Large Metal Clock

A wall clock doesn't have to be only useful. It can be a great decoration accent especially if you choose a large metal clock. Browse below and choose a product which will enliven the space with a good design and some peaceful tick-tock.

Extra large distressed white metal roman numeral clock

Extra Large Distressed White Metal Roman Numeral Clock
A stunning numeral clock that will make simply any interior shine with class and charm - this piece offers more than enough of functional use and is more than suitable for your vintage styled household.

Large metal clock 5

An impressive giant round wall clock made of metal with a worn finish and well visible traces of rust. It has an analogue dial in off-white. A rim, minute dots and large Roman numerals are black. Decorative hands are heavily rust.

Big metal clock

This big rustic clock tells the time while you rejoice your drink with friends. Perhaps its decorous hallmarks are even more welcome than its practical features! It's very large - centering the design to the home bar - and it softens the industrial vibe of this interior.

Large metal clock 2

Antique death notice. This old-fashioned element has frame made of work-out brass. Glass clepsydra has a very graceful shape. This death notice can be used as a stylish decoration or vintage egg timer.

Large metal clock 3

Giant wall clock in classic form. Shield is made of metal. It is fitted with Roman numeral and quartz movement. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Large metal clock 1

Giant wall clock with antique finish. Shield is made of wood. It is fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. Elegant accent for each place.

Large metal clock 10

A chic French cottage style battery powered wall clock featuring a large round openwork frame adorned with 2 rows of scrolls. It has a round glazed dial in worn creamy tones with a round metal casing. Roman numerals and arrow-like hands are black.

Metal Clock

Metal Clock
I couldn't probably imagine a better combination of vintage style and feminine accents. This unique metal clock features attractively distressed finish, old world inspired hands, rose motif and a calendar pattern below the clock's face.

Large metal clock

Large metal clock 6

Large metal clock 7

Large metal clock 16

Large metal clock 28

Large metal clockface with new hands made from old zinc

Stylish large wall clocks fun fashionable home accessories and decor

Large metal clock 6

Large metal clock 13

Large metal clock 7

Large metal clock 32

Large metal clock 4

Large metal clock 22

Large metal clock 12

Oversized 24" Metal Wall Clock

Oversized 24" Metal Wall Clock

Large metal clock 9

Large metal clock 8

Large metal clock 26

Large metal clock 2

Large metal clock 8

Large metal clock 11

Large metal clock 23

We have a clock very similar to this large metal

A vigniette idea for my farmhouse door

Large metal clock 24

Wrought iron clock 2

Large metal clock 25

Large metal clock 27

Large metal wrought iron hampton wall clock french provincial rustic

Large Metal Wrought Iron Hampton Wall Clock French Provincial Rustic Bronze New

Large metal clock 29

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Large antique finish metal clock from

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Large metal clock 30

Large iron clock rusted metal source

Large metal clock 31

Large Metal Contemporary Wall Clock

Cut out numeral clock in brown

23 large colored industrial style wooden metal wall clock iron

Large rusty gears iron metal wall clock modern gallery

Large metal clock 33