Loft Beds With Desk And Futon

If you need to furnish a bedroom which is not spacious, choose a loft bed with a desk and a futon. The design is a smart idea as it combines functionalities on just a few square meters. Space-savvy ideas are worth a lot!

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Loft beds with desk and futon
Meghan Robi

A loft bed for children. Its lower part includes a small desk and futon with comfortable sitting space. A ladder provides access to the upper bed that is comfortable and features solid, protective rails.

Loft bed with desk and futon
Lindsay Roberts

A beautiful set of loft beds for teenagers' rooms, dorm rooms, and girls' rooms. Made of durable metal and wood, the combo has a properly secured top bunk, a comfy chair with pink cushions, 1 wood desktop and 1 fixed ladder.

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A fabulous accessory for teenager's rooms, that will bring comfort and functionality, while also making your homework much more enjoyable. The bed includes a built-in desk, a generously-padded futon, open shelving and parting, a fixed ladder, and railings on top bunk.

Bunk beds with futon and desk
Tara Zucker
Metal high sleeper bed with desk and futon

Lovely loft bed with desk and futon is a great combination that will be perfect for children's room. Solid construction, excellent decorative elements and a mix of white, black and pink charm and will appeal to every girl.

Thuka trendy bunk bed
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Childrens bunk beds with desk and futon
Cabin bed with desk and futon
Cintia Kowalski

A storage solution with bunk bed and bottom futon: not having a large footprint, it incorporates every element that one needs in everyday indoor life. Sleek white design also can't remain unrecognized.

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I would hesitate to suggest you to choose this casual L-shaped loft bed for your home. It features the built-in futon, desk underneath, ladder for easy access and honey finish.

Full size loft bed with futon

Everything you need at home - bedroom and study area - can be included on a meter of metal construction. Which additionaly have a wonderful design. Multi use loft bunk bed contains two beds, a desk, and a ladder to move to the next bed. Smooth and stable.

White high sleeper with futon
Laetitia Anderson

A functional combo for teenagers' rooms that will keep them comfy, rested and well-organized. Designed of premium metal, the bed comes with a built-in futon, an L-shaped desk, a fixed ladder and a properly secured top bunk.

Bunk bed with desk and futon
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Loft beds with desk and futon
Stone Caroline

Simple and practical design in small indoors. this loft bed includes one upper and one lower sleeping area. It also features a ladder and a simple desk. Durable metal frame is finished in neutral gray color.

Loft bed with sofa underneath
Wesson Jessica
Loft bed with sofa
Jasmine Roge

An awesome loft bed for teenagers' rooms, that will enhance their room with its pitch black appearance. The bed comes with protective railings on the top bunk, a comfortable futon underneath, and a built-in ladder for easy access.

Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage
Ross Melissa

Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage
Great functional contemporary loft bed crafted of wooden materials with a white finish. A bed has an arched headboard, horizontal rails, a 4-step staircase with drawers. Under the bed there are 2 units with 5 drawers each and a 3-drawer desk.

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Multifunctional kids bedroom set, perfect for small spaces. It features white and pink finish with flower detailing. It has it all in one: an illuminated desk, storage space, bed, wardrobe. It helps to organize the clutter!

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High sleeper bed with desk and sofa
Cook Jaclyn

This high sleeper cabin bed, contains desk and futon - give you everything. Contains large desk, massive wardrobe, shelving and 3 drawers. Your child's safety comes firs, so all is made of one piece of material. Black&red&white colors adds a temperament.

Coaster Fine Furniture 2209 Metal Bunk Bed with Futon/Desk/Chair and CD Rack, Black Finish
Laetitia Anderson

That's a real multifunctional piece! You need nothing more that this set of metal bunk bed with futon, corner desk, chair and CD rack. It features full length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access.

Bunk bed with desk and futon
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Loft beds with couch
Sarah Ashleyist

Functional and modern-looking, this bunk bed knows how to give blissful comfort and undisturbed sleep. Made of silver-finished metal, the bed also has a built-in ladder, a properly secured top bunk, and a button-tufted, oversized futon.

Futon bunk bed with desk college loft beds with futon
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Futon bunk bed with desk 2
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Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed, Black

An ideal solution for everyone, who had ever wondered how to manage their limited space - this suite is a clever combination of a full size loft bed and a desk. It has two ladders (front and side) and guardrails for added safety and the finish will be a perfect addition to any interior.

Kyoto futons ltd rio bunk bed with 76cm wide futon
Aloma Garcia
Metal cabin bed with desk
Anna Hall
X Shaped Twin Low Loft Bed with Desk
Lily Cravenable

X Shaped Twin Low Loft Bed with Desk
This practical and aesthetic X-Shaped Twin Low Loft Bed with Desk is covered in deep black finish for extra look. The bed is consisted of a front ladder, guard rails, and X-shaped legs. It’s also space-saving, and accommodates a twin mattress.

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School House Stair Loft Bed with Desk End
Jasmine Torr

School House Stair Loft Bed with Desk End
This multi-task bed set with a practical desk and degrees of drawers is a wonderful way have a lot of things in a small space. Operably and thoughtful as to the details set allows kids find a place for play, study and rest.

Triple Twin Bunk Bed
Chloe Hughesful

Triple Twin Bunk Bed
This triple twin bunk bed is the stunning solution if you're in need of a lot of sleeping places in your home. The rails include a cleat for extra strength and the piece is designed with safety in mind.

High sleeper futon bed
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Walker Edison Black Metal Twin Loft Bed with Workstation
Rebecca Pet

You can easily save space in children's rooms, by obtaining this twin loft bed, made of durable, powder-coated metal. The bed comes with railings that secure the top bunk, 1 built-in desk with a pull-out keyboard tray, and 2 built-in ladders.

Coaster Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Futon Chair & Desk
Mackenzie Milani

Multifunctional Loft Bed Workstation in Black & Red Finish is a splendid choice for kids’ rooms, or bachelor pads. Consisted of a sturdy steel frame, a bed, a desk, a desk chair, a futon chair and futon chair mattress - the workstation provides the best level of durability, efficiency, and style.

Metal workstation loft bed
Discovery world furniture honey loft bunk bed twin over full
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Bunk bed high sleeper
Loft bed with desk and futon 1

Functional loft bed with a ladder that provides access to the upper bed surrounded with a protective frame. Two beds feature soft surfaces for safe and relaxing sleep. The lower area also includes a practical, small desk with a chair.

Havent left my futon bunk since i got it literally
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Thuka low loft bed
Andrea Park
Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
Erin Woo

Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
With the stunning and charming white finish and the simple lines, this twin over full bunk bed will be just perfect for your kids' room, allowing them the perfect sleeping space and saving plenty of space in the process.

Boys futon bunk beds with desk
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Custom made girls twin loft bunk bed with stairs futon
Meghan Perr
Futon bunk bed with desk loft bed with desk and
Loft bed with desk and futon 1
Bunk beds with futon and desk
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Beds bunk bed with computer desk bunk bed with desk
Study desk bed is a trasformable system made up of
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