Marimekko Shower Curtains

Marimekko is known for its bold prints and colours. Their products add style and enliven the interior with eye-catching features. Check out the Marimekko shower curtains in the collection below for example. Aren't they awesome accessories to break the dull clinic look of the bathroom? Check them out and get inspired.

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Unique and natural looking shower curtains with white, black and green accents. It not only improves bathroom aesthetics, but it also provides good protection from water and moisture. This material is resistant to damage.

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This Marimekko shower curtain constitutes a modern, energetic proposition for contemporary bathrooms. White and navy blue floral composition always constitutes an elegant proposition.

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Marimekko unikko shower curtains
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Shower curtain made of fabric and decorated with interesting pattern. Includes hook holes for easy mounting. Adds freshness and elegance to each bathroom.

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A simple, useful thing and so underestimated. The shower curtain is generally associated with a piece of plastic - but it can present a dignified style like this marimekko one in shades of green, blue and beige. It is associated with spring grass.

Crate barrel shower curtain
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With the flowery pattern and the lovely theme with black and white accents this shower curtain will make for the finest option of completing your interior decor and keeping your bathroom safe from the water.

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Marimekko shower curtains
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Cute Lucky Bird Shower Curtain Waterproof Mildew Thick Polyester Bathroom Shower Curtain
Marimekko drapes
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Marimekko curtain
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Gray and white bathroom with lime green accents
Crate and barrel shower curtains

Beautiful and useful shower curtains with oversized raindrops finished in different shades of blue color. These raindrops look very nice on a neutral background. Long lasting material assures resistance to damage and excessive wear.

Terra Polyester Shower Curtain

Terra Polyester Shower Curtain
Chic curtain ideal for women. It's made of elegant resistant polyester and can be spread around a tub or stored when not used. It has a transverse white dotted stripe separating an upper red part having ring metal hook-holes from a brown lower part.

Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain

Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain
A shower curtain that looks simply adorable with the lavish and elegant drape and an attractive ruffled texture that all make your bathroom look much more appealing. The piece is made from polyester to ensure you with durability and strength of the fabric.

Unikko shower curtain
Shower curtain marimekko
High-Grade Bathroom Waterproof Polyester Shower Curtain More With White Tropical Fish,72x80inch(180X200CM)
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Marimekko linen shower curtain 1
Nine 20 x 118cm pieces of marimekko unikko fabric ebay
Marimekko kullervo citron shower curtain clearance 19 97 reg 59
Colorful Shower Curtain, PEVA Thickened Shower Curtain, The World Map Shower Curtains, Nice Bathroom Accessory, Waterproof Moistureproof Shower Curtains, 70x70 inches(180x180cm)
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Dots Shower Curtain

Dots Shower Curtain
Why have a dull white shower curtain if you can have this playful piece enriched with a handful of hilarious dots here and there! But don't worry, the coloring scheme of this curtain is pretty sober, and the gray dots will nicely complement modern decor.