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Do you like such lamp shades? Maybe you didn’t realize that you can choose from among an incredible range of nice looking and functional possibilities like this. You can take all the time that you want to find something for yourself on this site. Check out these options and tell us about your decision.

Laura ashley lamp shade 3

Decorative and functional lamp shade for pendant lights. This drum shade features decorative accents that look like a forest with a deer in it. This element assures good level of illumination and creates stylish light effects.

Laura ashley lamp shade 24

Stunning pendant light with a traditional drum shade that features carved floral details. This element of home design provides good level of illumination and also decorates indoors both at day and at night.

Laura ashley shades

Such a pretty, cute set of different lamp shades in an assortment of vibrant, bright colours with mismatched patterns and shapes. Some more traditional, some elegant and classy – plenty to choose from!

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Laura ashley lamp shades

Is it a story about a Red Hood? No - red lampshade for your lamp. Lampshades and chandeliers can be exchanged at any time - if you are a temperament person, you can opt for such deep red with a simple trapezoid form of this laura ashley lampshade.

Laura ashley lamp shade 5

Tasteful lampshade covered with fabric and finished with decorative ruffles. Suitable for each standard table lamp. Classic form and elegant design for each room.

Laura ashley table lamps

Laura ashley lamp shade 32

Laura ashley lamp shade 16

Woodland light shade

Table lamps laura ashley

Laura ashley lamp shade 33

Laura ashley lamp shade 22

Laura ashley lamp shade 6

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Laura ashley lamp shade 15

Tate large cream wooden lamp

Laura ashley floor lamp

13.5" Calais Linen Empire Lamp Shade

13.5" Calais Linen Empire Lamp Shade
This fashionable lamp shade can be a well-matched piece, especially for contemporary homes and offices. The empire shade is designed of quality white fabric, and is going to decorate your interior for a long time.

Laura ashley lamp shade 29

Laura ashley lamp shade 11

Laura ashley lamp

Have to have it laura ashley charlotte red barrel lamp

7.5" Classic Silk Empire Lamp Shade

7.5" Classic Silk Empire Lamp Shade
This stylish empire shade is durable and lovely, perfect for contemporary homes or offices. Designed of silk, the shade brings extra charm and long-lasting appearance, serving you well for many years to come.

Laura ashley lamp shade

A charming lamp shade in a traditional shape and a pretty and subtle pattern which combines green and ivory stripes. The lamp with this shade will give the room a romantic touch and will ideally suit interiors in a country style.

Bell shaped lamp shade 17

Bell lamp shade mounted on metal frame and covered with fabric. It is compatible with any standard table lamp. Elegant accent for each place. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

1940s lamp shades

This type of lampshade is dedicated for table lamps. It has narrow top and wide bottom. This lampshade is made of blanched canvas and has plastic frame. Due to its simplicity it will be fit to every type of interior.

Bell shaped lamp shade 1

A beautiful traditional bell-shaped lampshade manufactured of quality iridescent glass (i.e. changing colours depending on angle of view) in dark brown and amber yellow shades. It has flared wavy edges with a black rim.

Bell shaped lamp shade 3

This antique bell-shaped lamp can be a real bargain for vintage enthusiasts, especially those loving art deco. Deriving from around 1940, it enchants with its exceptional condition, thanks to the use of high-quality materials.

Lamp shades laura ashley

Bell shaped lamp shade 34

Bell lamp shades are ranked into timeless classics. For me, a bell shade gives a subtle nod to vintage styles. This particular yellow & white bell lamp shade is hand blown to recreate an authentic Victorian design.

Bell shaped lamp shade 29

A bell-shaped lampshades made out of gold-encrusted metal which gives them an elegant, sophisticated design. Good addition to a classy living room, bound to bring in a fresh and invigorating detail to the room.

Laura ashley floor lamps

7" Classics Brass Bell Lamp Shade

7" Classics Brass Bell Lamp Shade
A contemporary style, clip on, candelabra shade. The shade is made of white fabric, very transparent, so the color of the bulb matters. Gives warm light and makes a bright addition to any home decor.

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Laura ashley lamp shade 1

Laura ashley lamp shade 23

Laura ashley lamp shade 2

Laura ashley lamp shade 25

Laura Ashley Chelsea Red Swirled Pleat Bell Lamp Shade

Laura Ashley Chelsea Cream Swirled Pleat Bell Lamp Shade

Laura ashley lamp shade 26

Laura 24" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Laura 24" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Laura ashley lamp shade 27

Laura ashley sbb01 clipon classic raw silk barrel lamp shade

Laura ashley lamp shade 28

Home furniture diy lighting lampshades lightshades 5

Laura ashley lamp shade 30

Laura Ashley SLB21216 Claudia 16-Inch Barrel Shade, Chalk Pink

Have to have it laura ashley tia bell lamp shade