Locker Benches

Locker benches are probably one of the least appreciated pieces of furniture. Now all the potential customers will have a great chance to pick the right design, shape and size for themselves. What would be your decision as far as this matter is concerned? See them all and discover this collection yourself.

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Now, this is a truly beautiful piece of furniture. A stunning, very vintage and industrial set of lockers, perfect for an entryway to act as a hanger and a storage. Perfect for those looking for a more traditional vibe!

Locker benches

These mudroom lockers constitute a great way to add some functionality to your entryway. Plain, cool and clean white design adds freshness and warmth to your space. It features various drawers, shelves and doors offering a diversified storage space.

Locker benches

Original bench mounted on wheels for easy movement. Metal base is fitted with 4 cabinets for storing needed items. Seat is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Mudroom lockers with bench built ins

Cottage mudroom with stacked shelves filled with woven baskets over built-in locker cabinets, accented with paneled backsplash. Stylish furniture to the hall in your house or cottage to storage your clothes.

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Practical backless seating bench with lockers incorporated into its base. Four lockers are enough to hide the clutter away. The bench is supported by four black feet. It has white and turquoise zig zag pattern upholstery.

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A stunninhg steel locker storage bench that will add a boost of extra space for you to become more organized, while its looks makes for a fine choice when it comes to originality and style beyond measure.

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Locker benches are constructed of solid butcher block wood. Ideal for industrial, office or recreational locker room facilities. A metal base contains one or two cabinets, in very raw style which contrasts with a upholstery of the orange or white seats.

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This hall was wide enough to place a row of locker benches by one of the walls. Each bench features a shoe rack at the bottom, and a double coat rack. Blank walls were smartly used for practical purposes.

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Vintage locker base table perfect for tv console dinning room
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Locker systems for mudroom

A wonderful idea for a small entry hall. This elegant shelving unit provides a bench where you can comfortably put on your shoes and racks for coats and hats. The top is an extra storage space due to three open shelves.

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Metal locker storage bench

Practical mudroom design that includes solid, functional cabinets in dark gray color. They are very high and spacious. This interior design also includes a comfortable bench with white and gray seat cushion.

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Have you been searching for an entryway furniture? This Modular Family locker entryway system with bench features and antique finish with Almond white.

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1 Tier 2-Section Locker

1 Tier 2-Section Locker
Pretty practical locker for e.g. preschools and 4 kids. It's of wood with a natural finish. It consists of 2 open sections. A protruding bottom part includes a bench and 2 cubbies. Above there are 2 coat-cubbies with 2 hooks each and 2 niches up.

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1 Tier 2-Section Straight Locker

1 Tier 2-Section Straight Locker
Arranging an apartment is very important and sometimes very hard. With out inspiration and proposition, it will be much easier. Select this one tier two section straight locker and enjoy a fresh accent piece.

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Mudroom storage bench ideas mudroom storage bench ideas with 1
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Mudroom lockers with bench plans
Metal Locker Storage Bench, 19HX39WX16D, BLACK
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Simpler mudroom instead of lockers which close a cover contents
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Penco 96xx Locker Room Bench Top Dimensions (W x D x H): 60" x 9.5" x 1.25"
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