Lazy Susan Table

I didn’t realize how incredibly versatile lazy Susans are. Just check out how you can maximize storage space in the pantry by putting several turntables in the corners of shelves! Below you will find some really awesome examples of how a simple lazy Susan table can make your life easier, you work more efficient, and your house prettier.

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
Astonica 20 inch Rotating Lazy Susan With Ice Texture Glass For Patio Table

A very functional and helpful gadget that is a must-have for a party. It's a rotating lazy Susan made of ice texture glass. Perfect for a patio or dining table. Its simple, timeless form will suit every taste.

Large lazy susan for table
Lazy susan table 4
Large Handmade Copper Lazy Susan 30", Tempered Finish

Did you know that antimicrobial properties of copper naturally kill 99.9% of bacteria? And that is what this is made of this Lazy Susan table. This rotating table top - is great solution for serving cheeses, appetizers to guests.

Lazy Susan Stainless Steel - 2 Tier Design Turntable- By Metro Fulfillment House

This two-tier turntable will surely offer you a great deal of functionality with the ample space to put your food or kitchen supplies and get instant easy access to them. The stainless steel construction is durable and strong and the silver finish looks sleek and modern.

3 tier lazy susan turntable
Lazy susan table server by lenox wood base metal bowls
Double 10" Lazy Susan (White) (6"H x 10"Diameter)

Get this two-tiered turntable and enjoy the double amount of functionality and storage space it has to offer you. The non-slip lining keeps things in place, while the wide base provides plenty of stability.

Glass lazy susan for table
14 hand painted wood lazy susan par debbyreynolds sur etsy
Lazy Susan Cork Display Tray with Glass Top

It is a lazy susan cork display that is perfect for serving wine for you and your friends. It is great as a gift and as an accent piece for your home. Everyone will tell you how great this lazy susan is.

22" Espresso / Cappuccino Finish Large Lazy Susan

It is an extra large lazy susan for dining room table. It has go an espresso finish and Fabulous grain design in top. Ball bearings makes it very easy to use. You can put several dishes and items on. It will make your dining table very beautiful.

Its an idea that speaks for itself a lazy susan
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Lazy susan available in horizontal vertical or erection texture table
24" dia. Forest Stewardship Council-Certified Eucalyptus Dining Table Lazy Susan

Pretty aesthetic swivel dining table made of eucalyptus wood slats with a nut-brown finish. It's round, has a wide border and an umbrella hole. It's for outdoor use and quite resistant though should be stained from time to time to maintain.

2 Tiered Easy Spin Lazy Susan

A functional 2-tier organizer that will be useful in every household. This easy-spin turntable is made of wooden railed tiers. It's a practical size as the bottom tier measures 13" diameter so you can easily place it on a kitchen counter.

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Lazy susan turntable base 79cm diam london 1
OXO Good Grips Turntable, 16-Inch

This turntable will prove to be an ideal solution for organizing spices, sauces or cleaning products at your home, while the non-slip rubber feet easily protect all surfaces and the steel ball bearings provide the smooth spinning option.

Dining table with lazy susan
Copco 2555-0191 Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable, 9-Inch

This non-skid cabinet turntable offers surface molded into the platform for extra durability and easier maintenance, while the easy-glide, revolving storage space will certainly maximize the cabinet space.

Lazy suzy table
Lazy susan table 2

It is a small useful element that can also decorate the design of a dining room, living room, etc. It is a tray for drinks and food. This product is styled on a barrel top. It is made of solid mango wood with a galvanized iron band.

22" Walnut Lazy Susan

Add this elegant Lazy Susan to your kitchen or dining area and offer your guests the extra convenience, since they won't have to reach to the other end of the table to get the food they want with the easy rotation feature.

CounterArt Vineyards Glass Lazy Susan

A charming round traditional country style revolving tray with a recessed anti-slip base. It's manufactured of quality glass decorated with intricate motifs concerning vineyards and wine in prevalent beige and off-bluish tones.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan
Here is an excellent, fully-functional addition for your home décor. This Practical Turntable in Brown Finish is designed to ensure easy access for stored items. The piece is also equipped in a lip that runs around the turntable preventing items from falling off.

How to make lazy susan

Lazy Susan doesn't have to be used to serve food only. You can adapt it as a space in your office to keep order more easily. You can place there different containers with office supplies. As the table spins, you will have easy access to all your things.

Acacia Serveware Lazy Susan

Acacia Serveware Lazy Susan
Serving plate with beautiful finish and classic design. Additionally, its made of high quality solid acacia hardwood which makes it a long lasting construction. It's not intended for dishwasher or refrigerator.

Sarah Peyton Home 12" Tempered Glass Lazy Susan

This Lazy Susan offers a tempered glass surface that is both durable and strong, while the two-tiered design provides beauty and stability and the aluminium core allows easier swiveling and a long-lasting construction.

Lazy susan table 1

This DIY round coffee table is an interesting piece of art. The big white table with black Roman figure perfectly works with a modern style of your living room. The whole family can sit around the table and enjoy the time spent together.

Lipper Lipper International Acacia Lazy Susan

A simple yet stunning Lazy Susan that will look amazing in the middle of your dining table and will surely make your family or guests feel much more convenient without the need of reaching for the food they need. The acacia wood offers a natural vibe and is extremely durable.

Lazy susan table 3

This lovely watermelon serving tray will enhance your kitchen or dining area with its warmth and brightness. A fantastic DIY project, which adds humour and light sense wherever it appears. A good decoration for summer parties in the backyard.

Lazy susans for tables

This lazy susan table will be a stylish addition to your decor. Classic, white color will perfectly match in any decorations - glass, crystal or plastic. Fancy, elegant look with a little artistic touch.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan
This is a very practical and multi functional kitchen gadget which can be use as a wooden table or a cutting board. It has a round shape and is made of durable bamboo wood, so will last long. Should be wash by hand.

Pattern dark walnut base and optional lazy susan 66w x
Crown Mark Ferrara Spinning Lazy Susan

This Lazy Susan offers you a classy and elegant espresso finish to blend well with any decor and provides easy access to items on any table or shelf, making it much more comfortable to reach them with the smooth rotating feature.

Small vanity tray
Thirstystone Bamboo Lazy Susan, Western Star

A turntable is a must-have of every party or gathering as it guatantees easy access to all the products. An antique lazy Susan in the picture will be a unique accent of the table as it's made of bamboo with an etched star in the centre.

With timber lazy susan kwila table with lazy susan 180cm
Two Tier Lazy Susan Turntable For Cabinet-Steel (Stainless) (6"H x 10 1/2"Diameter)

This two tier turntable is a perfect place to storage small things in kitchen or bathroom. It is made of stainless steal so it's not only an atractive but a solid and functional addition to your interiors.

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