Large Mirror Stand

Do you want to have something like this at home? If you think that this could be it, don’t hesitate to browse through all of these shapes, sizes, colours and designs. All of them have some charm and all are quite functional. You don’t have to rush with making the final choice.

Morgan Marthy Interior Design Expert
Mirror and stand
Tiffany Bail

This DIY project shows how easily and inexpensively you can create your own wooden frame for a large floor mirror. Bright wooden finish will fit smoothly into contemporary, cool and clean decors.

Large mirror stand
Wilson Gabrielle

This trevi mirror stand shall fit perfectly well into contemporary decors. Its simplistic design, featuring chrome holder embodies well the smooth minimalism of modern furniture.

Large mirror stand 2

This photo presents you definitely advantages of standing large mirror. In a wooden frame, not only that increases the interior, beautifies them, it gives you the opportunity to look from head to toe.

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Large mirror stand

A wonderful and elegant large standing mirror. It has a rectangular wooden frame with wide edges. The frame is padded and has upholstery of quality white leather featuring an intricate button tufting.

Stand for large mirror
Mega Leahbrown

A blank wall can only take advantage of a large floor standing mirror in a crisp simple frame. There are easy DIY ideas to make such a thick dark brown mirror frame with floor stand at almost no cost.

Large mirror stand

With such a magnificent piece your master bedroom will be radiating with vintage loveliness. The floor stand mirror is embedded in a sturdy wood frame, beautifully hand-carved and hand-painted. It should be leaned against a wall for stability.

Diy floor mirror stand
Bianca Noorda

Dark framed wall leaning mirror, particularly large, it can reflect your whole silhouette. Large mirrors are recommended for smaller spaces to make them appear roomier. Black frame represents versatile style.

Large mirror stand

Large and beautifully framed mirror in the impressive frame is a beautiful accent to interior design. Its slim design, nice frame, and versatile form make it perfect for a wardrobe or bedroom.

Mirror with stand
Julia Lambertify

Emanating with natural elegance and intricate design, this marvelous, standing mirror will transform your bedroom into a magical forest. Its large frame is made of thick pieces of wood, making the whole very appealing and long-lasting.

Mirror on a stand
Holly Kelly

Large mirror stand for living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need. It is mounted on gloss finish frame. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and elegant design.

Mirror on stand
Bianca Noorda

Put some natural accents into your master bedroom with this amazing floor stand mirror. Its rectangle shape is embedded in a thick wood frame in a distressed finish, giving you a very durable accessory for your country decor.

Mirror stands

This element provides style and functionality into the house. Its durable frame is finished in a neutral color and it includes some decorative carvings. This mirror is a large and rectangular element that is functional and decorates indoors.

Mirror stand
Tara Zucker

The slim frame of this impressive floor mirror makes the whole look exceptional. The large form delights with details and makes the interior take on style and character. Beautiful wooden frame admires.

How to make a floor mirror frame
Diana Rami

It is a new fashion - instead of hanging objects on the walls, nonchalantly leave them on the ground. Large mirror will fill your space and add artistic character to your room. With wide, decorated dark wenge wood frame you can look at yourself the whole day!

Large arched mirror
Brittany Walk

Complement your bedroom with this astonishing mirror in shape of an arched window. The slender wood frame divides the whole mirror into smaller panels, creating an illusion of having another room on the other side.

Full length mirror leaning against wall
Laetitia Zernike

A large mirror like this one is just the perfect addition to any bedroom, making it much easier to get ready in the mornings and allowing you to add not only the practical appeal to the space but also some style coming from its silver frame with a white trim.

Larger view 175
Phillips Krystle

Larger View

Large mirror stand

This large mirror stand can be a funky addition to anyone's bedroom. Freestanding, Cheval mirror enchants with its colourful, patchwork motives, which cover the solid, wooden base.

Mirror adds a touch of elegance in the home this
Elizabeth Gonz

mirror adds a touch of elegance in the home this double sided mirror ...

How to frame a standing mirror
Peyton Marthy

To add some class to your apartment - you can do it by the large flor length mirror. In ancient times they were then made of polished metal-mainly from copper or silver. Here we have a reference to this in the form of a rectangular thick silver vintage frame.

Hangman Heavy-Duty Mirror and Picture Hanger with Walldog Anchorless Screws - Aluminum (HM-18D)
Lauren Coleman

Thanks to this 6-inch Heavy Duty Hangman Mirror and Picture Hanger, you will be able to quickly and easily hang up to 200-pound mirrors and pictures. Heavy-duty aluminum brackets, level included.

