Large Square Wood Coffee Table

Square wood coffee tables shown on this site vary when it comes to different features, including their design, colour, size and other details. Such a wide range of choice makes it quite easy for anyone to pick the best one for themselves. And what will you say about these inspirations?

Rustic reclaimed wood large square

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Large Square
This large square coffee table embodies rustic charm and coziness. All thanks to its reclaimed wood as a base. Eco-friendly, made from barn wood, shall appeal to all, who look for solid, sustainable constructions.

Large quare wood coffee table with

Large Quare Wood Coffee Table With
Large, square, reclaimed wood coffee table with square steel legs. 17'' tall, 48'' long, 48'' wide. Ideal for big families or as super contrast furniture for minimalistic interiors. It has a lot of storage room right underneath.

Large square wood coffee table

A simple and minimalist coffee table that looks like an old, wooden pallete. It's made of top quality wood with smooth finish. It will suit rustic interiors or it can also serve as a patio or garden table.

Large solid wood coffee table

Coffee table made of wood. Square top has large usable surface. Natural accent for each home.

48 square coffee table

A huge, square coffee table in a floating style. It's a solid piece of furniture made of top quality wood that will serve you for long years. It's universal design and color make it an ideal choice for both modern and classy interiors.

Large square coffee table 18

Sit on your knees, or be in the position of yogis - and enjoy sake, or a cup of tea. Enjot it on the big square coffee table. It has the form of a great, huge wooden deed which is based directly on the ground, made of dark wood.

Solid pine living room furniture

The rustic style and beautiful pine finish make this tasteful coffee table in the living room an excellent choice. Simple form and bottom shelf for trinkets create a very functional furniture for any decor.

Reclaimed wood square coffee table

Coffee table in rustic style. It is completely made of wood. Base is fitted with capacious compartment for storing needed stuff. Square top has large usable surface. Elegant addition to each living room.

Large square coffee table dark wood

The square fitting wooden chest in rustic style. A great solution for your garden place to store some utensils like blankets or plush sittings for the rattan chairs. In the meantime it also could be a coffee table.

Solid wood square coffee table

Rustic wood coffee table idea. This large turned leg coffee table with built in reclaimed wood, squared shape could be either your new coffee table or become a part of your new garden furniture set. Very stable.

Large square rustic coffee table

Wood chest pesquisa google

All coffee tables civic centre square coffee table distressed

Large square wood coffee table

Large square wood coffee table

Large square wood coffee table 2

Large square wood coffee table

Large wood table

A simple rustic coffee table having a large rectilinear frame of mango hardwood with a dark brown stained finish. It has straight angular legs. Its bottom open shelf and top with simple aprons are square. A wide drawer has bottom edge pulls.

Large square wood coffee table

Large square shape coffee table made from dark wood. Ideal for small spaces, where you can add a set of small chairs or ottomans to make the room seem bigger. Its top is super large, as for the family of 8.

Solid Wood Square Storage Trunk Cocktail Coffee Table

Large reclaimed wood coffee table

This large coffee table is a great proposition for all, who like to gather company. A minimalistic combination of rustic iron and smooth mango wood will enhance your living space, regardless if you prefer classic or more modern decor.

Large square oak coffee table

Coffee tables 70

Square coffee table with storage large square coffee table with

Coffee table built from old pine our customer wanted a

Shaker coffee tables 1

This is a traditional American shaker coffee table, made of walnut wood, with a soft square shape. Two narrow drawers are located under the extended top. Low and comfortable - handmade by amish community.

Large square dark wood coffee table

A distinctive coffee table in a rectangular shape made from reclaimed floorboards in a Victorian style. The wood features all the natural imperfections and original signs, which makes it look really rustic and unique.

Wood storage trunk coffee table 3

Distressed wooden storage trunk, looks old - a vintage item can do lots of good to a decor style. Or one can refurbish it! This trunk might be used to store blankets and bedding, or it may double as coffee table, perhaps.

Old english pine furniture old english pine square leg coffee

Nesting Shaker Coffee Table Trio

If you are looking for classic and simple furniture, this set will be a great option. The oblong table and two smaller square shape can serve many practical functions. Made of solid ash wood.

Large square wood coffee table 1

Shaker Coffee Table

This lovely and very practical coffee table made with a base of sustainable and durable ash wood is excellent functional element to your living room or guest room. Beautifully finished will fit the mood of each style decor.

Shaker coffee tables 18

The ultrasimple wooden coffee table with the additional shelf below the countertop. This kind of simple furniture could be used in any interior, because the room's style could be built basing on the specific accessories.

Large square wood coffee table 12

Large square wood coffee table 4

Leick furniture shaker coffee table

Leick Furniture Shaker Coffee Table
Constructed from reclaimed medium oak wood, this coffee table's design retains the rustic warmth of raw wood for casual appeal. Shaker coffee table it's known as a compatible elegant element of any stylish living room.

Oval Tray Coffee Table

This is made of cherry wood coffee table / tray is perfect for the living room. Foaming finished is very functional and tasteful. Will add character to any interior. Oblique design provides stability and interesting look.

Coffee tables 382

Coffee Tables
To embrace such rustic, traditional inspiration - is how to get fresh air. Two drawers also increase the functionality of this wooden shaker coffee table. The structure is raised and the whole has a warm honeyed hue.

Rustic reclaimed wood large square coffee table by yonderyearsshop 4

Shaker Style Coffee Table Solid Wood Unfinished

A simple and durable design makes this piece a good choice for kitchens and living rooms. The Unfinished Coffee Table is crafted from solid wood, offering long lasting usage and easy to clean surface.

Shaker style coffee table

The lift top coffee table made of the mix of polished mahogany and oak. The storage under the countertop allows you to hide the board game you used to play with your kids. You can also put them on the shelf below, but please don't do the mess!

Large square wood coffee table 11

Shaker Coffee Table

This simple and very classic coffee table made of solid ash wood is the beautiful detail to every interior. Robust design allows you to use it in many ways and certainly will serve years.

Large square wood coffee table 10

Oval Tray Coffee Table Kit

If you like interesting solutions this a coffee table in the shape of a big tray is a great solution for your living room. Made of cherry wood, it is very stylish and durable. Interesting design of the base adds a character.

Large square wood coffee table 3

Nesting Shaker Coffee Table Trio

This simple and very practical set made of ash hardwood consists of an elongated table and two smaller square. They can perform many functions, and at the same time are very tasteful.

Large square coffee table wood home decorating ideas interior

Black square coffee table 2

As they said - beauty lies in simplicity. This piece of furniture is proof, that this sentence is true. This table is made of wood covered with black paint and it can be used as a coffee table or night table.

Black square coffee table 2

A truly classy piece that will instantly make any room appear much more elegant and sporting a refined look of sophistication - this coffee table comes with extra storage and sports the all-black finish to match your decor.