Large Sculptures Home Decor

Do you think that such sculptures and elements would make for a nice addition to your house? If that is the case, why not browse through the designs, shapes, sizes and colours that we have prepared for people like you? We can assure you that you will not be the first person to choose these models.

Large wooden angel wings wall sculpture

Large Wooden Angel Wings Wall Sculpture
I really like these DIY, handmade angel wings with a very rustic, primitive design and an austere coating of paint. Great for a wall-mounted decoration for a more industrial, rough living room design. Very unique.

Large sculptures home decor 10

Charming and beautiful - this large Ganesh statue is a beautiful option for everyone, who is just looking for a bit of uniqueness and would like their interior to be spiritual and colorful. It sports the mosaic finish and looks truly breathtaking.

Large uruguay amethyst quartz crystal

Large Uruguay Amethyst Quartz Crystal
Large sculpture dedicated to decorate night table or table in the dining-room. It is made of little crystals and it is stylised on amethyst. It is inserted on circle irregular base made of lacquered wood.

Large sculptures home decor 1

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Pink shabby chic wings wood wall

Pink Shabby Chic Wings Wood Wall
A wonderful sculpture that depicts the wings of an angel. The piece was crafted with great precision and attention to details. It features a light pink color with a golden, distressed finish, which creates a cool, shabby look.

Wooden angel wings wall decor

nice idea for wall flower sculpture for a home or office

Angel wings large wood carved wall

Angel Wings Large Wood Carved Wall
Welcome an angel accent in your life by simply adding large wood carved wall sculpture shaped as angels wings to your interior. Thanks to distressed finish, this unique sculpture brings a shabby chic accent to its surroundings.

Large sculptures home decor 1

There is an adundance of craft tutorials for the home...but what about the garden? Well if you fancy adding individuality to your outdoor space,...

Large sculptures home decor

White Ceramic Hands Dish

Large carved wooden angel wings

foyer in grey with sculptures in white & large architectural painting or photo

Large sculptures home decor 19

Off white distressed wings wooden wall

Large sculptures home decor 2

Angel wings large wood metal carved wall sculpture french decor pink shabby chic hanging accents home decor Anita Spero. $180,00,

Sculpture home decor

- Foyer Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2014 on HGTV Love this piece of ancient wood used as art.

Rodney Large Sculpture

Rodney Large Sculpture

Large sculptures home decor 1

Large Flame Sculpture

Large brass abstract himmeli no 1 wall 1

Large Brass Abstract Himmeli No 1 Wall
Such a beautiful, very modern setup for a corner in a contemporary, mid-century living room. The brass wall decoration gives the room a nice touch, and the smooth, white side table is a great finishing touch.

New mosaic glass seahorse sculpture candle holder home decor coastal

New Mosaic Glass Seahorse Sculpture Candle Holder Home Decor Coastal Accent Art
Home decor sculpture that decorates indoors. This seahorse candle holder is a very interesting element that brings stylish coastal design into the house. Its round, flat top provides support for a candle and its square base assures stability for the whole element.

Modern sculptures for home

Large Brass Abstract Himmeli no. 1 / Wall Sculpture / by HRUSKAA

Wire tree of life ancient spirit

Wire Tree Of Life Ancient Spirit
Sculpture that increases attractiveness of any home design. This handmade wire tree features a durable and attractive copper wire and metal construction with multicolor minerals in its lower part. This decoration uses no adhesives.

Home decor sculptures 8

Small, but beautiful sculptural spheres made of clear vinyl tubing, pliable wire and gold spray paint. These lightweight elements are durable and they can create stylish and decorative accents in any room.

Home decor sculptures 7

Such an amazing little detail, great for any and all architectural styles! A cute little angel statuette mounted on a corner of your door, bound to spice up any room with its beautiful, unique design.

Home decor sculptures 3

Original sculpture made of high quality stone. Designed for mounting on the wall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Metal wall art large nautical compass rose metal wall art

... Metal Wall Art / Large nautical compass rose metal wall art home decor

Home decor sculptures 5

An extraordinary garden decoration made of twigs. it's a massive wooden construction with a large circle in the centre. It can be used as a unique storage space or it can serve as a cover for a grill or fireplace spot.

Large statues for home

"Large Water Jar" Wood Vessel Created by Joel Hunnicutt. A free-flowing form in wood. Large, hollow turned vessel of dyed maple, finished with high-gloss lacquer for a smooth, glass-like surface

Palm Trees of Life Metal Wall Art Sculpture Home Decor Decoration 38"w, 25"h

Wall art in the form of palm tree. It is completely made of metal. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and modern design.

Large wooden wings wall sculpture rusty metal by anitasperodesign 189

Large wooden wings wall sculpture rusty metal by AnitaSperoDesign, $189.00

Large sculptures home decor

Modern Framed Home Decor Wall Art Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas ...