Large mirror stand 1

Apparently, Archimedes in a fight during Syracuse (today Sicily) used a new invention-a mirror, as a weapon. Today, each of us can have such a standing large mirror in a wooden pine frame in her home.Do not use it as a weapon, but a functional decoration.

Large mirror stand 1

Being a good proposition for all, who like the glamour or empire decors, this black dressing table set will be a perfect way to start your day with class. You'll get enchanted with the ornate, curved silhouettes and intricate details.

Large mirror on stand
Tara Gosselin

Expand the space visually with a smart use of large mirror. Here a gold frame floor mirror was used to additionally show off a nice apple green three-legged console table with an artwork displayed on it.

The simplicity of some things appeals especially on days when
Susan Mill

the simplicity of some things appeals, especially on days when my own home is untidy

Country Large Mirror

Country Large Mirror

Mirror on stand floor


Large mirror stand
Carmen Kowalski

I would put this in Penny's bedroom...when we have a mansion of course.

Windsor Large Floor Mirror
Craven Rachel

Windsor Large Floor Mirror
It is a large floor mirror. Its height allows it to browse in it entirely, you can watch the whole figure. At the same time, it may represent a specific decoration with an attractive frame surrounding a pane.

Floor mirror stand

Thanks to this large mirror stand, you are getting a stylish accessory for contemporary bedrooms that sparkle with old-fashioned accents. The mirror's frame is crafted of hardwood and covered in a distressed espresso finish.

Long mirror on stand

.beautiful bedroom, large mirror, free standing bath tub, white painted floor boards

Large mirror lean against wall

This large wide white frame mirror would suit almost every interior decoration. Mirrors are the timeless and stylish element of home equipment that is not only fashionable addition but must-have item for anyone.

Large mirror stand
Andrea Powell

Place a large standing mirror behind a nightstand to reflect the lamp's light and make the room look bigger #bedroom

Floor mirror with stand
Carmen Kowalski

Large mirror mounted on carefully carving base with gold finish. It is decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant addition in the French style for all kinds of interiors.

Tall mirror stand
Mackenzie Poly

standing mirror>>>>>> i so want this for our bedroom. Love it!

Large floor standing mirror
Elizabeth Coupe

LOVE the mirror. You could totally make something simliar. Pick up a cheap long mirror. Add your own wood around it. Paint it white.

Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Amoire W Stand Mirror Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets
Angela Pric

If you are looking for an inconspicuous place on your jewelry are wooden mirror will be a perfect solution. Inside, it contains the capacious casket on numerous trinkets.

Good idea for a shared girls room
Stone Caroline

good idea for a shared girls room

Large cream rectangular carved full length leaner floor standing 2
Martin Ashley

Large Cream Rectangular Carved Full Length Leaner / Floor Standing ...

Floor mirror stand wood
Bianca Weberable

on the hunt for this gold mirror…ASAP

I long free standing mirror

I long free standing mirror

Large mirror stand
Thompson Alyssa

Love the ornate detail on this grand mirror

Antiqued mirror tiles make an amazing and luxurious statement wall

Antiqued mirror tiles make an amazing and luxurious statement wall in a bathroom. The beautiful tub and chandelier don't hurt either.

Floor mirror ikea
Mega Leahbrown

This large and beautifully framed mirror is a stylish detail that help you to change the interior. It allows bringing freshness and optically additional space creating a unique atmosphere. Perfect mirror for a bedroom or dressing room.

Lovin this ornate mirror giant rosaries

Lovin' this ornate mirror & giant rosaries.

Hidden behind this beveled glass standing mirror is a large
Jackson Melissa

Hidden behind this beveled-glass standing mirror is a large compartment where you can store small treasures or valuables.

Foyer table and mirror set 1
Mackenzie Milani

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Head West Easel Espresso Floor Mirror, 18 by 64-Inch
Foster Angela

It is an Easel Floor Mirror that has got an espresso finish. It can be moved throughout the home and it is perfect for a dressing mirror. It measures 1 inches by 18 inches by 64 inches.

Stand for large mirror
Alyssa Wilsonify

vintage trunk vanity // trunk dresser, large mirror, lucite chairs, ghost chairs, bar cart, liquor, old trunk, tassel