Large Indoor Planters

Here’s a collection of large indoor planters, some of them DIY’s, like the ones made of concrete mix or the painted tin cans. So much fun to make, and you can upcycle so many apparently useless objects. I also love the examples of indoor vertical gardens. As a compulsive plant lover, I can’t imagine a more fascinating wall art than that.

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Indoor decorative planters
Wilson Gabrielle

Elegant, white planter. Great for modern and contemporary houses. It has a small wooden addition at the bottom, to make sure your floor doesn’t get damaged. Matte white goes great with the colour of the wall and floor.

Large indoor planters 2

The Large indoor planter is an excellent way to have an original plant display at home. The stylish circular flower pot is solid, and the white finish adds to its lightness. The whole looks great in every modern decor.

Large indoor planters 1

Createrd for indoor use, this beautiful planter can also be used as a large, decorative bowl. The whole is characterized by eye-catchy, white and blue paint work, and works especially good with larger plants.

Big indoor plant pots

Colonial style combined with the eastern climate is visible in a beautiful bright napa living room, inspired by a garden with elements of natural beech wood and a huge pot in beige color, made of strong materials. It even put up an exotic tree.

Tall indoor planters
King Margaret

Very modern square white planters. They can be filled with plants and stones for decoration. Their most important advantage is that they enable you to store big plants indoor for example in an office room. They're highly decorative.

Ceramic planter
Amanda Edwa

These stands provide protection and stability. They are able to accommodate different types of plants. These products are supporten on solid wooden legs. They are not only resistant to damage, but they also look stylish.

Large indoor planters
Wright Stacy

The large indoor plant, just like this one, is an accomplished manner to add a style to any interior. This planter box has the round shape with modern, simple design, which fits to any other.

Large indoor planter
Hayes Andrea

With such a lovely indoor planter, youy are getting a durable and low-maintenance decoration. Perfect for growing larger plants such as Yucca Cane, the planer exudes aesthetic appeal, creating a natural surrounding inside your own home.

Large pots for indoor plants
Danielle Gra

These large, white, indoor planters fit perfectly well into the simplistic, modern character of this living room. Along with the large windows, the whole setting is very bright, being optically very spacious.

Wooden indoor planters

Necessary accessory are flower pots in which green plants will be able to grow properly. They can take the form of simple classic white large indoor planters pots with a slightly gray finish. Made of strong ceramics.

Inside planters
King Heather

This large indoor set of planters constitutes a proposition office space. Its cool and clean project fits well into the simplistic, contemporary way of design. Available in multiple shapes, sizes and colours.

Oriental Furniture Classic Original Authentic, 14-Inch Fine Export Chinese Porcelain Fishbowl, Ming Blue and White Floral Design
Watson Colleen

It is a beautiful oriental fishbowl that has got a floral blue and white finish and is made of porcelain. This product is designed to beautify your home décor. You will be impressed how amazing this bowl is.

Decorative indoor planters
Weber Lily

Fountain planter made from hypertufa. This is a little more than I think I'm capable of doing, yet it looks lovely.

Tall indoor planters 3
Jessica Zernike

Designed of organic material, this lovely basket goes well with taller plants, creating an illusion of a small tree that grows inside your home. The basket is lightweight but durable, equipped with two convenient, matching handles.

Decorative planters indoor
Aloma Garcia

Go for a truly lavish piece with these large indoor planters that can fit even the biggest plants with ease. This one sports an antiqued look with a slightly oriental vibe to it, since it sports the charming moldings and metal structure.

Large indoor planters for trees

Go for a nice and original monogram planter that will prove simply perfect for your porch and with its white finish and simple, wider at the top structure will provide plenty of space for your plants.

Indoor plant pots

Designed for indoor use, this wall hanging herbs garden features three geometric planters for growing your favorite greenery. Entirely crafted of sturdy wood in a natural finish, it's durable and easy to maintain.

Patterned baskets wicker blog
Jennifer Barnes

Patterned Baskets | Wicker Blog

Greens Round Planter on Casters

Greens Round Planter on Casters

Indoor tree pots

Decorate you home or office using those shaped like drums, indoor planters. Thier sleek appearance is characterized by quality metal construction with beautiful polishwork, able to properly display larger plants, as well.

Large indoor outdoor planter fibreglass home garden office small large

Large-Indoor-Outdoor-Planter-Fibreglass-Home-Garden-Office-Small-Large ...

