Liquid Motion Lamp

Liquid motion lamps? Well, if you like such solutions, this site might prove to be a very good choice for you. We encourage you to get familiar with these designs and try to decide well. Even those who are very demanding, do not regret their choices made here and what about you?

Liquid motion lamp 2

Liquid motion lamp 24

A cool table lamp featuring a conical lampshade of glass. It's filled with a blue liquid containing movable bubbles of thick red oil. An hourglass base and a top cap are of silvery finished metal. The lamp requires a 25W incandescent bulb.

Liquid motion lamp 35

Silver Base Motion 13" H Table Lamp

Silver Base Motion 13" H Table Lamp
A table lamp that has got a decorative character. This original device features a solid and stable base. Its light surface features yellow wax in blue liquid. Its modern bullet-shaped design matches any decor.

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Liquid motion lamp 14

Liquid motion lamp 31

Liquid motion lamp 17

Creative motion groovy s shape motion lamp yellow wax blue

Creative Motion Groovy S Shape Motion Lamp Yellow Wax Blue Liquid
For fans of a psychological climate and a return to the 1960s. This liquid motion lamp is a variation in an elegant version. The tin top of the lamp combines with a glass curved cylinder filled with a mixture of oil and wax - in shades of purple and yellow.

Liquid motion lamp 21

Liquid motion lamp 45

A hip modern floor lamp with a chromed metal base. It has a flat round foot, a tall thin column, a small cylindrical cap. A long cylindrical clear glass lampshade contains blue liquid and red wax moving and transforming under the influence of warm.

14 12 lava motion lamp yellow waxblue liquid

14 12 Lava Motion Lamp Yellow Waxblue Liquid
A cool contemporary table lamp for a 25W bulb and with an on-cord switch. A conical lampshade of clear glass is filled with blue liquid and green wax moving under the influence of warm. An hourglass base and a conical top are of silvery material.

Twin Motion 16.14" H Table Lamp

Twin Motion 16.14" H Table Lamp
This 16.14-inch height table lamp is characterized by a streamlined, S-shape design, while providing double motion thanks to 2 lava lamps merged into one. The lamp is crafted from quality glass and metal, and accommodates 25W incandescent bulbs.

Liquid motion lamp 1

Hello kitty lava lamp

Hello kitty lava lamp bulb

Red lava lamp black base

Liquid motion lamp 4

Liquid motion lamp 5

Liquid motion lamp 6

Liquid motion lamp 7

Liquid motion lamp 8

Liquid motion lamp 9

Liquid motion lamp 11

Liquid motion lamp 25

Liquid motion lamp 26

Liquid motion lamp 27

Liquid motion lamp 28

Liquid motion lamp 29

Liquid motion lamp 30

Liquid motion lamp 33

Liquid motion lamp 34

Liquid motion lamp 36

Twist 18" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Twist 18" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Liquid motion lamp 37

Liquid motion lamp 38

Liquid motion lamp

Liquid motion lamp 39

Motion lava lamp blue liquid dark pink lava

Lava lamp with pink lava purple liquid and purple designer

Liquid motion lamp 40

Liquid motion lamp 41

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Liquid motion lamp 42

Motion lava lamp blue wax clear liquid drw

Spiral liquid motion timer

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Liquid motion lamp 43

Classic Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Classic Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
It is a classic table lava lamp which will be a perfect addition to a contemporary style interiors. This lamp has a pink lava in a purple liquide and provide soft light in the room. It has a solid aluminium base.

Creative motion industries 10029 y b groovy s shape yellow