Lucite Lamp Base

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Lucite lamp base 7

A pair of table lamps that feature chrome base. This base provides strength and attractive appearance. Durable metal post provides support to a drum shade finished in neutral white color for good aesthetics and illumination.

Vintage lucite lamps 1

Lucite lamp base 2

Lucite lamp base

Adorable take on a unique table lamp with a ceramic frame made to resemble a blooming pineapple with a vintage finish. The pineapple frame is placed on a lucite glass, round base and finished off with a beige shade.

Lucite lamp base 35

Lucite lamp base 42

Lucite lamp base 9

Lucite lamp base 1

Lucite lamp base 3

Lucite lamp base 38

Interesting shaped table lamp base will an unique addition to your office decor. Unusual shape of it makes it very modern and stylish product, nickel finish adds the touch of luxury and elegance to it.

Lucite lamp base 24

Lucite lamp base 23

Lucite lamp base 15

Modernist lucite lamp geometric lucite

Modernist Lucite Lamp Geometric Lucite
Add a modern-looking lamp base to your interior with this piece that sports the geometric themed design with the chrome base and will ensure a significant boost of elegance and style for any space.

Lucite lamp base 5

Sky 29" H Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Sky 29" H Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Lovely table lamp boasting harmonious coloring scheme, with bulky base in light blue that resembles clear sky, and white empire shade. The design is pretty classic and it will blend with many types of decors.

Lucite lamp base 25

Alessandra 31" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Alessandra 31" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
31 inch high table lamp with base made of hand blown optic glass and sphere shade made of high quality polyester. It's unique, contemporary design adds a lot of originality and freshness to interior.

Lucite lamp

Dynamic Acrylic Modern Dining Chair Transparent Red - Set of 2

It is a set of two very original and interesting chairs. They are made of plastic finished in a high gloss. The backrests of the chairs are stylized to the honeycombs. The chairs are red, very intense color. Ideal for youth and children's room.

Lucite lamps

Elegant table lamp with drum lampshade made of fabric. Base is decorated with mosaic theme. Suitable as bed side lamp or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Lucite lamp base 4

Lucite lamp base 19

With a lucite base, this Bakelite lamp is a perfect example of vintage design. Its lovely pale pink finishing will fit soft-tone dominated interiors. A real bargain for retro enthusiasts.

Lucite lamp base 13

Lucite lamp base 6

Lucite lamp base 34

Lucite lamp base 27

Lucite lamp base 40

Lucite lamp base 18

Lucite bases

Table Lamp Base

Table Lamp Base
Vintage or rustic styled with no cost to overall elegance, intriguingly distressed lamp base with golden tone finish and black cord equipped with on/off switch. It is durably constructed of high quality wood.

Table Lamp Base

Table Lamp Base
So beautifully looking base table lamp is a beautiful decorative detail to your salonulub bedroom. The ceramic design is stylishly decorated and has a beautiful decoration.

Lucite lamp base 8

Lucite lamp base 10

Lucite lamp base 11

Lucite lamp base 14

Lucite lamp base 22

Lucite lamp base 26

Lucite lamp base 29

Lucite lamp base 30

Lucite lamp base 31

Lucite lamp base 32

Lucite lamp base 33

Lucite lamp base 37

Lucite lamp base 39

Lucite lamp base 36

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Teacup 15" H Table Lamp Base

Teacup 15" H Table Lamp Base

Lucite lamp base 43

Lucite lamp base 17