Light Oak Dresser

In case this style is one of your favourites, you should take a closer look at the photos that have been gathered on this site. After doing that, you will surely find it much easier to pick the most appropriate solution for yourself. In the end, are you ready to do this?

Light oak dresser 23

Modern look for a dresser made out of light oak with an unfinished, rough texture of the wood. The dresser has eight drawers of different sizes and provides a lot of room for linen and clothes storage in the bedroom.

Light oak dresser

With its light oak finishing, this dresser enchants with its warm appeal and functionality. Having 9 drawers, it offers a considerable storage space for your clothes or linens.

Eight Drawer Dresser

Eight Drawer Dresser
Simple and classic chest of drawers in which you can easily store T-shirts, sweaters, pants, scarves and hats. It's an excellent choice for the hall or bedroom. It can also be used as a TV stand in your living room.

Light oak dresser 42

Light oak dresser 41

Light oak dresser 2

Old-fashioned cabinet made of little bit worn out oak wood. It has fancy, carved legs and elegant, brass handles on six shelves. It will play its role the best as a chest of drawers, but due to built-in mirror you can use it as a dressing table too.

Light oak dresser

In the late Gothic phase, the Tudor style emerged during their reign. Visible in a light oak antique cabinet dresser with three drawers and carvings in a honeymoon wood. The presented oak dresser will make you feel like in Tudor times.

Light oak dresser 27

Light oak dresser 11

Light oak dresser 10

Chest for storing clothes and others needed stuff. It consists of mirror and 6 drawers. Construction is made of high quality wood. Neutral and functional design for any interior as needed.

Light oak dresser 17

Rustic dresser in light oak for warm appeal. Two wide drawers and four smaller ones beneath the top. Classic design, with wood grain exposed. Round drawer pulls are wooden as well. Top drawers are arched.

Light oak dresser 1

Light oak dresser 8

Light oak dressers

Light oak dresser 3

Light oak dresser 4

Light oak dresser 5

Light oak dresser 6

Light oak dresser 7

Light oak dresser 9

This neat dresser with drawers and cabinet is a perfect solution for any interior. Beautifully check in the bedroom, living room or hallway. The warm tone makes every interior gains an interesting style

Light oak dresser 12

White oak dresser 21

Antique take on a vintage, 18th-century chest of drawers made out of oak wood with a bleached, bright color and a rough texture. The chest of drawers is decorated with a gorgeous, carved floral pattern which provides it with a classy vibe.

Light oak dresser 15

White oak dresser 6

A pretty simple traditional drawer chest made of oak wood with a nice finish in light browns. It has a rectilinear frame, a rectangular moulding top, low angle legs. Two smaller drawers up and 4 ample ones below have dark metal shell pulls.

White oak dresser 8

Sideboard in vintage style. Construction is made of wood in two shades. Includes a lot of open shelves, cabinets and drawers in various sizes for storing needed stuff. Stylish accent for the kitchen, dining room and more.

Light oak dresser 18

Captivating classics alfresco dresser

Captivating Classics Alfresco Dresser
A sublime dresser that will prove perfect for any guest room or master suite with its oak structure and six spacious drawers. It offers the charming and immensely stylish ring pulls as well as the finish dark enough to ensure elegant appeal.

Light oak dresser 19

Light oak dresser 20

White oak dresser 18

An antique piece of furniture after being transformed into an oak wood bathroom dresser with a washbasin. The chest features carved details, cabriole legs, contoured front and four lockable drawers with metal pulls.

White oak dresser 1

What characterizes this wooden oak dresser is a combination of subtle shapes with delicate satin white. The atmosphere of peace and harmony is an effect that you will achieve in your home thanks to a small drawer full of drawers.

Light oak dresser 21

Dark oak dresser

The renovated version of the dark oak dresser. The front, except of drawers had been painted on the same sea-glass color as a mirror frame. Changing the dark elements on the fair one bring some lightness to this solid piece of furniture.

Light oak dresser 24

Dark oak dresser 7

A wide variety of styles, sizes and materials allow you to easily find or create the perfect dresser for your home.This one was made from oak wood,and it found it new function-a gray tv console table, with drawers with dark grey color and black-satin finish.

Light oak dresser 25

Generic nxpm286 mossy oak fish accent lamp dark woodtone

Generic Nxpm286 Mossy Oak Fish Accent Lamp Dark Woodtone
It is a product that has got a functional and decorative value. This lamp enlights its surrounding area. It is able to form an interesting combination with a nightstand. It has got an attractive fish accent and a solid metal base.

Light oak dresser 26

South Shore Fynn Collection Nightstand, Gray Oak

A stunning structure that is topped by the extreme durability - this nightstand will surely add plenty of visual appeal and functional use to your interior, providing you with plenty of space to hide and organize your belongings.

Soft Modern 6 Drawer Dresser

This dresser offers you six capacious drawers to organize your personal belongings. Its style is casual, but with a modern vibe; I like the fact that it does not overwhelm a decor, it is just a nice and versatile piece of furniture that blends in naturally.

Light oak dresser 28

Light oak dresser 29

Otago Dresser in Dark Oak

Otago Dresser in Dark Oak
Massive and heavy dresser crafted from dark oak that will for sure add something special to the style of your decor. What grabs the attention is the hardware, as the silvery metal handles sport modern chic.

Light oak dresser 30

Light oak dresser 31

Light oak dresser 32

Light oak dresser 33

Light oak dresser 34

Light oak dresser 35