Large Wood Candle Holders

I’ve fallen crazy in love with those large wood candle holders made of driftwood. They look stunning on a window sill, mantle or as huge centerpieces with ten or more votives – perfect as rustic wedding table decor! There’s plenty of them in this collection, plus some other cute candle holders made of wood, including easy DIYs.

Pottery barn amherst wood pillar candle holder large

Pottery Barn Amherst Wood Pillar Candle Holder Large
A nice decoration for indoors, that emanates with vintage flavor and slender silhouette. This trio of sturdy wood pillar candle holders is covered in a distressed finish and beautifully-shaped for even more appealing looks.

Large wood candle holders 14

This rustic candle holder constitutes a perfect proposition for those, who love boho chic decors. Placed on your mantle, will warm up any living room design, providing a classic appeal.

Wedding decor driftwood large center

Wedding Decor Driftwood Large Center
Unique candle holder for each place according to taste. It is completely made of wood. Simple form and sophisticated style.

Driftwood rustic candle holder large

Driftwood Rustic Candle Holder Large
The Large wooden candle holder is a great combination of solid construction and unusual appearance. Stacked candles are exceptionally useful and bring a unique atmosphere to the decor. Rustic atmosphere captivates the interior.

Natural Candle Holder

Driftwood large center piece wedding

Driftwood Large Center Piece Wedding
Characterized by a long-lasting driftwood design, this unique candle holder is just perfect for emphasizing rustic country homes with its natural accents and intricate silhouette. It has 4 cut-out holes on top - each for holding 1 small candle.

Holiday center piece rustic candle

Holiday Center Piece Rustic Candle
A simple rustic style candle holder made of long unfinished driftwood log with live edges, crackings and knots. It has drilled 10 round hollows for tea candles. It can be mounted e.g. above a fireplace.

Large wood candle holders 4

IMAX Large Teakwood Candle

Large wood candle holders 1

Rustic candle holder centerpiece

Reclaimed wood candle holder

Large wood candle holders are a great way to enhance the design in your house, especially if you bet on the rustic cosiness. The ones here are distressed, which makes them feel antique and rich.

Funky candle holders

Driftwood candle

Stylish candle holders made of clear glass and metal. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Tasteful accent for each place according to taste.

Large wood candle holders 9

Large wood candle holders 8

Wood looking candles

For nature lovers at home and raw candelabra driftwood - this is an interesting solution for a home candle holder. A massive branch changed into two, different lengths of candle holder. 24 cm high of a perfect wooden decoration.

Driftwood candle holder

The unique and very stylish candle holder is an impressive design and functionality. Created from the branches of the tree delights in detail and beautifully displays candles. The perfect solution for special interior design.

Large wood candle holders 7

Large wood candle holders 2

Nilay Wood Candle Holders - Set of 3

Large wood candle holders 6

Huge candle holders

Large wood candle holders 12

3 Piece Carved Wood Candle Holders Set

3 Piece Carved Wood Candle Holders Set
It is a set of three wooden candlesticks. They are beautifully and delicately decorated, which makes an excellent interior decoration. At the same time they are very safe candlesticks, which effectively keep the candle upright.

Wooden Candle Holder (Set of 3)

Wooden Candle Holder (Set of 3)
This stylish set of three wooden candlesticks are the perfect solution for many occasions. Impressively carved and stylized antique style perfectly underline the traditional interior.

Driftwood sconce candle holder art

Driftwood Sconce Candle Holder Art
With the use of driftwood- which can be found on the shores of the North Sea, in Scotland - it is worth giving the interior the nautical climate. Thanks to this candle holder, hanging on the wall - in a very natural form of branches - it will be possible.

Birch log votive light candle holder 1

Birch Log Votive Light Candle Holder
A great decoration for bringing warmth and coziness to indoor or enclosed outdoor areas. This lovely trio of small candle holders is crafted of hollowed Birch logs in natural finish, varying only in sizes.

Wooden cupcake stand candles holder

Large wood candle holders 13

Carved wooden candlesticks

An impressive combination of wood and candle motifs makes candle holders such a delightful detail. Beautiful birch trunks delight, and all are presented in an unusual manner creating an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere in the decor.

4 tiered log candle holder if my dad wants to

Large wood candle holders

Rustic candlesticks

Candle holder designed for mounting on the wall. It is mounted on wooden strip and fitted with screw holes. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Large birch bark log tea light candle

Large Birch Bark Log Tea Light Candle
I purchased three of these large birch bark log tea light candle holders for a romantic nook in my bedroom. But they are available in the five piece set too. Trust me, they are the best candle holders ever.

Cedar candle holders

With this exquisite set of 3 large candle holders your indoor or outdoor area will be sparkling with warm light and romantic atmosphere. Each piece is made of quality materials, beautifully crafted, and oozing with vintage elegance.

Short Stacked Plate Candle Holder

Short Stacked Plate Candle Holder
Functional candle holder designed using metal and wood to provide durable and great looking frame. Offers versatility and functionality of a standard candle holder and stylish looks of a designer item.

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Large wood candle holders 5

Carved wood candle holders

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Candle holders 4

Large wood candle holders 5

Stacked Plate Candle Holder

Stacked Plate Candle Holder
Perfect for generating ambient atmosphere, this Stacked Plate Candle Holder is characterized by a durable metal and wood design. With such professional holder you can easily accommodate up to 4-inch diameter pillar candle.

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Large mango wood candle holder mint blue rice dk

Fire crackers cover blocks of wood with your favorite scrapbooking

3 Piece Candle Holder Set VI

3 Piece Candle Holder Set VI

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