Lower Bunk Beds

Don’t you think that bunk beds make for a nice and practical thing to have? There are quite a lot of useful designs, shapes, sizes and other features that have already proved to be an inspiration for many people. If you feel like you want to be one of them, buy one of these.

Andrea Coupe Interior Design Expert
Lower bunk beds 1
Ross Alexandra

IKEA's bunk bed resembles all characteristic Scandinavian features - simplicity, solidness and functionality. A very simple, austere construction, covered in vibrant red, easy to assembly, will fit into every kind of decor.

Lower bunk beds
Mackenzie Poly

A nice, handmade bunk bed frame with the lower bed placed directly on the floor. Good idea if you have some spare time and are looking for a cool DIY project to build for your home. Just make sure you add a comfy mattress!

Lower bunk beds 3
Brittany Gonzales

This would be sooo cool! Doesn't take up any floor space!

Lower bunk beds 4

I suppose this is suppose to be for a child... But I like it

Lower bunk beds
Liliana Gadjus

Bunk bed made of high quality oak wood. Includes railings and ladder for added safety. Perfect solution for each kid's room according to taste and need.

Lower bunk beds

Love this idea for a beach house with small spaces to fill with small faces

Bunk bed with 3 beds
Karen Wilson

A triple bunk bed for three siblings.

Lower bunk beds 11
Rachel Massonable

35 Cool Kids Loft Beds | Kidsomania

Low level bunk beds
Bianca Noorda

Ingenious space-saving contemporary corner bunk beds for kids. They have simple frames of wooden materials finished in white. Such a bed has a rectangular safety half-rail mounted on 3 thin vertical metal rods.

Lower bunk beds 1

Legacy Classic Furniture Solutions L-Shaped Loft Bed with Lower Twin and Storage in Distressed Brown Cherry

Lower bunk beds


Lower bunk beds

Our newest contributor Si from French By Design shares a collection of built-in beds and bunks for shared kids' rooms.

Lower bunk beds
Colleen Flores

Orrick & Company Designed Built-In Bunk Beds

Lower bunk beds 9
Theresa Mart

The lower portion of these KURAs has been enclosed and used for storage and the outsides have been painted a sophisticated palette of orange, olive and blues. ​House to Home. | 20 Ways to Customize the IKEA KURA Loft Bed & Make It Your Own

Low to ground twin bed

Bunk bed for small indoors. This space saving design provides two comfortable beds. The upper one includes protective rails and an access ladder. The whole bed is made of wood and finished in dark brown color.

Childs captain bed
Stone Caroline

Bunk beds for toddlers. This L-shaped construction is based on durable wooden frame in universal white color. It includes two comfortable sleeping space and practical storage drawers. Upper bed features wooden protection and access stairs with additional drawers.

Lower bunk beds 6

The Handmade Dress: New triple bunks.

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
Functional twin bed with built-in ladder. The construction is made of wood. The upper rails ensure safety. Received a lot of positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

Elgin Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Built-In Ladder
Robinson Layla

Elgin Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Built-In Ladder
Cool practical modern bunk bed with a simple sturdy frame of black-coated metal tubes. It has curved front posts. There are 3 additional central legs under a full bed. A twin bed has horizontal guardrails and 2 integrated ladders on sides.

Twin loft bunk bed 3
Christina Gon

Schoolhouse Stairway Loft Bed. So freakin cute!!!

Twin over twin bunk beds with stairs and trundle
Jenna Delicata

Awesome triple bunk.....we need this for the boys' room!!!!!

Small bunk beds for toddlers

Bunk beds are the dream of all kids. "I'm upstairs!". This beautiful low bunk bed with platform, contains a simple and modern ladder, comfortable for the child. It has a neutral beige color and is very stable.

Low bunk beds for kids

A lovely set of bunk beds for your precious little ones. The set is crafted of hardwood and covered in an espresso finish, offering a properly secured top bunk to keep your children safe and sound.

