Loft Beds With Steps

If you're about to furnish a children's room which is not a big one, take into account a loft bed. It's a smart choice which is compatible with small spaces and combines style with functionality. Jump below to see my collection of loft beds with steps - it's a nice alternative to ladder-equipped ones.

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Loft beds with steps
Dominique Alex

With this heavy duty loft bed, you can be sure you are getting a bulit-to-last addition for your kids' room. The bed is crafted of hardwood in a natural finish, including a properly secured top bunk, a sturdy stretcher at the bottom, and a 4-step staircase with storage compartments.

Full size loft bed with desk underneath
Zernike Laetitia

This is what every kid want to have in room! The loft bed with container steps is designed for big space. There's many shelves and drawers for clothes, books, toys and more. The bed has a full size.

How to draw a bunk bed step by step

Made of the brown maple and stained in early american the loft bed, is an interesting option if you like handmade furniture. It features the natural finish, stairs and open bookcase, for two zones: for sleeping and working.

Kids bed with steps

Trying to find the perfect loft bed for the kids room? This one has got the stairs for easy access to the bunk bed, three drawers, hardwood and veneer construction and desk. It separates two spaces: for sleeping and working.

Loft beds with steps
Melanie Gra

This loft bed with steps would be a great solution for those, who want to save space. Offering maximum on minimum floor space, it can accommodate a queen size bed on the entresol and a couch on the bottom.

Bed with slide
Price Esther

Practical stable contemporary storage unit consisting of 3 height-varied open niches for toys (niches can be screened). This unit can also serve as stairs to a bunk bed. There's also additional side railing to make stairs safer for babies.

Bunk bed with stairs plans 5
Alison Walker

This classic piece of furniture is the best solution, if you have two children or you live in cramped studio flat. It is bunk bed with steps. They have built-in drawers which can be used to storage bedding or clothes.

Kids loft bed with steps
Morris Jillian

Combine functionalities at the small area, and choose this loft bed. It has got a ladder for easy access to the bunk bed, and bookcase wall for your collection of the books. The storage drawers are excellent for your clothes.

Loft beds with steps 5
Sara Col

This mezzanine bed with pull out closets enchants with its contemporary, minimalistic form, offering impressive functionality and organization. Ideal for studios or tiny apartments, as it allows to smoothly save your space.

Big loft beds
Butler Jenna

Wow! An excellent idea for bedroom: the loft bunk bed with stairs, made of storage cubes. Everything is made of wood with rustic look, and is functional. The bed is painted on white, which makes the room bigger.

Storage steps for loft bed
Alexis Milani

This loft bed is the biggest dream of every kid! A ladder and slide in the room? Sounds awesome! The white color and solid construction are excellent for every kids bedroom.

Loft beds with steps

This classic, white loft bed can be a great proposition for all kids' bedrooms. Entered by safe stairs, it creates a quite impressive space underneath, which can be organized into a working station.

Loft beds with steps
Sarah Ashleyist

The simple construction of this wooden loft bed is a perfect solution for children's room. Extensive functionality and an attractive finish in warm wood shades captivates and is ideal for children's furniture.

Loft beds with steps 1
James Cynthia

DIY Platform Bed With Storage | Posted on May 29, 2013 by noraelli

Loft beds with steps 6
Courtney Phil

How is great, modern and surprising this idea? A lot of fun for sure brings to the children living here. The loft bed with steps features 3 wide steps upholstered in soft beige like cookies fabric, which reminds of a teddy bear. Stairs lead to the bed.

Loft beds with steps 4
Katherine Hugh

Now you can easily built a loft bed for your kid's room or for the guest room and ensure that it comes with plenty of functional appeal to it with the extra space for the covers and the spacious, strong structure.

Loft beds with steps
Tara Zucker

Need some space-saver ideas? Here you go! The loft bed with steps is a great option for the teenage room. The hidden storage spaces into the steps, are excellent for your books, toys and more.

Loft beds with steps
Foster Joanna

A brilliant solution for studios or small apartments, stylish and space saving. This loft bed, entered by stairs, actually comprises a cool, modular bookcase, under the stairs' surface and features plenty of space for a sofa.

Stairs with storage traditional japanese step cabinet
Brown Maria

stairs with storage - traditional japanese step cabinet

Loft beds with steps
Laetitia Kloss

It looks really stable - a loft bunk bed has been built into a recess, and instead of a wobbling ladder has a decent stone staircase with protective walls. Everything in a natural shade of mustard brown.

Step beds
Carmen Milani

The loft bunk bed with stairs and extra floor space for playing and storage underneath. My little girls love it! The natural finish always fits to any style and decor. It's not only functional, but it looks sturdy and elegant too.

