat with friends, a classic japanese tatami chair is a must-have for you!

Wedge Meditation Cushion (Saffron)

Wedge Meditation Cushion (Saffron)

Rocker - Meditation Bench with Brocade Cushion
Hilton Emily

It is a rocker meditation bench that has got a sturdy and flexible construction, upholstered seat and ergonomic shape. You can choose one of four color options to choose: black, blue, red and white.

Zen seating meditation chair makes proper sitting easy 1
Adriana Andersson

Zen Seating: Meditation Chair Makes Proper Sitting Easy

Alpha Lounge Chair, Orange
Tara Zucker

Alpha Lounge Chair, Orange

Foldable floor chair meditation chair complete back support mumbai
Bianca Weberable

... Foldable Floor Chair,Meditation Chair, Complete Back Support - Mumbai

Tatami Indigo Geisha Meditation Fabric Lounge Chair
Peyton Donaldson

Tatami Indigo Geisha Meditation Fabric Lounge Chair
Simple tatami chair for floor-level activities, from meditation to playing video games. Oriental style is emphasized with Japanese themed wrapping: colorful pattern on indigo background depicts geishas and cherry blossom.

Modern Contemporary Lounge Chair Black

Modern Contemporary Lounge Chair Black

Muji pinning it again i sooo like that chair
Marissa Hugh

MUJI (pinning it again... i sooo like that chair !! ♥)

Meditation Yoga Sculpture Statue Figurine

Meditation Yoga Sculpture Statue Figurine

Meditation chair 10
Krystle Mit

Meditation chair:

Meditation Bench Cushion, Hunter Green
Jenna Daviesful

This type of element is a soft and comfortable cushion designed for use with small-sized benches made of hard material like wood. It assures warmth, softness and better level of relaxation. It also looks very attractive.

The most comfortable meditation chair in history
Diana Hil

The most comfortable meditation chair in history!