Large Small Animal Cage

Are all of this really cages? Some look almost like pieces of art so this collection might be of interest to different people. Your animals will surely like these cages, too. They might even feel some amount of luxury as there are different designs and sizes but they are all comfortable.

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Large small animal cage
Robinson Layla

If you're the owner of a hamster, you will love this wonderful hamster cage. It's made of glass, but the top section is constructed of wire mesh. It offers your pet a lot of space to play with a funny, miniature house and two ramps.

Country birdhouses for sale
Patterson Gracie

This lovely bird house is an ideal solution for all bird enthusiasts. If you only have some free surface that can be adapted for bird space, then do not hesitate and stop limiting yourself to cages.

Large small animal cage 13
Jacqueline Rogers

DIY Outdoor Rabbit Hutch | Newer Post Older Post Home

Large animal cage
Reed Jamie

If you're planning to raise rabbits, you should consider getting or building this functional outdoor cage. It consists of two long rows of cages that are divided into several sections. The cage is under a steel roof.

Large small animal cage 2

And while the most beautiful thing we can give to the person we love is freedom, sometimes wee need to take care of safety, for example of our animals. Large small animal cage is made of metal and aluminum, and it would be a great solution for a sugar gilder.

Large small animal cage 12

My cat tried this as a kitten, as well as, waking us to play at all hours of the night. What I did was get a large dog cage and put a small litter box on one end, a padded stool for him to sleep on on the other end, with water and a bit of dry food under

Large small animal cages
Christine Hayes

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Large 4-Level Small Animal Cage
Sanders Krystle

Large 4-Level Small Animal Cage

Large small animal cage 3
Erika Tho

Degu cage

Large small animal cage 20

For around $600 you can have this crazy critter who acts like a cat on crack! Wild and fast but fun loving. Will eat small animals/birds and does best with no other pets and older children. Likes outside time but should have a cage. Loves attention but wi

Corner cage for small pets
Mackenzie Poly

pictures of outdoor rabbit cages | Commercial Rabbit Cages | Commercial Rabbit Housing

Cages for small animals
Krystle Jam

Big wooden cage intended for small animals, especially for rodents. This spacious hutch give pets comfortable place for sleeping and space for fun. It is destined for every owner of rodents or pet shore.

Large small animal cage 1
Elizabeth Wood

If you are the owner of a few dogs, you will love the idea of this spacious kennel. It's a solid, roofed construction that is divided into a few sections so that each dog has its own entry. It is made of wood but the front of it is protected with a gause.

Large small animal cage 5
Cintia Kowalski

DIY cage idea: large box turned vertically (for limited space) and add different levels/platforms. Use some sort of varnish/sealant to protect wood from urine (make sure whatever is used is not going to be harmful to the rats!)

Extra large mouse cages
Carter Katherine

Simple animal class cage. Ideal for hamsters and mice. It has some funny elements reminding rollercoaster inside. And a tiny bowl of water for your pet. You can easily open the cage anytime it's needed .

Large small animal cage 10
Sara Turn

An extra large bird cage that features a meshed construction in a white color. The inside of the cage is characterized by meshed platforms where your bird can rest or play. The piece is equipped in wheels so you can easily move it around the house.

New Economical Extra Large 5 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Wire Cage For Small Animal or Bird *30"Length x 18"Depth x 55"Height With Removable Stand
Elizabeth Coupe

New Economical Extra Large 5 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Wire Cage For Small Animal or Bird *30"Length x 18"Depth x 55"Height With Removable Stand

Cage for animals
Abigail Wrightful

I don't own any birds but these beautiful custom aviaries make me want to adopt a few.

Large small animal cage
Carmen Kowalski

Large and Small Animal Cages: Our Custom Solution for Grooming Centers ...

Large small animal cage 17
Abigail Wrightful

Large Tank for Small Animals, e.g. Hamster Cage with Toys | eBay

Large animal cages

Another do-it-yourself cool idea! This time chinchilla pet cage. Could be either small or large size. It's totally fashioned from a secondhand armoire. Made from light, oak wood, doors with nets and drawers underneath for extra storage space.

How to build a small animal cage

A cool contemporary portable cage intended for small rabbits. It's made of wooden materials with a natural stained finish. It's 2-storeyed, equipped with a ramp, tunnels with arched entries and cubbies having round windows with cross-like inlays.

Glass cages for small animals
Ebony Gra

This animal cage shall attract bird enthusiasts. 3 level, equipped with 2 big doors, creates an accommodation for several birds. It has the overall dimensions of 30" x 18" x 72 H.

