Low Bunk Beds For Kids

Take a look at this collection and you will see many inspirations for your child’s room. Thanks to this collection, you can now choose from a variety of low bunk beds for kids. These beds are available in different styles and sizes and thanks to that, and all should be suitable for different customers. Which one do you like most?

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Low bunk beds for kids
Krystle Reed

The flat bunk bed is a perfect combination of functionality and a simple design that will fit into the children's room. The simplicity of execution and beautiful white finish enchants. A small ladder facilitates entry into the upper bed.

Low bunk beds
Sarah Ashleyist

Bunk bed in modern style. Designed for kids. Construction is made of wood and fitted with railings for added safety. Perfect solution for space saving in each kid's room as needed.

Low bunk bed
Zernike Laetitia

Tiny pattern of a light colored wallpaper creates a backdrop for a low-lying light blue painted bunk bed. If your ceilings aren't particularly high, choose a short loft bed, still being able to save on floor space.

Low bunk beds for kids
Abigail Wrightful

In these bunk beds your children will be sleeping as soundly as a bear during winter season. Made of wood with three-toned finish, this comfy combo has a properly secured top bunk, a fixed ladder, and a built-in tray for holding cups and glasses.

Low profile bunk beds
Moore Angela

An aesthetic practical bunk bed for kids. It has a rectilinear frame of white-finished wood. A bottom bed has a very low base. A full unified footboard with a ladder design and full side rails feature recessed panels. A ladder is built-in upright.

Low ceiling bunk beds
Valerie Eva

If you have a loving family you probably want to create safe and friendly space for your kids. These ideas for children's room design are reasonable, neat and vivid. The variety of colors helps kids to develop their creativity!

Small bunk beds for toddlers

Bunk beds are the dream of all kids. "I'm upstairs!". This beautiful low bunk bed with platform, contains a simple and modern ladder, comfortable for the child. It has a neutral beige color and is very stable.

Floor bunk beds
Aloma Garcia

This area includes elements of furniture that provide plenty of sleeping space in small rooms. Each bunk bed provides two beds in an L-shape configuration. What is more, this practical solution includes three storage drawers.

Low twin bunk beds

A cool contemporary bunk bed for girl kids. Its simple wooden frame has a natural finish. An upper bed has recessed sides of white-finished wooden material and an inbuilt upright ladder. Beds match well a rug in beiges with a white stars pattern.

Small bunk bed
Amber Davi

A perfect proposition for a child's bedroom or smaller studios. Made from natural wood, this bright set comprises a twin bed towering over the bookshelf space a floor-levelled daybed.

Ikea low loft bed
Michele Turn

Low bunk beds for children allow you to cleverly and comfortably arrange a small children's room. They can comfortably sleep two of the youngest. Made of dark wood trundle bed will save a lot of space and is very functional.

Low to the floor bunk beds
Tiffany Stew

A fresh contemporary decor proposition for a children's bedroom. This low bunk bed with can be used as a double bed or create a cool space to hide, play or relax for your child.

Ikea bunk beds for toddlers
Wright Stacy

The undoubted advantages of low bunk beds include space saving. Our kids can sleep in one room. In this case, the seemingly complicated construction made of light wood finished with a wood veneer in a warm shade of pine. It also has separate shelves.

Low height bunk beds
Ebony Brow

A practical L-shaped bunk bed for boy kids. It's of wooden materials with a natural finish. An upper bed has a shelf on a side rail and a footboard with an entry. Six drawers with black knobs are inbuilt under the bed, 3 other ones - in stairs.

L shaped bunk bed plans

An interesting alternative for bunk beds. It is lower, so it is safer for users. It has got stairs that provide access to the upper bed. These stairs feature three storage drawers. The whole constructions is comfortable, safe and solid.

Low to the ground bunk beds
Lambert Abbey

A simple practical contemporary bunk bed crafted of wood with a bluish finish. It has tall straight angular corner posts, horizontally slatted headboards, footboards and side rails. A ladder is built-in upright.

Low bunk beds ikea

Mini-sized bunk bed for toddlers. Though personally I'd wait with a bunk bed until the kids grow older. Either way, the bunk bed is white, with a subtle silvery print that looks a bit like jacquard. A built-in ladder was provided.

Low to ground twin bed

Bunk bed for small indoors. This space saving design provides two comfortable beds. The upper one includes protective rails and an access ladder. The whole bed is made of wood and finished in dark brown color.

Low level bunk beds
Bianca Noorda

Ingenious space-saving contemporary corner bunk beds for kids. They have simple frames of wooden materials finished in white. Such a bed has a rectangular safety half-rail mounted on 3 thin vertical metal rods.

Low bunk beds for toddlers

Bunk bed doesn't have to reach to the ceiling itself. You can use an alternative version when the low bunk, very close to the floor. It works well on the spine and doesn't take up air. Imitates it's own room for everyone.Made of dark, graphite wood plates.