Pots for large indoor plants
Green Stacey

Preparing the original planters to your garden had never been so easy as today! Just buy a sheet of corrugated metal, cut and wrap around glass containters for great centerpieces. You can use some paint to neutralise the industrial effect.

Designer indoor plant pots
Jacqueline Mitchell

Standing at 3ft from the bottom of the starter planter to the top leaf, this large bushy artificial grass plant will add a modern, urban character to any space. The foliage is a lovely shade of light green and made from PVC.

Outdoor planters indoor planters large planter 2
Jaclyn Garc

Outdoor Planters | Indoor Planters | Large Planter

Large indoor plant pots
Alison Bail

For the true eco-lovers, there are indoor planters. These here are vertical, which means they don't take any space at all – anyone who has a wall will be able to fit them in their house. Such minimalistic approach is modern and effective at the same time.

Large planters for indoor trees

Large Carved Wood Style Indoor / Outdoor Moose Planter~~ I NEED HIM!!

Large indoor decorative planters
Patterson Gracie

love wollypocket and indoor plant system.

Stylish indoor plant pots
Gonzales Colleen

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - available from Brookfiled Gardens plant nursery, and possibly Rosalie plant nursery - call first to check in stock. Buy a large white or grey pot for it and place it to the right of the antique cabinet, in the corner. For tips on h

Extra large indoor planters
Melissa Mur

Kenroy Home Traverse Natural Slate Lighted Floor Fountain Indoor fountains are gaining popularity all across the globe as they add a lot of flare and style to a room. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials

Planters by pad outdoor west elm planter menu planter solus

planters by pad outdoor west elm planter menu planter solus planter ...

Tall indoor planters 1
Abigail Wrightful

Add container gardening into your indoor space. Create the unique look with ivy, ferns and tropical plants. Put them into tall pot, which is made of white stone, and enjoy a beautiful accent piece.

Round Pot Planter
Tara Zucker

Round Pot Planter

Indoor pots for trees
Patricia Cook

The Magic of Click and Grow Indoor Flower Pots : Indoor Ornamental Plant Indoor Flower Pots

Indoor plant holders
Tara Price

Hexagonal wall mounted planters for indoor applications. These planters are made of durable materials in different sizes. They are finished in neutral white color, so they will look nice with different kinds of plants.

You can make a lightweight container garden with less soil

You can make a lightweight container garden with less soil when you ...

Diy large planters
Alexis Millerism

These products are high quality flowerpots available in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are made of solid materials, so their level of durability is very high. These products have got a high decorative value.

Indoor pots
April Bel

A simple but pretty hanging planter for indoor use. It consists of 3 shelves (in 3 tiers) tied to strong thin ropes. A shelf is built of 2 round wooden rods on longer sides and 2 slats on shorter ones. Wood has a natural finish. Pots rest on edges.

Indoor tree planter

Elegant floral arrangement designed for indoor use. Faux orchid with green accent is in oval pot. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each room.

White indoor plant pots
Adriana Andersson

Succulent Sphere Tutorial using two hanging baskets (one upside down) Great site for suculents and how to for propagating

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Large 380 dia round black indoor outdoor planter home garden
Patterson Gracie

Large 380 dia Round Black Indoor Outdoor Planter Home Garden Plant Pot ...

Large ceramic plant pots for sale

Painted Tin Can Planters - Update your outdoor space with these painted tin can planters. This project is such an easy way to add a pop of col…

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Large indoor plant pots 3
Craven Rachel

Modern Pots For Plants, Indoor Plant Hire Melbourne

Chapelle round planter traditional indoor pots and planters
Tara Lew

Chapelle Round Planter traditional-indoor-pots-and-planters

Accents plants pots indoor fountains indoor pots planters 3
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Large indoor tree pots
Yulia Thompson

Container Herb Garden: A great idea for those without actual garden space. I love the placemarkers, too!

Fiberclay prism pot in gardening planters outdoor planters all weather
Laetitia Anderson

Fiberclay Prism Pot in Gardening PLANTERS Outdoor Planters All-Weather at Terrain

Arctic Round Pot Planter

Arctic Round Pot Planter

Beautiful lace effect large ceramic indoor planter 141 p ekm

beautiful-lace-effect-large-ceramic-indoor-planter.-141-p[ekm]859x999 ...