Lime Green Tea Kettle

Here's a vibrant kitchen accessory. You'll love its colour and functionality, no doubt about that. Jump below and browse the lime-green tea kettles which attracted my attention and which I believe to be great details for any kitchen. Here they go.

Lime green tea kettle 2

Meetings in the kitchen-waiting for the kettle to warm up in the water,family ties are established.This lime green tea kettle will further satisfy your aesthetic needs thanks to its vibrant green and round non-standard form.The metal handle will not burn you.

Kitchenaid green apple 2 quart tea kettle 1

Kitchenaid Green Apple 2 Quart Tea Kettle
A basic piece of equipment that is required in any kitchen. It is a high quality kettle that is made of durable metal with a green apple finish. It is equipped with safe and comfortable silicone accented handles.

Lime green tea kettle 5

Tea kettle made of high quality metal and fitted with convenient handle to prevents burns. Handy accessory for any kitchen.

Lime green tea kettle 6

Finished in an adorable lime green, this tea kettle enchants with its unique colour and classic design. Made from solid, high-quality materials, i.e. the POC on the stovetop, it provides sustainability for years.

Lime green tea kettle 13

Green kettle

Apple green kettle

Lime green kettle

Lime green tea kettle 25

Lime green tea kettle 27

Kitchenaid green tea kettle

Green enamel teapot

Gorgeous kitchen accessories in lime green and white colors. Tea kettle looks very stylish and it matches other kitchen accessories that represent similar stylization. All these accessories are also durable.

Lime green tea kettle 1

Lime green tea kettle 12

Lime green tea kettle 15

Lime green tea kettle 4

Green tea kettles 25

Original set with a practical kettle and two tea pots. These elements are finished in red color and they include some decorative accents. They are not only practical, but they also decorate indoors thanks to their original style.

Green tea kettles 7

Tea with a tasty aroma, in an English mood, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon - stated. It was not given in the usual way, but in a mint teapot, hand-painted kind of green tea kettles, with a metal handle and pink delicate decorative flowers.

Lime green tea kettle 22

Green tea kettles 1

With the design packed with colors and oozing immense charm these green tea kettles will provide you with the option to do a much more tasty tea for you and your family, while the vintage design adds to your kitchen decor.

Lime green tea kettle

Floral tea kettle

This charming set of tea kettles comprising florally ornamented items can be a great gift for your beloved. It has original, metal and wood handle as well lid ornated by crystal knobs.

Lime green tea kettle 14

Green tea kettle

An absolutely adorable antique tea kettle. Finished in light green, with an ornate surface, features a lot of subtle details. A proposition that will truly distinguish your dinnerware.

Tea kettle metal hand painted with roses

Tea Kettle Metal Hand Painted With Roses
Cute vintage kettle for farmhouse style / cottage / rustic kitchen. Quaint flowers pattern in pink and green on the kettle body and on the lid. Rosy pink handles finish off the romantic traditional style.

Lime green tea kettle 11

A pretty traditional tea kettle crafted of glazed ceramic in a vivid light green colour. It has a short spout, a large C-shaped lug and a round lid with a triangularish handle. It's equipped with a metal removable tea strainer with a handle.

Reston lloyd calypso basics lime tea kettle

Reston Lloyd Calypso Basics Lime Tea Kettle
Crafted of porcelain enamel on steel and with the stunning fade resistant finish of the lime green color this tea kettle will let you enjoy your cup of tea a lot more, while the handle folds down for easier filling and cleaning.

Calypso Basic 2 Qt. Harvest Tea Kettle

Calypso Basic 2 Qt. Harvest Tea Kettle
Birghtly red tea kettle with lovely, domed lived embellished with round handle. The design was clearly inspired by traditional findings. I like this kettle because its design is so playful and unpretentious.

Bistro Electric Water Kettle

Bistro Electric Water Kettle
It is a very interesting looking, cute and attractive electric kettle. Kettle has a maximum capacity of one liter. It is green which makes it very attractive and cheerful. Fast cooks and keeps the temperature.

Circles 2 Qt. Tea Kettle

Circles 2 Qt. Tea Kettle
Beautiful contemporary 2-quart kettle of stainless steel with a blue enamel finish. It's ball-shaped, has a circular handle of black plastic integrated with a finger-operated spout lever, a recessed lid with a knob. It works on all heating surfaces.

Apple green tea kettle

Green tea kettles

Rachael ray teapot

Lime green kettles

Lime green tea kettle 19

Lime green tea kettle 20

Lime green tea kettle 21

Lime green tea kettle 23

Morning Bird 2 Quart Tea Kettle

Morning Bird 2 Quart Tea Kettle

Lime green tea kettle 24

Lime green tea kettle 26

Calypso Basic 2.5 Qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

Calypso Basic 2.5 Qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

Lime green 4

Lime green tea kettle 30

Calypso Basic 2 Qt. Harvest Tea Kettle

Calypso Basic 2 Qt. Harvest Tea Kettle
Nice-looking traditional kettle working on all types of stovetops. It's made of stainless steel with a vivid orange coating. It's round, has a short tapered spout, a big lid with a ball knob and a large C-shaped handle with an orange plastic cover.

Lime green tea kettle 32

Due to the recent increase in my tea consumption i

Lime green tea kettle 1

Kalorik JK 32850 L Lime Jug Kettle

I want this supercute