Twin beds low to the ground
Michelle Gonzalez

Neat contemporary kids room layout with low bunk bed from Ikea, standing directly on the floor level. I guess I'd miss some storage for bedding, though; however, the ceiling was probably too low to house a standard loft bed.

Low bunkbeds
Catherine Gray

The Japanese believe that contact with the earth is important in life - being closest to nature at the time. That's why they believe that low beds are the best. For example, a simple low bunk bed for kids, with a mattress close to the ground.

Bed low to ground
Courtney Ram

If you want your kids to have a bit more safe fun in their bedroom then how about going for this amazing chalk board that can be installed on the side of the bunk bed and can be the surface for them to be creative.

Home steens kids bunk bed white
Carmen Milani

Home / Steens Kids Bunk Bed - White

Toddler bunk beds with stairs
Chloe Hughesful

This beautiful combination of the kids room is a mix of a loft with a place to study and relax, as well as a sliding bed to sleep. The simple yet imaginative composition is functional, stable and beautifully presented in every style.

Low toddler bunk beds
Wright Dominique

Kid's bedrooms in scandi-style are out favorite nowadays. Simple wooden frames, made of pine wood with low construction create this low bunk bed for kids in very simple, but fashionable design. Stable wide ladder and bedding with dots.

Toddler loft bed ikea
King Renee

#1 Air circ, natural light & window seat that could be 5th bed or legroom for 6'+ folks. Think side windows open onto each bed. Like that ladder is short/safer height. Could go deeper on bed depths and build in shelves on back walls, then add shallow w

Corner bed plans
Michele Smith

Opt for a simply perfect setting for your little ones with this bunk bed that comes with the convenient drawers for extra storage and a shape perfect for keeping your floor space as functional as possible.

Bunk bed low
Tara Cook

Love this for the boys bedroom! Low enough to be safe too.

Twin bed low to ground

Shared Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

Low to the ground twin bed

Triple bunk i need this for my three kids I will have at the deer lease

Never considered using this ikea bed in this configuration before

Never considered using this Ikea bed in this configuration before, I've seen it many times used differently. Would be a great bunkbed for bedrooms where perhaps the ceiling is a bit too low for a traditional bunk bed.

Low loft bed
Danielle Har

junior crew loft bed another benefit to children s low loft beds ...

Love this and for one kid the underneath or top
Lindsey Phillips

Love this. And, for one kid the underneath or top part could be a play zone. <3 via:

Camaflexi Low Bunk Bed with Lateral Angle Ladder and Mission Headboard, Cappuccino Finish
Amber Torr

Camaflexi Low Bunk Bed with Lateral Angle Ladder and Mission Headboard, Cappuccino Finish

Kids low bunk beds
Mackenzie Milani

This junior bunk bed in white is compact but somehow cute. The bed is low positioned, so there's not much than can be tucked underneath, a mattress perhaps. But it looks safe and cozy thanks to reduced scale.

Simple diy low bunk beds for girls when its time
Jacqueline Murphy

simple DIY low bunk beds for girls when it's time to share a room

Low height bunk beds for kids

How To Build a Loft — great if you need more space for storage or room.

Ikea low bunk bed
Nelson Cynthia

This would be AMAZING for space because we could also get rid of a dresser.

Easy solutions to create a stylish and peaceful shared bedroom
Cooper Kristen

Easy solutions to create a stylish (and peaceful!) shared bedroom for your kids:

Low bunk beds for kids

A lovely set of bunk beds for your precious little ones. The set is crafted of hardwood and covered in an espresso finish, offering a properly secured top bunk to keep your children safe and sound.

Short loft beds 1
Jessica Zernike

Why didn't I think of painting this!!!! Instead we have a humongous overwhelming bunkbed covered in wood veneer that I don't want to/really should not anyways paint. Could have made this really cute and added some sports team flair :( -Ikea Bunk bed

Kids Low Loft Bed Curtain w Door & Windows (Dark/Light Khaki)
Alison Walker

Kids Low Loft Bed Curtain w Door & Windows (Dark/Light Khaki)

Loft bed playhouse curtains

Toddler bunk beds the top bed is from ikea I think is as big as a toddler bed or a little bit longer, I might just try this idea since my 3 year old dies for a bunk bed and this bed is not as high as a regular bunk bed,Genius!

Just designed the boys bed on this site it is
Alexis Hallify

just designed the boys bed on this site! it is awesome!

Loft bed with desk and bookshelf
Lauren Martinezify

Bunk room for six. Great idea for cabin or guest room someday. Perfect for cousin sleepovers.

Twin Low Loft with Roll-Out Desk, Chest and Bookcase

Twin Low Loft with Roll-Out Desk, Chest and Bookcase

L shaped corner twin beds
Erin Martin

maybe until he is night time potty trained

L shaped bunk bed for low ceiling room

L-shaped bunk bed for low ceiling room.

Low profile bunk bed

bunk bed over chest of drawers... genius. Great way to utilize space for a smaller bedroom and the bed wouldn't have to be extremely high up in the air