Large Rectangular Wall Mirrors

Would you like to make a small apartment look a little bigger? Large rectangular wall mirrors are by far the most effective way of creating the illusion of space, especially when installed behind the source of light or opposite the window. Reflective surfaces can trick the eye and make a cramped room seem much more spacious than it really is.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 1

This rectangular wall mirrors with leather straps constitute a marvelous example of modern design. Stylish and elegant, yet preserving the simple form, will embellish every modern interior.

Large rectangular wall mirrors

A breathtaking collection of wall mirrors in different sizes. Each of them features a highly decorative frame with beautiful, curved accents. The frames come in a pure black, matte ivory, and glossy silver shade.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 5

Wonderful with its lavish and beautiful design, this wall mirror sports the silver crested look and ornate finishes of the frame, making it truly look like the piece suited for any elegant decor with its class.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 2

WHat a cool idea! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SOMETHIG LIKE THIS? This large rectangular decorational 'pebbles' venetian wall mirror with gold frame edging looks super artistic. Cool rectangular shapes. We love it.

Kensington pivot rectangular mirror

Large wall-mounted mirror in a rectangular shape. Its solid metal frame is resistant to damage or wear and it offers a very attractive and shiny finish, so this mirror is not only practical, but it also decorates bathrooms or other indoors.

Le huge mirrors

Large rectangular mirrors

French 1940s large rectangular mirror from a unique collection of

Modern rectangular wall mirror

Oblong kitchen tables 11

Large rectangular wall mirrors 21

Sullivan leather rectangular ottoman 2

Sullivan Leather Rectangular Ottoman
A rectangular ottoman that will update any living room stylization. It stands on solid wooden legs and its top area is covered with aniline-dyed, top-grain leather that makes this ottoman look natural and stylish.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 10

Muro Rectangular Wall Mirror

Muro Rectangular Wall Mirror
This stylish and modern wall mirror would be a perfect option for every kind of bedroom or bathroom. Check it out and enjoy the unique design together with an extraordinary functionality and a great quality.

Maggie Rectangular Wall Mirror

Maggie Rectangular Wall Mirror
This simple and elegant wall mirror is gonna provide you not only the highest functionality, but also an awesome design! If you're a fan of classical solutions, this item would be a perfect match for you.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 4

Large rectangular wall mirrors 8

Yasmine Wall Mirror

Yasmine Wall Mirror

Kensington mirror 5

Kensington Mirror
This pivot rectangular mirror is a sublime choice for bathrooms with its thick-plated beveled design in aluminum for unrivaled strength and the sturdy wall brackets that allow it to tilt and stay put at the perfect angle.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 8

Shinto Wall Mirror

Shinto Wall Mirror

Large rectangular wall mirrors 1

Extra large vanity mirrors

Long rectangular mirrors

Large rectangular mirror enclosed in a tiered wooden frame - may be hanged on a wall or, due to an oversized form, leaned against it. Striking antique gold finish is delightfully accentuated with bronze highlights.

Large rectangular wall mirrors

Large rectangular wall mirrors 6

Large rectangular mirrors for walls

Futuristic in its shape, resembling the best features of the minimalistic, contemporary design, this rectangular curved frame wall mirror will fit into almost every kind of modern interiors.

Large rectangular mirrors for walls 16

A simple aesthetic large classic wall mirror manufactured of bevelled glass. It has a rather narrow rectangular frame of wood with a natural finish. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Large rectangular mirrors for walls 1

Rectangular mirror mounted on wooden frame with silver finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Great addition to the living room, bedroom, bathroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Large rectangular mirror wall hanging with traditional multicolored metal frame

Large Rectangular Mirror Wall Hanging With Traditional Multicolored Metal Frame
Traditional hanging mirror in rectangular shape. This element of home design includes a multicolor metal frame with some decorative accents. This mirror decorates indoors and also plays functional roles in any house.

Large rectangular mirrors 7

Rectangular mirror mounted on wooden frame and finished with sophisticated pattern. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Elegant and functional accent for each room.

Large rectangular mirrors 3

A beautiful large wall mirror of quality bevelled glass. It has an admirable rectangular frame adorned with hatching and charming intricate floral motifs and scrolls. The frame is made of metal with an antiqued silvery finish.

Rectangular Mirror

Rectangular Mirror
Fine rectangular mirror in relatively thin metal frame, mounted to a wall on two decorative bulky handles. It features a simple design, yet it lends an elegant accent to an interior, suiting many styles and wall colors.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 5

Florentine Rectangular Wall Mirror

Florentine Rectangular Wall Mirror
Contemporary wall mirror framed in glamorous gold, with crossing lines accent to add an enticing art deco inspired vibe to its look. It works well with almost any wall color. It is equipped with hanging brackets on its back.

Enola Wall Mirror

Enola Wall Mirror
Graceful traditional mirror which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Its huge rectangular frame is made of metal with a subtly distressed black finish. Its surface is of tempered glass.

Jovie Jane Silver Wide Wall Mirror

Jovie Jane Silver Wide Wall Mirror
This is a very nice, decorative and very interesting mirror. It's simple and rectangular. There are not too many decorations, which makes it very minimalist. Thanks that it fits perfectly into modern interiors.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 7

Large hanging mirror 4

This knock-off mirror sports a design that will fit almost any decor option possible. It comes with the metal frame for the fifteen smaller windows and adds a certain amount of vintage appeal to your household.

Large hanging mirror 5

A large hanging mirror over the fireplace can occur the best pick to display all the collectibles set on the mantel. Besides, the interior will look visually bigger. White mirror frame tying with the mantel also enhances the feel of spaciousness.

Bevel mirror 2

Bevel Mirror
It is a product that plays a functional and decorative role. This is a mirror made of solid and attractive glass. Its construction is resistant to damage and the size of its largest version is 30" wide x 2.25" deep x 42" high.

Large hanging mirror

Simple but elegant large traditional wall-mounted mirrors of quality bevelled glass. They have rectangular wooden frames finished in dark brown. Frames feature significantly wider top and bottom edges.

Large hanging mirror 11

Rectangular mirror designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is decorated with elegant ornamentation. Possibility of vertical or horizontal orientation. Traditional form and timeless style for each home.

Round large mirrors

A stunning captain's mirror that is just the most suitable and simple yet elegant choice for your interior. Thanks to the neutral looks it will work wonders for your bathroom or even the entryway.

Deluxe Shave Well Fog-Free Shower Mirror - #1 Selling Shower Mirror on - 33% Larger Than Our Original Shave Well Mirror

You will love this mirror. No more scratches or wounds after shaving! The mirror eliminates fog and you can be sure that the spitting image of yourself that you will see will be clean and allow you to manage your razor.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 1

Emberlynn Wall Mirror

Emberlynn Wall Mirror
It is very elegant and extremely stylish mirror. It is surrounded by a silver frame which blends as if in a mirror forming a whole with it. It is very nice, delicate, elegant. It is not only practical but also decorative.

Large rectangular wall mirrors 14

Large rectangular mirrored tray 1

Maybe dining roomlarge 49 silver metal rectangular beveled wall mirror