Lockers For Kids Rooms

To maximize the storage space in a kid's room, it's a good idea to put some extra lockers. They are durable, comfortable and come in lots of vibrant colours. You can be sure that they'll endure a lot! Browse below and check the products I've found on the web.

Mill valley contemporary kids san francisco

Mill Valley Contemporary Kids San Francisco
A cool contemporary standing storage locker. It has a rectilinear metal frame finished in grey. Its hinged doors with elongated horizontal vents are painted in vivid colours so the locker can be used in kids' rooms.

Lockers for kids rooms

Sports lockers don't have to be dull-colored. A fresh finish celebrating trendy colors gives a whole new look to an old locker. Such a version of a stadium locker provides a practical, sturdy and still decorous addition to kids room.

Hallowell Kid Locker, 15"W x 15"D x 48"H, 1134 Sour Apple (green), Single Tier, 1-Wide, Knock-Down

Metal lockers for bedrooms

An authentic American football locker for kids’ room – makes for a great athletic stuff storage to keep it organized and provides a nice display for autographed pieces. The black, metal design of the locker goes nicely with the yellow details.

Lockers for boys room

Cabinets for children or adolescents, not just for public spaces like school or kindergarten but also lockers for kids rooms. Often made of metal like these three examples in beige, gray and red color, full of drawers, or long cabinets.

Lockers for kids rooms 1

Set of bedroom furniture for storing clothes and others needed stuff. Construction is made of wood. Modern design for the bedroom, teen room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Boys lockers 1

Lockers for kids rooms 4

Decorative lockers for kids rooms

This unique project divides the space into 3 sections: the sleeping area, the climbing space below and the workstation behind it. Of course, the interior conceals plenty of hidden cubbies for toys and materials as well, constituting a great playroom for all kids.

Hallowell kid mini locker

Room lockers for home

KidKraft Locker - Medium - Blue

This smart kidsroom locker awaits to organize toys, comicbooks, board games and other items of value. Its brilliant blue finish makes it almost scintillating - how do you like that? The locker has two cabinets and rolling casters.

Hallowell Kid Locker, 15"W x 15"D x 48"H, 717 Grand Slam (blue), Single Tier, 1-Wide, Knock-Down

Lockers for kids

Sports lockers for kids rooms

Salsbury Industries S-63368BL-U Triple Tier 3-Inch Wide 6-Feet High 18-Inch Deep Unassembled See Through Metal Locker, Blue

Metal lockers for kids rooms

Storage lockers for kids

Lockers for bedrooms

Lockers for kids rooms 3

Kids sports lockers

Bedroom lockers

Lockers for kids rooms 2

Lockers for kids bedrooms

Hockey lockers

Hockey Lockers
Pretty traditional lockers for kids. They're of wooden materials finished in light browns. A locker has a rectilinear body, an open front niche up, a bigger central one for hanging clothes and a bottom drawer with a long horizontal metal bar pull.

Kids lockers for home 1

Tall cabinet made of metal. Includes hooks, open shelf and cabinet. Perfect solution for commercial premises. Simple form and contemporary design.

Boys bedroom locker

Lockers for kids room 1

Baseball theme bosy bedroom design contemporary kids san francisco

Baseball Theme Bosy Bedroom Design Contemporary Kids San Francisco
Practical organization of clothes, school items, toys and other accessories. These lockers are suitable for kids. They feature solid doors with key locks. Durable construction is finished in a stylish and rich red color.

Kid lockers for bedroom

Lockers for bedroom

1 Tier 3-Section Seat Locker

1 Tier 3-Section Seat Locker
It is a three-piece cupboard for clothes and shoes for the baby. It is constructed so that the child can quietly sit on it when removing shoes. It has a distinct place on the hat, scarf, gloves, coat hanger and a shelf for shoes.

1 Tier 2-Section Offset Locker

1 Tier 2-Section Offset Locker
It is a twin, very practical cupboard in the hallway. It consists of sections that allow you to sort and organize outerwear. It has a separate shelf for scarves and hats, coat hanger, and the lowest, there is a cupboard for shoes.

Lockers for kids rooms 5

Lockers for kids rooms 6

Lockers for kids rooms 7

Lockers for kids rooms 8

Lockers for kids rooms 9

Kids Locker in Blue

Kids locker plans

Hallowell Kid Locker, 15"W x 15"D x 48"H, 1133 Bubble Gum (pink), Single Tier, 1-Wide, Knock-Down

Lockers for kids 2

ECR4Kids Birch Double-Sided 10-Section Coat Locker with Bench

Kids storage lockers single tier metal locker 2

Christmas gifts for teen girls

Hallowell Kid Locker, 15"W x 15"D x 48"H, 720 Pep Rally (purple), Single Tier, 1-Wide, Knock-Down

Lockers for mccs new kids space 4th 5th grade boys

Rainbow Accents Coat Locker w 4 Sections (Navy)

Hallowell Kid Locker, 15"W x 15"D x 48"H, 721 Relay Red (red), Single Tier, 1-Wide, Knock-Down

Hallowell Kid Locker, 15"W x 15"D x 48"H, 728 Hoop (orange), Single Tier, 1-Wide, Knock-Down

Metal storage locker for kids. This element of furniture features a traditional, rectangular shape and durable metal construction. It is finished in orange color and it features a durable and stylish metal handle for convenient opening and closing.