Medieval Chandelier

Feel free to get familiar with these chandeliers. It is true that such solutions might not be the most important thing to have, but they can still decorate many places, right? We encourage you to check out all these designs and try to find the most appropriate one for yourself.

Medieval chandeliers 3

Bring in a bit of the medieval climate into your interiors. This gothic looking medieval chandelier features 10 candle holders, enlighting the room with a unique, mysterious flare.

Medieval chandelier 50

You can meet such an unbelievable medieval chandelier visiting medieval castles. But you can have it at home too. Two iron hoops hang on strong iron chains and are imitated with real candles. Everything in a dark brown-colored iron.

Medieval chandelier 14

Whoa, look what we have here - could one find a true gothic design comparable to this treasure? Inspired by medieval craftsmanship and its products, this iron chandelier steals the show. Each candle cup features an iron cross.

Medieval chandelier 19

Medieval chandelier 20

An elegant and rustic setup for a spacious dining room with a built-in, submerged bench with a tufted back that nicely fits the long, rectangular wooden dining table with a set of matching, vintage dining chairs in beige.

Medieval candle chandelier

Medieval chandelier 16

Medieval chandelier 15

Chandelier in industrial style. It is mounted on metal frame and fitted with 16 lights. Perfect as main or additional source of light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Medieval chandelier 31

American gothic wrought iron chandelier

Medieval chandelier 22

Antique chandeliers vintage french medieval oak and iron chandelier

Medieval chandelier 30

Medieval chandelier 28

Medieval chandelier 24

Medieval chandelier 33

Medieval chandelier 26

Tuscanor tintagel medieval style traditional chandelier

Medieval chandelier 18

Medieval chandelier 52

Medieval chandelier 23

Medieval chandelier 3

Rustik Medieval Eight Light Chandelier

Rustik Medieval Eight Light Chandelier
It is a rustic medieval chandelier that has got eight lights and round shape. It is an attractive addition to your living room, bedroom or dining room area. It adds elegance and style to any home.

Pair marsala tones with rich wood and a dramatic statement

Medieval chandelier 32

This artistic chandelier in rural style is made of two iron hoops in different sizes. Hoops are connected and hanged by cables. Light bulbs which are stylised on little flames make this decor's element more vintage.

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Medieval chandelier 17

Medieval chandelier 21

Medieval chandelier 25

Medieval chandelier 27

Medieval chandelier 54

Crown 9

Collection warwick 6 light medeival wrought iron cartwheel chandelier

Medieval chandelier 48

Entry floor slate hickory floor dark brown woodwork and molding

Antique copper iron huge chandelier spanish tudor gothic revival renaissance

Medieval chandelier 51

Santangelo ch mvl r 4 light medieval chandelier large pendant

Medieval traditional cartwheel chandelier 8 light illustrated 1

Medieval chandelier 53

Rustik Medieval Twelve Light Chandelier

Rustik Medieval Twelve Light Chandelier

Over 50 000 square feet in two fantastic antique showrooms

Medieval chandelier 57

Couple of these in the master bedroom hanging from the

Bodiam Suspension Pendant

Bodiam Suspension Pendant

Napoleon iii apartment at the louvre paris lampadari chandeliers interiordesign

Bicycle chain chandeliers by carolina fontoura alzaga really want it

Chandeliers chiswick wrought iron medieval style chandelier

Medieval chandelier 55

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