Large Storage Trunk Furniture

In case you are on the lookout for furniture that is both nice looking and functional, this is the place to be. Check out all the shapes, sizes, designs and other details of these storage trunk elements and feel free to pick your favourite option. As a matter of fact, you will not be the first person to do this.

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Large storage trunk furniture

Really creative things! Woos american flag decor. These decorative large storage boxes made from cool thick wood can be used as storage space in your kiddos room or as cool decoration in living rooms and bedrooms.

Large storage trunk furniture

This intriguing rustic piece of furnishing can serve just a ton of purposes. For example, it's basically a low-sitting table. And it conceals storage space inside. Like, for blankets. And it's decorative by itself. Cool!

Large storage trunk furniture

A magnificent storage trunk in an exotic style. It will be a wonderful decoration of your entry hall and the top is an extra seat. It features an antique, distressed finish with an ornamental front with red and golden accents.

Large storage trunk furniture 3
Large storage trunk furniture 2
Old world coffee tables 2

Bring Old World vibe to a home interior of your choice and also get some display and storage space: this large trunk table merges the advantages of a stylish coffee table and a storage furnishing. It's embellished with leather and crafted from wood.

Chest trunk furniture
American flag storage trunk
Storage trunk furniture

Mysterious chest-can store secrets,or linen and favorite pillows.When donned near the couch, it can serve as a wooden coffee table.Oak wood has not been deprived of its natural dimensions and in addition this old world trunk it has the original brass finish.

Large wooden trunk chest

A beautiful rectangular vinod trunk that will not only let you store some of your belongings safely but will prove immensely functional and stylish for when you want your interior to shine with elegance and vintage appeal.

Trunk furniture

Useful and decorative furniture that plays the role of a coffee table and storage trunk. Its rectangular top and walls include original carvings that increase its decorative value. This trunk offers some storage space.

Large storage trunk furniture
Large storage trunk furniture

Simply genius! Wicker trunk on wheels! Mobile coffee table/storage for lazy locators. Cool thing, made fully from rattan wood and dark iron lockers. It has small wheels to make it easy to relocate it.

Large storage trunk furniture 1

This large storage trunk catches the attention with its impressive American flag, visible at the first sight. Solid and sustainable, it will provide high-quality storage space for all your treasures.

Extra large storage trunk 1

Add some extra storage space into the house thanks to this large storage trunk furniture. Its wooden construction is simple, so it will match any type of home decor. The trunk includes solid and attractive metal elements.

Coffee trunk table

An attractive rustic coffee table featuring horseshoes along bottom edges and a lift top hiding a storage compartment. The table is of solid pinewood finished with honey-colour wax. Hardware is forged of iron with a distressed rust-colour finish.

Large square coffee table dark wood

The square fitting wooden chest in rustic style. A great solution for your garden place to store some utensils like blankets or plush sittings for the rattan chairs. In the meantime it also could be a coffee table.

End of bed storage

A large storage chest, that can be used as the garden, yard, bedroom, kids room and drawing room. Everything depends of your needs. The wooden construction and light blue color brings a fresh accent to any home.

Large storage trunk furniture
Wood and wrought iron coffee table

This handcrafted chest in rustic design is a beautiful solution for any exceptional decor. It can perform functions from storage to table, so you can use it as you like. The whole is beautifully finished, robust and lasting.

Bronte trunk large in white wash
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Large storage trunk furniture
Home furniture storage safari cane trunk large
Wicker leather and rope stiles brothers gondola baskets from a
Large storage trunk furniture 10
Large wooden blanket chest
Korean bandaji this is actually a blanket chest the front
Large storage trunk furniture 2
End of the bed storage chest

This amazing coffee table sports a versatile look with its amazing design and can be easily treated as a piece for the end of your bed, letting you store your duvets and covers or simply invite your friends for a nice cup of coffee.

Large storage trunk furniture 1

A perfect choice for an original coffee table - this steamer trunk Italian chest sports a design straight out of 1920-1930s and will help you create a lovely and charming atmosphere in your interior, while making for a wonderful centerpiece of any living room.

Tall storage trunk

It is a table that brings a little touch of an Asian design into the house. This cocktail table features an opened top and a quite large storage space. It is made of pine veneer and MDF so the solidity meets very strict requirements.

Large Steel Storage Trunk

Large Steel Storage Trunk
It is a large metal box for storing various items. It is very roomy, practical, and at the same time very safe. This way you can use it to store the important and precious items. It is perfect for a transport.

Spacious storage trunk boasting quite fancy style - it will be great to enhance vintage decor. It features a key lock, some metal hardware in gold, paper lining and soft leather handles. It may serve as a small coffee table.

Damask Storage Trunk

Damask Storage Trunk

Storage Trunk Table

Storage Trunk Table

Storage Trunk

Storage Trunk

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This beautiful large solid mango trunk with its ample inner
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Large rustic storage trunk handmade from reclaimed timber
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Extra rustic and gnarly log materials
Decorative Wood Leather Treasure Box - Small Trunk Chest

This decorative wood and leather treasure box will take you back to days of old time with its traditional design. It offers the extra storage, while helping you bring back old memories and create new ones.

Gold Rush Steamer Trunk Wood Storage Wooden Treasure Chest
Oriental Furniture 31-Inch Rush Grass Storage Chest

Handsome storage chest showcasing bulky form with rounded sides and a wrapping of natural rush grass that makes the whole attractive and distinctive. The piece stands on four short feet. The lid is wrapped in grass, too.