Maple Bookcases

Bookcases are ideal furniture for every type of household. You can put there not only books, but all kinds of trinkets or souvenirs from distant travels. You will certainly find something to satisfy your desires. Additional drawers, various numbers of shelves and compartments, simply everything you would need.

Liliana Gadjus Interior Design Expert
Maple bookcases 2

Vintage bookcase crafted out of maple wood, with traditional carving and lovable details, e.g. crown molding on top. Two middle shelves are apparently adjustable. The shape of the feet adds some curves to the general form.

Maple bookcases 33

If you like to add some functionality to your bedroom, this natural maple bookcase headboard will do it perfectly well, adding also a flare of soft, cosy touch to the sapce. Its bright wood construction is a guarantee of solidness for years.

Maple bookcase with doors

Old-styled and solid wooden bookcases. These elements of furniture include side brackets that assure effective adjustment of shelves. Their wooden bodies feature stylish maple finish. Their size is very unique.

Maple bookcases 15

I was looking for furniture to my home library. I found a pair of maple bookcases, special for my apartment. The drawers contains additional storage space for books.

Maple bookcases 20

Headboard made of wood. It includes open shelf for display decorations, storing books and other necessities. It is compatible with standard bed. Functional design for each bedroom. It is highly rated by customers.

Maple bookcases 35

Bookcase mounted on metal frame and reinforced with solid supports. It consists of 3 open shelves in various sizes. Neutral and functional design for each home. Great solution for storing books, display decorations and more.

Swivel Dictionary Stand, Large, Solid Hardwood with a Dark Cherry Finish

Solid and durable, practical and functional - this book stand is a must have if you use a lot of big, heavy books. It is crafted from durable hardwood in dark cherry finish and it's swivel, for more comfortable use.

Swivel Dictionary Stand, Large, Solid Hardwood with a Walnut Finish

This swivel, large book stand is a must have gadget in a home office, especially if you have a lot of big, heavy books. It is made of solid hardwood in walnut finish, it was hand - crafted and sized for large dictionaries, reference books or albums.

Swivel Dictionary Stand, Large, Solid Hardwood with a Black Finish

If you are using a lot of albums, huge books or references books this useful little gadget is a must have for you. This swivel, huge book stand is made of solid hardwood in black and will help your books to stay open.

Swivel Dictionary Stand, Large, Solid Hardwood with a White Finish

This solid, swivel dictionary stand can be a useful gadget not only to a home office or a home library but also to a kitchen. It will help your books or albums stays open. It's made of solid hardwood in soft white.

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Axess 5 Shelf Bookcase

Axess 5 Shelf Bookcase

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Maple bookcase 1
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Contemporary maple bookcase end corner unpainted
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Maple bookcases
Maple bookcase
Maple bookcase 7

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Bookshelf bed frame

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Maple bookcase 4
Timberlane Bookcase

Timberlane Bookcase

Maple bookshelves
Loft bed with bookshelf
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Maple console table
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72 x 36 maple bookcase
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Large art deco style maple room divider bookcase
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