Large small animal cage
Allen Cynthia

Cheap small dog boarding (small cages are < 60$ each)

Small animal small animal cages habitats small animal cages
Monica Gree

Small Animal › Small Animal Cages & Habitats › Small Animal Cages ...

Cages for cats

This construction is an indoor cage for different pets. It features a fence and entrance. The whole space is quite large, so it provides good living conditions for animals. Its wooden frame is very solid.

Extra large ferret cage
Robinson Layla

A fantastic, large cage for a small animal like chinchilla. It will keep your animal active as it has plenty of playful gadgets. There is also a simple box where your animal can rest. All the elements are made of wood.

Large small animal cage 9

Hagen Living World X-Large Deluxe Pet Habitat. This is the cage that I'm getting for my future bunny. Sadly I wanted to make a rabbit cage out of c cubes(storage cubes) but my mom said no. :(

Large small animal cage 18

Once you've used a Repta-Leash, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. The Repta-Leash is the ultimate in security, safety and comfort for lizards of all ages and sizes. Each leash has 6' adjustable lead. Available in XXSmall, XSmall, Small, Medium

Living World X Large Deluxe Small Animal Cage
Mendes Natasha

Living World X Large Deluxe Small Animal Cage
It is a deluxe animal cage that is perfect for Chinchilla, Guinea pig and rabbit. It has got a solid construction, hay feeder and water bottle and is made of acrylic and plastic. This product is a high quality.

Large small animal cage 1
Valerie Roberts

Rabbit Guinea Pig Cage

Cheap small animal cages

Dersom man sår gress i flere slike beholdere/kasser, kan man bytte ut denne med en annen når kaninene har spist opp gresset i denne

Jumbo Small Animal Cage
Laetitia Zernike

Jumbo Small Animal Cage
Small animal cage. This protective cage will be a perfect area to stay in for your pet. The cage features casters for easy movement, a deep plastic pan, 2 large doors and 90 day warranty. Made from durable tubular steel and finished in brown.

Fancy dog crates furniture
Sarah Mor

A creative idea to keep your beloved dog close to you, while sleeping. This dog bed is built-in underneath the real bed, and has its own lighting system, and a steel frame with square door for easy access.

Large cages for small animals
Ebony Lewis

Dog bed in elegant form. Frame is made of wood and fitted with canopy. Dedicated to small pets. Stylish addition to each room as needed.

Used small animal cages

Large cages give your animals the freedom and space they like, providing better possibilities for phyiscal activity. The multiplicty of different bunkers, bridges and other attractions will entertain them for long hours,

Super Pet Pet-N-Playpen for Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Ferret

Super Pet Pet-N-Playpen for Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Ferret

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Prevue small pet cage for rats chinchillas and small ferrets
Courtney Coo

Prevue Small Pet Cage for Rats, Chinchillas and Small Ferrets - Model ...

Small animal cages
Kimberly Cox

Small Animal Cages

Small Animal Cage
Vanessa Jac

Small Animal Cage
This solid, larga cage is suitable for small animals, like rats or chinchillas and features solid casters and large front door for easy access. It was crafted from a durable metal, with a powder-coated finish.

Midwest Homes for Pets 36 inches long by 23.5 inches wide by 50.5 inches high Cat Playpen
Alexandra Taylor

Safe and comfortable cat cage, which protects it when it have to stay for a while in unsafe environment. Large swing-open front doors with secure door latches provide easy access to your cat and easy cleaning of the cats litter box.

YML 4-Level Small Animal Chichilla Cat Ferret Cage, Black

YML 4-Level Small Animal Chichilla Cat Ferret Cage, Black

Large rabbit cage
Patterson Lauren

Large Rabbit Cage -

Large pet small animal chinchilla rat guinea rabbit hammock ferret
Esther Smith

Large Pet Small Animal Chinchilla Rat Guinea Rabbit Hammock Ferret Sugar Cage -

Cheap animal cages 33

DIY Rabbit / Bunny Cage for cheap | Nothing But Country

A e cage company large 4 level small animal cage

A&E Cage Company Large 4 Level Small Animal Cage on Casters

Chew Proof High Rise Small Animal Cage
Bianca Weberable

Chew Proof High Rise Small Animal Cage

New dragon and fun patterns for small hammock for cage
Erica Nelson

NEW Dragon and Fun Patterns for SMALL HAMMOCK for Cage or Tank Made from Decorative Cotton on Etsy, $13.95

Dog crate to dream bunny cage
Isabella Martinable

Dog Crate to Dream Bunny Cage