Loft beds with steps 3
Laetitia Zernike

This loft bed with steps constitutes a perfect idea if you want to get the maximum functionality of a small studio. There is not a chance of saying that some space here is unused. The combination of white and natural wood brings in a cosy, alluring ambiance.

Loft bed with creative multifunction staircase and minimalist bookcase
Renee Gonzales

... Loft Bed With Creative Multifunction Staircase And Minimalist Bookcase

Loft beds with steps 2
Caitlin Coleman

In a very small space, the creation of a specific mezzanine will always work. This increases the size of the apartment. Here the loft beds with steps, it is a white enclosed mezzanine railing with side white stairs.

Loft beds with steps 2
Bianca Weberable

This loft bed with steps constitutes a great solution for smaller interiors. Not only, it allows to save the precious floor space, but also optically enlarges the room, thanks to the use of bright wood.

Loft beds with steps 2

It is a challenge for parents' imagination to build a perfect playhouse for his kids. Organise the space below the loft bed to provide the 100% original playground at home. Perfect especially in winter.

Loft beds with steps 1
Thompson Alyssa

Love this play area over the bed, like the anti-loft bed. I think I'd leave off the first couple of steps of the ladder and make it a safer place for the older kids to play with and store their LEGO creations. (Apartment Therapy with loft bed inspiration)

How to build a loft diy step by step with

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White loft bed with stairs white loft bed with stairs
Abigail Wrightful

white loft bed with stairs: white loft bed with stairs

Beds with steps
Anderson Marisa

Trying to find the comfy piece of furniture to your kids room? This loft bed will be the best choice. It features the bookcase, hardwood construction, sturdy ladder, many drawers and thee finish options to choose: white, natural and chestnut.

Loft beds with steps 1
Wilson Gabrielle

Colorado Stairway Bunk Bed With Bob-O-Pedic Twin Mattress

Loft beds with steps 2
Chloe Hughesful

The McG Tiny House with Staircase Loft: - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at

Loft bed steps
Scott Stephanie

We was looking for the functional loft bed for our son. We decide to choose this one, because it has the play and work space (bookshelf and desk) underneath. The white color fits perfectly to the blue walls.

Loft beds with steps

Ikea Hack Girls Room Kura Bunk Bed And Trofast Storage - like the storage steps; would want a rail or to close it off with storage on other end and facing into underneath space

Loft beds with steps 1
Laetitia Anderson

Steps to Saving Space: 15 Compact Stair Designs for Lofts

Bunk bed stairs including yellow bunk bed built and white
Lambert Abbey

... bunk-bed-stairs-including-yellow-bunk-bed-built-and-white-wood-bed.jpg

Trofast steps
Emily Mart

The loft bunk beds are always an interesting solution, but in this one, the ladded is the most intriguing. It has got shelves for books, toys, accent pieces and more. And of course it's for easy access to the bunk bed.

Bed with desk and closet

Sensational colors, functional details, and an attractive style make this kids loft bed with desk and drawers an excellent choice for the kids. The whole creates a very practical place for rest, study, and storage.

Stages loft bed with storage
Lauren Martinezify

Made entirely from high-quality wood, this loft bed constitutes a valuable proposition for the children' bedroom. its clever construction allowed to create 3 side storage drawers and a mini bookcase and set of drawers in front.

Loft beds with steps
Heather Russ

DIY Jr. Camp Loft Bed with Curtain

Loft beds with steps

DIY How to Build this great Playhouse Loft Bed with Storage Stairs.

Bunk bed stairs
Alexis Milani

Bunk Bed Stairs

Loft beds with steps
Ashley Fos

Ideas for Madison's loft bed...she wants a large rail and desk area with bookshelves....

Clever platform trundle bed with living room on top 15
Stone Caroline

Clever.Platform Trundle Bed with Living Room on Top | 15 Totally Feasible Loft Beds For Normal Ceiling Heights

And if youre really looking to maximize kids space i
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And if you're really looking to maximize kids' space, I recommend looking UP! Kids are so small. Do they really need 8" ceilings? Nah. Consider building in play areas or bunk beds if you live in a home and area that will almost always attract families (fo

Beach house bedding 1
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Utilize the unique design of the room with custom bunk beds

Loft beds with steps
Weber Lily

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Oak loft bed
Hilton Emily

Austin Tiny House interior In Love with that couch swing!!! this is purrfect! i could see the cats now running up and down those alternating stairs!

Loft beds with steps 1
Samantha Perez

I wonder if I could do this with a full size or queen size bed? I may have to try that! I'd lighten the gray a bit though.

L shaped bunk bed plans

An interesting alternative for bunk beds. It is lower, so it is safer for users. It has got stairs that provide access to the upper bed. These stairs feature three storage drawers. The whole constructions is comfortable, safe and solid.