Long Wall Clocks

Time is money? Even if you do not agree with that statement, the best thing you can do now is take a tour through the photos that are shown down here. After that, there shouldn’t be many problems with finding out which wall clock is best for you. Are you ready?

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Metal wall clock 28

Thanks to this impressive wall clock, your modern interior will be sparkling with aesthetic and uniqueness. The clock features a durable metal frame that holds a copper-finished round dial with a pair of black metal hands and a working pendulum.

Long wall clocks 1

Chic and just ultramodern - this wall clock sports the minimalistic design and offers a simple yet striking design that reads like a continuous analog clock but actually processes time digitally.

Nextime steel long wall clock white
Long wall clocks
Long wall clocks 5

Wall clock in vintage style. It is fitted with metal chain for easy assembly. Includes quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Long wall clocks 20
Large pocket watch wall clock 1

This exceptionally impressive wall clock is a unique detail that will beautifully emphasize the character of the decor. The large and very impressive dial, beautiful and large Arabic numerals make the whole is expressive and unique.

Long wall clocks 2
Long Island 6" Wall Clock

Long Island 6" Wall Clock
If you're looking for interesting and stylish decorations for your house or courtyard, you should check out this amazing wall clock! It's gonna bring you not only a perfect design - you're not gonna be late anymore!

Side mounted clock
Long wall clocks 9

A real bargain for all fans of the Harry Potter series. This unique wall clock will take you every day on a magical journey straight to Hogwarts. Don't forget only to be on the right 9 and 3/4 platform.

Long wall clocks

A handful of vintage ideas on how to decorate a kitchen wall with a variety of old-fashioned decorations. The pictures show a wall decorated with a retro clock and a handful of wall-mounted photos and pictures, providing a unique look.

Long wall clocks 3

Very attractive floor clock with a durable and decorative construction that features a haunted house theme. Its decorative frame includes a round face in gold color. This face is paired with black hands.

Large office wall clocks

I definitely love vintage interiors with all the rustic accessories. The multiplicity of bric-à-brac creates a nice kind of mess, but could be a nightmare when you have to clean up the room precisely.

Long wall clocks
Wall Clock

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Long wall table
Long wall clock
Long clocks
Long wall clocks 2
White home office desks 17
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Harley davidson clocks

If you have a penchant for motorcycles, this custom wall clock with spanners decoration, green hands and cogged wheel dial should effortlessly draw your attention. As for the motorcycle garage, it seems perfect.

Silver wall clocks
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Fused glass clocks
Long wall clocks 14
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Black walnut long wall clock by evy rogers wood and
Long wall clocks 16
Long wall clocks 17
Long time black wall clock progetti
Long wall clocks 11
Howard miller long oak pendulum wall clock mid century mid
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Long drop woodworking wall clock plan
Long wall clocks 18
Black Metal Wall Clock with Red Dot Pendulum, 25.5"

Featuring sophisticated modernist design, this black metal wall clock with eye-catching red dot pendulum will jazz up the space's decor, wherever you decide to hang it. It features a high-quality quartz movement for maximum accuracy.

Primitive star clock i might have pinned this already but
Long wall clocks 19
Super long wall clock grey blue green yellow by eightyacresart
Long wall clocks 21
This tea cup clock has long been in my mind