Living Room Wall Shelves

Interested in getting living room wall shelves that make a difference? Just look below. These shelves almost scream out to a visitor to come and take a look! There are so many beautiful ways to display some favorites in a common room that you are bound to find a solution suitable for your home.

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Living room wall shelves
Mackenzie Poly

The modern display shelf for the classic living room. It has enough space to present the dozens of photos, knick knacks and souvenirs. But in such a limited space it will be good if all of them will be in one style.

Living room wall shelves

Add your living room walls a fancy appeal, presenting photos, vases, books or whatever you want on this designer, oblique set of shelves. Black wooden boards cross with each other, creating a stylish kind of web.

Living room wall shelves
Dana Mil

Capacious lounge room shelving unit: a structural bookcase that features multiple cubic compartments. Can be either set on floor level or hanged. To develop a wall beneath the couch, or to store books in a bedroom. Finished dark brown.

Wall shelf ideas for living room
Valerie Alex

Classic shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Ideal for storing books or display decorations. Neutral and functional accessory for each room as needed.

Wall mounted wood shelves
Turner Holly

Add your living room decor a cool, urban style. This set of wall mounted will create a cool, contemporary composition for i.e. industrial spaces, like lofts or other modern apartments.

Living room wall shelves 1
Laetitia Anderson

A great way to make use of empty walls and simultaneously add some new storage space. This set of hexagonal shelves create a great proposition for storing books, photos, flowers or your sentimental stuff.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 2

A cozy and welcoming arrangement of a living room with a comfy sofa in a contemporary design and a small ottoman that serves as a coffee table. The room features also simple floating shelves that act as a display area.

Wall shelves for living room

A great way to create a stylish display on your own. These living room wall shelves feature an eclectic mix of decor. It will fit well both to contemporary and traditional or rustic decors.

Shelving units living room
Theresa Hall

A perfect example of a clean, minimalistic contemporary living room design. The smooth, wooden shelves are a great replacement for a chunky entertainment unit, and the beautiful leather sofa gives an excellent contrast to the dark back wall.

Floating shelves in living room
Jessica Zernike

If the white shelf is to be used for displaying books, it is worth checking what depth, a width of the shelf will be the most suitable to accommodate them and keep their weight - this set of living room white wall display shelves, holds all kinds of objects.

Living room wall shelves
Rachel Coo

Mix of styles: some accents are minimalist (floating, irregularly shaped black shelves), some - contemporary casual (neutral beige sofa with sloping arms), some hint at Hollywood glam (gold leaf end table). A truly ecclectic living room!

Shelving living room
April Bel

Who would’ve thought that making handmade furniture could be so easy! Just look at these gorgeous, DIY floating bathroom shelves, made of simple planks. Perfect for both modern and rustic architectural styles!

Open shelving living room
Tiffany Wood

Large DIY built-in bookcase with white panels style base, merged with counter. Running all the way from the floor to the ceiling, using the vertical and horizontal space to maximum. Upper shelves of the bookcase have bulbs lighting.

Ikea bookcases 24

This white, spacious ikea bookcase will bring harmony and order to your living room.There are three-segmented, two on the sides,the wider parts combine with a narrower one in the middle. In addition to its practical functions - also have a decorative function.

Living room wall shelves
Cintia Kowalski

Simple sturdy wall-mounted shelves of solid wood with a finish in mid-brown tones. These quite thick rectangular shelves are wall-to-wall long and fixed to a wall with using heavy-duty metal anchors.

Living room wall shelves
Allen Katie

If you simply can't help but want to decorate your interior to the maximum then this stunning wall shelves for your living room will help you do just that with the high and various shaped shelves for your multiple purposes.

Living room wall shelves
Meghan Diaz

Why not actually go for the wall shelves that will allow not only for the extra space for your books but also for a nice way of accentuating your interior with the geometrical shapes of the fabric finish and the durable, grasscloth.

I think i could diy this
Laetitia Kloss
Living room wall shelves
Mitchell Allison
Corner wall cabinets living room
Theresa Evan

The living room wall shelf, like no other piece of furniture, can impress with its simplicity and versatility. Its uncomplicated wooden form makes it fit almost any interior. They are finished with black veneer and create a composite on the living room wall.

Shelving in living room

I am really the simplicity fan. Mixing white and grey shades always looks good in each interior. If you have a little bit fantasy, you can experiment with some colorful and patterned accessories to bring there some life.

Cubby Wall Shelf
Jessica Zernike

Cubby Wall Shelf
Wall shelf with seven storage cubbies. This makes it perfect for storing knickknacks or displaying photos. It's made of strong MDF, and each cubby has weight capacity of six lbs. Additionally, the shelf has no visible hanging hardware.

How to decorate living room wall shelves

Simple long wall-mounted shelves made of rectangular planks with a natural stained finish. Sturdy wall mounts are made of black finished metal. A wall mount is composed of a round backplate and a round section horizontal bar with a ball finial.

My obsession with planks continues i have them in the
Krystal Bel
Wall shelves ideas living room
Tiffany Hay

The pictures, frames and plants organization - the ideal decoration for the most visible wall in your living room. Put your personal, family photos to show the visitors how important is your family for you.

Diy in wall shelves

If you love minimalistic style, you should buy this set of furniture to your living room. It is composed of black TV stand with drawer intended to storage discs and unique wall shelves dedicated for books and frippery.

Inskeppa Black 5 Tier Slanted Bookcase - Leaning Ladder Design
Kristen Martinez

It is a 4-tier bookcase that has got a ladder design, black finish and modern design. It is a fantastic addition to your living room, bedroom, office space and other. You will be impressed how great this bookcase is.

Living room wall shelves 1
Susan Roge
Shelving for living room walls
Living room photo gallery
Abbey Kowalski
Living room wall shelves
Laetitia Anderson
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Floating cabinets living room

Simple, but impressive floating shelves for a living room in a rustic style. You can easily make them on your own as you only need a few wooden planks with a smooth, polished surface. A dark color of the wood will look great on a light wall.

Living room wall shelves 2
Vanessa King
Big wall shelves
Kelly Stew
Shelves attach white wall living decors creative living room shelves
Shelving ideas for living room walls

Wall shelves for living room applications. They provide space for books, pictures in frames and decorations. Each shelf is durable, but not very heavy, so it is suitable for wall mounting. White finish matches any home stylization.

Grey bookcases 1
Henderson Natasha

Function is not everything... There are some easy ways to give a bookcase an extra edge in terms of style - this site proposes 8 tips; this grey bookcase plays with textures, but it retains consistent color palette.

Diy built in cabinets and bookcase wall finished
Sara Green
Living room wall shelves
Lambert Abbey
Living room shelving unit
Heather Cox

Entertainment center with a lot of cabinets and open shelves for storing needed items. Construction is made of wood. Ideal for storing books, TV components or display decorations.

Slim Line Floating Wall Shelf
Laetitia Zernike

Slim Line Floating Wall Shelf
It is very simple and extremely modest shelf on the wall. Its great advantage is that you can not see the fixings. Shelf looks like it was glued to the wall. It is very casual and including hiding its beauty.

Living room wall shelving
Attractive book shelf living room
Campbell Lindsay
Westonville Display Cabinet
Valerie Hughes

Westonville Display Cabinet

Shelves in living room
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Of living room wall shelves beautiful living room wall shelves
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Shelving units as room dividers
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