Luxo Desk Lamp

The desk lamps that you can see here, differ when it comes to their colours, sizes and styles so it is worth to see every photo that you can see down here. What will you decide on? If you still don’t know that for sure, browse through these possibilities and try to find something.

Luxo desk lamp

Architect lamps - original 1937 Jac Jacobsen design, the guy was the founder of Luxo! The first architect lamp introduced to the world ever! The adjustable design hit the peaks of popularity. Here in classic monochrome finish, black / white.

Luxo desk lamp 2

Vintage iconic mini red luxo desk lamp

Vintage Iconic Mini Red Luxo Desk Lamp
This original Luxo desk lamp enchants with its vintage character and good condition, despite the years. Deriving from 1970's, it will enhance all home offices or private workshops.

Luxo drafting lamp

Vtg red desk lamp drafting articulating arm light pixar retro

Vtg Red Desk Lamp Drafting Articulating Arm Light Pixar Retro Luxo
Desk lamp in vintage style. Frame is made of metal and fitted with swing arm. Perfect as additional source of light in any interior according to taste and need.

Rare lil luxo l1 desk lamp norway

Rare Lil Luxo L1 Desk Lamp Norway
Minimalistic desk lamp made out of iron in a red color. Would make for a nice, retro addition to a modern, contemporary study room to place on a computer desk so you don’t have to work in the dark.

Vintage mustard yellow luxo desk lamp

Vintage Mustard Yellow Luxo Desk Lamp
The best mustard color and the fun, glamorous design is what actually makes this table lamp stand out. It sports a vintage look and is still in the best shape to truly make your interior stand out with style.

Luxo table lamp

Vintage luxo lamp

Luxo desk lamp 26

Luxo desk lamp 33

Luxo desk lamp 9

Luxo lamp

Luxo desk lamp 6

L-1 Edge Clamp Architect 40" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

L-1 Edge Clamp Architect 40" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
Are you looking for some perfect and practical solutions for your office or house office? Then, this amazing and stylish table lamp with bowl shade is gonna perfectly fulfill all of your expectations and needs.

Luxo desk lamp 25


Luxo lamp 1

Luxo lamp clamp

Luxo desk lamp 15

Luxo desk lamp 23

Luxo lamp from pixar

Luxo desk lamp 30

Luxo desk lamp 24

Luxo desk lamp 34

Luxo desk lamp 8

Enchanting with its minimalist design, being the effect of work the students from the National University of Singapore. The concept is a multifunctional lamp that can used be a torch, a pendant or even a desk lamp.

Luxo light

Mid century modern luxo articulating desk lamp by stukinmidcentury

Luxor lamps

Luxo desk lamp 18

Luxo desk lamp 4

Luxo desk lamp 5

Luxo desk lamp 21

L-1 LED 41" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

L-1 LED 41" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
41 inch high table lamp featuring bowl shade, dimmable light, auto shut-off mechanism, edge clamp mount and eco-friendly construction. Additionally, it's very sturdy and durable thanks to the use of high quality materials.

Luxo desk lamp 22

Luxo desk lamp 28

Luxo desk lamp 29

Pr yellow tension desk lamps luxo marked

LC Series Light 42" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

LC Series Light 42" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Luxo desk lamp 10

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Vintage mid century orange luxo swing arm industrial by modnique

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Luxo desk lamp 19

Vintage luxo clamp on desk lamp studio lamp drafting lamp

The always classic luxo industrial drafting desk lamp 1

Luxo desk lamp 31

Anglepoise style blue desk lamp from etsy

Air LED with 24" Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Air LED with 24" Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

This two arm adjustable desk lamp is french 1960s restored