All in one loft bed
Laetitia Anderson

Loft bed in modern style. It is mounted on wooden frame. It contains a lot of drawers for storing clothes and others needed items. Perfect solution for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Bunk beds with staircase 1
Kristin Jackson

The unusual and robust design of these bunk beds with staircase makes the children's room look perfect. Functional furniture in a bright shade creates an organized place for rest, fun, and learning.

Loft bed with drawers underneath
Perry Victoria

A cool wall-width twin loft bed for 2 children. It's made of white-finished wood, has a vertically slatted balustrade with an entry in the middle and a rope-ladder with wooden rungs. Its bottom part is screened by 2 fabric curtains on a rod.

Bunk Bed Twin over Twin Mission style in Cappucino with Twin Trundle
Amber Butler

Bunk Bed Twin over Twin Mission style in Cappucino with Twin Trundle

NE Kids School House Twin Lower Student Loft Bed in White
Victoria Washington

NE Kids School House Twin Lower Student Loft Bed in White

Bunk beds with storage and we could adjust the height
Nelson Kathleen

Bunk beds with storage and we could adjust the height of each bed. Can turn the lower bed into a sofa/daybed when they move into separate rooms.

Toddler bed tent canopy

10 Ways to Customize the Kura Loft Bed | Apartment Therapy (Toddler/Preschool)

Full Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder
Chloe Hughesful

Full Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder
Cool practical loft bed for teens aged 13 or up. It's entirely crafted of black-coated steel tubes. It has straight round posts, horizontal guardrails and an upright front integrated ladder. A bottom part can accommodate another full bed.

Beige bedroom sets 29

Bunk beds are great space-savers. This set has storage in both upper and lower deck. But there seem to be a a couple of design flaws - or am I missing something?

Potting bench from pallets found on

Potting Bench From Pallets | Found on

70 in. Full Loft Bed with Lower Full Bed
Martinez Marisa

70 in. Full Loft Bed with Lower Full Bed

Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed - Walnut/White

Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed - Walnut/White

Lower bunk beds 8
Crystal Perr


Double bunk beds with stairs
Peyton Donaldson

The combination of space to rest and a large storage area in this beautifully executed double bunk bed with stairs is a perfect solution for children's room. Stylish finish details and beautiful colors make an impression.

Superman Themed Youth / Toddler / Crib Size Custom Width Bed Slats - Choose your needed size - Eliminates the need for a link spring or box spring!
Amber Davi

Why shouldn't your child enjoy some extra fun? With this amazing superman themed toddler crib you will surely catch your favorite guy's attention, while he will like the sleeping time even more from now on.

Lower bunk beds
Peyton Donaldson

rustic bunk beds for adults | ... also allows for some nice storage space under the beds for luggage

Extra fat bench works as layout for when it is

Extra fat bench works as layout for when it is an office space, translates into a bedroom, platform if later an apartment.

Love the bunks with a hideout under would love this
Laetitia Kloss

love the bunks with a hideout under. would love this red cabinet for my little guys room.

Lower bunk
Amanda Broo

Chicago Home +Garden Bunk Mentality This shipshape, sleepover-ready lower-level bedroom in a Lake Geneva vacation retreat was designed to accommodate the owners’ three young daughters, and some very lucky visiting friends. In keeping with the Nantucket

Lower bunk beds 10
Jaclyn Torr

I'd love to have one big room like this set up so that my grandchildren had their own space and beds to sleep in when visiting. I'd want it decorated in a more light and bright way but LOVE all the beds and space

Murphy bed 4
Courtney Mur

murphy bed

Schmidt hammer lassen summer house
Thomson Marisa

Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen Summer House ::

Lower bunk beds
Mendes Natasha

lower bunk beds

Corner sofa table
Bush Eliza

Bed frame for kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. Base is fitted with open shelves for storing toys, books and others needed stuff. Classic form and contemporary design.

Bunk bed bookshelf 12
Danielle Robi

20 Ways to Customize the IKEA KURA Loft Bed & Make It Your Own | Apartment Therapy

These look really easy not built in and i like
Martinez Shannon

These look really easy (not built-in) and I like the privacy curtains, lights, and storage underneath!

Diy toddler bed rail
Veronica Wright

DIY toddler bed rail