Horse Table Decor Statue

Horse Table Decor Statue
It is a horse décor table statue that is made of polyresin and has got a brown finish. If you looking for a fantastic decoration and accent piece for your living room, you need to choose this one.

Full size rocking horse

Large wood horse hand painted gray white rusty wheels French Nordic inspired wooden sculpture Anita Spero on Etsy, $270.00

Large wood angel wings wall sculpture

Large Wood Angel Wings Wall Sculpture
Home decoration of a very unique and original character. This large wooden sculpture in the form of angel wings features some metallic pewter accents. These wings look very original in many kinds of indoors.

Faux taxidermy full size wolf head wall

Faux Taxidermy Full Size Wolf Head Wall
Crafted with attention to slightest details, this lovely sculpture brings wildlife straight into your cozy home. Designed of durable material, the decoration is shaped like a wolf's head, bathed in an off-white finish.

Large sculptures home decor 15

A Beach House in Bahia,with cool global textiles & sculptures. Elle Decor, photo Simon Upton

Sculptures for home decor 8

A charming traditional home decor to mount on walls and door frames corners. It's sculptured of artificial stone in white and delicate beige tones. It has the form of a beautiful rich detailed angel having large wings and wearing a long robe.

Sculptures for home decor 29

Wall sconce with dragon theme. Round lampshade is made of glass and gives warm tone of light. Sophisticated addition for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Sculptures for home decor

What you can see in this project is: the inspiration of nature, the cerebral process of design,and the love for metals. That's why this 3 panels of sculpture for home decor are so intresting. Animal motifs, copper and gold colors and wavy carving of the metal.

Medieval gargoyle sculpture home garden downspout gutter guardian outdoor decor

Medieval Gargoyle Sculpture Home Garden Downspout Gutter Guardian Outdoor Decor
An amazing gargoyle gutter spout that will make any garden feel much more stylish and charming and thanks to its strong structure it is a sure choice for all those, who value durability for years to come.

Large Rooster Statue

Large Rooster Statue

Classic Home Golfer Figurine

Classic Home Golfer Figurine
If you like funny figurines, this charming figure of golfer is the perfect choice for you. Funny details, beautifully crafted and precisely reproduced captivate details. It can be a perfect gift.

Home decor statue

A wonderful large traditional patio planter manufactured of ceramic materials. It flares upwards, is encrusted with size-varied irregular colourful tiles on sides and with small beads along a top edge.

Seashell Glass Bottles (Set of 6)

Seashell Glass Bottles (Set of 6)
This is a set of six small, ornate bottles, perfect for storage spices or just being a decorative addition. Every bottle is made of solid, thick, white glass and has attached a sea shell to the cork plug.

Large sculptures for the home 4

Nobody dictates simple table lamps - but one must admit that these large sculptures for the home decor -natural, in the form of large and small stones, they are truly phenomenal. Warm natural light is extracted from the interior with ordinary light bulbs.

Metal Wall Art, Modern Home Decor, Abstract Artwork Sculpture- Echo 3 Blues

Contemporary abstract metal wall art. Large sculptural wall art for modern decor. Constructed entirely of aluminium, hand sanded and stylishly textured. Pictures abstract waves pattern in three tones of blue.

Colorful Abstract 3 Dimensional Metal Wall Art

This well-made abstract ornament on the wall, is the robust performance of the metal combined with the color-details. Beautiful colorful design impresses and gives the interior unconventional character.

Ceramic Trio Elephant Home Decor Figurine

Ceramic Trio Elephant Home Decor Figurine
Decorative figurine depicting a trio of happy elephants with their trunks elevated - that's for luck. The figurine features minimalist design and silver finish. It combines traditional oriental motif with modern looks.

Home sculpture decor

Fairy Door Set consisting of Large Dragon by FairybehindtheDoor, $29.99

Kindwer Aluminum Letter

Kindwer Aluminum Letter
This aluminum letter will prove to be a superb way of making your room feel more welcoming and complete in its decor. The piece is handmade with meticulous care and offers a sleek and modern-looking silver finish.

Gia Large Sculpture

Gia Large Sculpture
This is made of iron a large sculpture in the shape of a wishbone unconventional decorative detail your interior. It gives the interior a specific, sophisticated character, and at the same impresses with its simplicity.

Large Quail Figurine

Large Quail Figurine
This stylish figurine depicting a large quail is a wonderful festive table decoration and more. Perfectly mapped form of bird captivates details and looks phenomenal. Perfect for fans of birds.

King Arthur's Chalice Gothic Decorative Grail

King Arthur's Chalice Gothic Decorative Grail
Decorative King Arthur's Chalice constructed from high quality designer resin with metallic gold finish and featuring hand finish and painting. The chalice is a great addition for interiors furnished in antique style.