Meditation Benches

Those who are looking for meditation benches, are on the right site. If you feel that you are one of them, have a closer look at these models, and decide if any of them would be fine for your house. Surely, there is no rush so take all the time necessary to pick the one you find appealing.

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Small wooden bench for meditation purposes. It features a durable top and solid wooden legs for enhanced stability. It also includes some metal elements for effective height regulation and good support.

Seagrass Harmony Meditation Yoga Chair - White cover (Xoticbrands)

It is a yoga chairs that is a high quality and nicely finished product. It has got a white cover that is easy to care for and natural frame. It fits to any style and décor and is very comfortable.

EarthBench Shrine Table - Petite Floor Altar (5" inches tall) - Solid YELLOW PINE Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.
Meditation Bench Cushion, Hunter Green

This type of element is a soft and comfortable cushion designed for use with small-sized benches made of hard material like wood. It assures warmth, softness and better level of relaxation. It also looks very attractive.

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The Pi meditation bench is made for more difficult meditation positions. It is a hand made product, which is finished by the water-base poly finish, and has the countered legs.

Timber frame beam bench in reclaimed fir by jonathanjanuary
Outdoor meditation chair

Meditation room needs a minimalist decor that provides an atmosphere of tranquility and pure focus with no unnecessary objects that could distract you. Here some low-back meditation stools with white padding are provided.

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Personal Meditation Prayer Altar by EarthBench. Solid Red Oak Construction. Meditation Bench.

For meditation, you need nothing more that a sturdy construction of your meditation bench. This one, crafted with durability in mind of solid red oak, provides you that. Natural finish gives a feel of harmony to the surroundings.

Meditation Bench Cushion, Blue

Simple, sturdy wooden bench is always useful, but its features may be easily enhanced with this black cushion designed just for meditation bench. The cushion is filled with cotton batting and covered with cotton twill.

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Meditation benches

If you’re into meditation and Tai-Chi, this little meditation bench for your garden might interest you. Great to put up in your patio or backyard to help you with daily exercise and meditation sessions.

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Ronin Meditation Bench (Portable, Folding, Walnut)
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This beautiful wooden interior evokes associations with the enchanting design of Far East Asia. Close to nature, with the use of natural materials, it delights with the ingenuiness and clever use of space.

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Solid Pine Small Personal Meditation Prayer Altar w/ Deluxe Metallic SILVER Finish - By EarthBench Meditation Bench Co.

A small bench that can play the role of a prayer altar. It is made of solid pine wood with an interesting acrylic paint finish. It has got a rectangular top and its overall size is 20 x 11 x 10 inches.

Folding Prayer Bench in Maple, Meditation Bench Upholstered in 4 Batik Fabric Choices to Enhance Your Prayer Time.

This folding bench is a great tool for lowering all the stress off your back. Crafted from sturdy maple, the bench also features a comfy seat, upholstered in batik fabric. The legs can be folded under the seat for easy transport or storage.

Deluxe! Small ALTAR w/ Shrine 'Nook' Shelf: Solid RED OAK Personal Meditation Prayer Altar By EarthBench - Meditation Bench Co.

A convenient nook shelf is always a good idea to save some space in your room. This one is crafted from solid red oak wood, along with its smooth top and 1 open shelf. You can also use it for prayers and meditation.

Meditation Bench, Economy with lotus logo, Poplar (fixed leg)

Simple yet stylish, the Meditation Bench with Lotus Logo includes a hand-made design involving solid poplar wood frame with a clear finish. Fixed-leg construction also provides a beautiful lotus emblem in the middle of the table top.

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Yoga stools meditation

A gorgeous meditation bench that will bring to your home soothing accents and detailed craftsmanship. Made of solid wood in a two-toned natural and espresso finish, the bench is well-balanced, and adorned with OM symbol on top.

Request a custom order and have something made just for
Meditation Bench ~ Seiza Kneeling Stool ~ Padded with Fixed Legs (Tall: for 5'9"+) by EarthBench

This kind of product is a simple bench that has got a padded top for enhanced comfort. It has got fixed legs made of durable oak wood, so the construction is resistant to wear and damage. The product also assures stability.

Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf - EarthBench - Solid BUTTERNUT ("White Walnut") Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.
Rocker - Meditation Bench with Brocade Cushion

It is a rocker meditation bench that has got a sturdy and flexible construction, upholstered seat and ergonomic shape. You can choose one of four color options to choose: black, blue, red and white.

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Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf - EarthBench - Solid CHERRY WOOD Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.

Prayer bench in simple form. It is completely made of wood and fitted with open shelf.

Church Travel Wood Folding Prayer Kneeler Walnut Finish

This piece of furniture is a high quality prayer kneeler made of maple hardwood in a walnut finish. The overall size of this product is 32 Inch (H) x 20 Inch. Its knee area is soft and comfortable. Its upper side includes a small shelf.

Solid Pine Small Personal Meditation Prayer Altar w/ Deluxe Metallic BRONZE Finish - By EarthBench Meditation Bench Co.

A small bench that is ideal for one person. It can play the role of a personal meditation prayer altar. It is made of solid pine wood with an interesting metallic bronze finish, so it has also got a decorative character.

Solid Oak Seiza Kneeling Meditation Bench (fixed legs) and Personal Prayer Altar combo by EarthBench

A set of simple meditation bench and a prayer altar made of real oak wood with a lacquered natural finish. They have rectangular tops with smooth edges. The bench has 2 full rectangular fixed legs. Altar legs have small triangle bottom cutouts.

Promise 2 Prayer Bench

A very simple prayer bench that has got a small top equipped with soft padding. This element reduces stress on knees and back, so it is good for health. This construction is based on a very solid wood.

Bench, meditation; Fixed leg; Cherry

Wide bench for indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made of wood. It offers 2 places to sit. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Folding Prayer Bench, Oak meditation bench upholstered in Mocha batik fabric to enhance your prayer time.

Add comfort and relax to your home with this meditation bench. It has got a padded seat, which provides a fantastic seating comfort. You will be impressed how solid and nicely finished this product is.

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Meditation Bench & Cushion Set - Kneeling Seiza - Indochine Blue
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Omni meditation bench
Stone patio benches

You can easily improve your outdoor area with this weather-resistant bench, crafted of sturdy wood and set in concrete for maximum durability and stability. It has a geometrical shape, making your patio, garden, or firepit area even more appealing.

EarthBench Shrine Table - Petite Floor Altar (5" inches tall) - Solid BUTTERNUT ("White Walnut") Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies.
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Patented torque hinge o hand rubbed in italian lacquer o
Low cloud meditation bench zen black with slim gomden
Meditation bench handmade seiza
The classic meditation bench for japanese kneeling or easy crossed
Yoga stool

A handy wooden stool for meditation is African inspired furniture is perfect for lovers of all kinds of relaxation. All in a stylish form delights, making the bench is outside the functionality also a beautiful decorative accent.