Lily Pad Table Lamp

Lamps are quite useful, don’t you think? Now they can also have an interesting and nice look – just have a look at the photos that are presented in this collection. It can be recommended by numerous customers who have already ordered their own table lamps. Choose the right style and shape for yourself.

Wilkinson table lamps

Captivating lily pad table lamp is a delightful way to original and subtle interior design. The beautiful floral motif of the lampshade, as well as the whole base, creates a unique whole that delights in every detail.

Lily pad table lamp 5

Featuring beautiful stained glass, this lily pad table lamp constitutes a marvellous example of the so-called Tiffany style. Each lily features a triple tonal transition.

Lily pad table lamp 2

A gorgeous table lamp that boasts with feminine charm and vintage accents. Beautifully twisted, the lamp features a black metal vase with 3 stem-like rustic metal necks holding 3 elongated pink glass lily shades.

Reserved for dinara art nouveau brass

Reserved For Dinara Art Nouveau Brass
The lovely combination of brass construction and subtle lampshade makes the ya delightful lily-shaped lamp a perfect solution for your interior. Fragile glass lampshade and robust construction create a unique composition.

Lily pad table lamp 34

Lamps lighting 15

Lamps Lighting
The elaborate form of a delicate flower lamp easily increases the value of the room in which it is located. Lily pad table lamp - made of bronze and glass - presents three conected together little lily lampshades in ivory color.

Lily pad table lamp 17

Lily pad table lamp

Natural, glazed lampshade intended to table lamp. Lampshade has shape inspired of lily flower and it is available in nine shades (amber, blue, white, green to amber, green, pink, pink to white, lavender and blue to pink).

12386 amber green pond lily accent lamp in mahogany bronze

Lily pad table lamp 3

Table lamp in the shape of flower. It is mounted on metal base and fitted with glass lampshade. Gives warm tone of light and pleasant atmosphere in all kinds of interiors. Sophisticated accent for each room.

Lily pad table lamp 15

Lily pad table lamp 27

Lily pad table lamp 22

Tiffany inspired lighting 5 way lily table lamp in blue

Tiffany Inspired Lighting 5 Way Lily Table Lamp In Blue In Bronze
Beautiful lily pad table lamp. The deep, shaded blue colour of the glass makes it a great addition to a bedroom, to achieve a dramatic, atmospheric effect. It kind of reminds us of antique furniture, too.

Lily pad table lamp 1

Vintage gooseneck table desk lamp cast

Vintage Gooseneck Table Desk Lamp Cast
A gorgeous addition for indoor use, perfect for enhancing vintage-looking homes. The base is made of durable brass, holding a matching gooseneck with a lovely glass shade designed in shape of a blooming lily.

Lily pad table lamp 10

Lily pad table lamp

Lily pad table lamp 19

Vtg 3 arm tulip bronze finish lily pad base murano

Vtg 3 Arm Tulip Bronze Finish Lily Pad Base Murano Style Art Glass Table Lamp
This gorgeous table lamp looks like a true, vintage masterpiece. Includes 3 elongated stained glass shades - each in shape of a beautiful lily flower. The well-shaped base is made of durable metal in rustic finish, while holding 3 stylishly twisted stems.

Ten light lily table lamp tiffany

Ten Light Lily Table Lamp Tiffany
A truly breathtaking Tiffany table lamp that boasts of its impeccable design and vintage appearance. The gilt bronze lily pad base is attached to 10 matching stems - each topped with an elongated lily shade made of stained glass.

Lily pad table lamp 6

A chic stylish table lamp having a greyish metal base looking like made of play dough. It has a flower-like foot of roundish tiles and a gently flared stem 'hidden in grass'. A conical lampshade is of greenish stained glass creating lily-pad motifs.

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Lily pad table lamp 11

Lily 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Lily 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Lily pad table lamp 16

Lily pad table lamp 21

Lily pad table lamp 13

Lily pad table lamp 20

Antique vintage victorian style lamp gold lily pad tulip flower

Antique Vintage Victorian Style Lamp Gold Lily Pad Tulip Flower Crook Neck
With a such a beautiful vintage Victorian table lamp any decor can be elevated into another level. It features the gold lily pad tulip flower crook neck and the metallic finish.

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Lily pad table lamp 32

Lily pad table lamp 12

Joyful jadeite vintage figural lily pad

Lily pad table lamp 30

Lily pad table lamp 14

Lily pad table lamp 29

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Details about lily pad shaped electric table lamp orange flower

Lily pad table lamp

Beautifully formed lily pad table lamp is an excellent combination of robust construction of steel and glass and subtle motifs. The whole is finished in classic shade bright colors looks phenomenally in the interior.

Color theme amber green collection victorian art glass one of

Artistic lighting dragonfly 3 arm lily glass metal table lamp

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Art nouveau tiffany style lily pad table lamp with three

Art nouveau tiffany style lily pad table lamp with three

24 Inch W Tiffany Pond Lily Pendant Ceiling Fixture

Sublime miller art nouveau lily pad slag glass lamp

Tiffany studios 18 light lilly table lamp the beautiful patinated

Tiffany studios new york ten light lily lamp featuring ten

Treadway toomey galleries elizabeth burton table lamp copper lily pad