Large Full Length Mirror

Looking for a large mirror? Then what are you waiting for – below you will find an incredibly diverse collection of such elements. All of them have their own charm and their own fans and maybe you will like them, too. The main question that now arises is which offer do you find most appealing?

Large full length mirror 1

Rectangular mirror with richly decorated frame. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Possibility of horizontal and vertical orientation. Elegant accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Large full length mirror 2

Large full length mirror 4

The distressed and whitewashed frame on the full-length mirror bring a warm and cosy atmosphere to the room. It complements perfectly the big planter of reinforced wood with potted orchid and seashells.

Large full length mirror 9

Classic mirror in a shape of rectangle in three different sizes. It can be used as standing or hanging mirror. Frame is made of oak wood, which is stylised on worn-out. It will be fit especially to vintage interior.

Blue full length mirror

This ornamental full-length mirror can be a brilliant addition to one's living room or bedroom. Its intricate, gold framing embodies the best features of the antique design, making the mirror a real bargain for vintage enthusiasts.

Large full length mirror 8

Large full length mirror 4

Console table mounted on crossed legs made of metal. Top is made of wood and fitted with 2 drawers for storing personal items. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Large full length mirror 24

Large full length mirror 29

Interesting and creative DIY project, making an easy and cheap way to make an old, plain mirror look great again. This project consists of a long board made out of pallet wood with a vintage mirror on it and a little decorative piece above.

Large full length mirror 2

Large full length mirror 23

Large full length mirror

Large full length mirror 34

Large full length mirror 20

Large full length mirror 12

Narrow full length mirror

Large full length mirror 10

Vivian Full Length Mirror

Vivian Full Length Mirror
This floor mirror is way bigger than most wall mirrors. Which means that you'll be able to see your entire silhouette effortlessly. What's more, this accessory grabs compliments due to its wooden frame, which features a range of unique carved details.

Large cream henry full length mirror 175 x 89cm

Oooooo i love love love this idea diy bathroom mirror

Large full length mirror 7

Large full length mirror 27

Oversized mirror sits on the floor bringing light and space

Large full length mirror

Large full length mirror 33

Cheval full length mirror 2

An attractive tall traditional standing mirror of bevelled glass. It has a rectangular frame adorned with grooves and delicate but intricate carvings on a frame top part and its arched openwork crown.

Cheval full length mirror 8

A mirror can enlarge the small room even twice - additionally, it is one of the most important factors feng shui. This standing cheval full length mirror, has a rectangular shape, medium size and a strong black frame.

Large full length mirror 15

Lychee cheval full length mirror black

Lychee Cheval Full Length Mirror Black
Full-length floor mirror; cheval glass in thin black frame, with matte black base that looks like folded sheet of paper - this interesting detail flawlessly contributes to a contemporary vibe of the sleek design.

Large full length mirror 3

Cheval full length mirror 5

The full lenght mirror in the massive frame. Ideal for observation of the whole of user's silhouette. It is well composed with the other stylization element, which are mainly in the Earth colors: browns and beiges.

Large full length mirror 5

Cheval full length mirror 6

Freestanding mirror mounted on teak wood frame. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Traditional form and neutral design.

Large full length mirror 6

Cream cheval mirror

This beautifully designed full-length floor mirror measures 19L x 60H in. with frame. The frame has 2.5 in. Free-standing, elegant, and clean floor mirror design adds chic and prestige to any interior.

Large full length mirror 11

Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror

Complement the look of your bedroom with a touch of minimalist elegance with this cheval, rectangular mirror. It's fully made of highest quality materials - frame is made of durable wood in espresso.

Prescott Mirror

Prescott Mirror
Picture-postcard round traditional wall mirror. Its frame is made of iron finished in gold. Small size-varied rods give it a look of sun with radiating beams. This mirror can be hung in both directions.

Starburst mirror 74

Starburst Mirror
Large mirror with a round surface and durable metal frame in gold finish. This starburst theme is able to improve decorative value of any indoors. It plays both practical and aesthetic roles in any house.

Full Length Leaning Mirror

Full Length Leaning Mirror
Large and wide wall mirror in rectangular black frame. It may be hanged on a wall vertically or horizontally or used as a floor leaning mirror. It is simply designed, yet very elegant, which is confirmed by happy customers.

Large starburst mirror 7

Large mirror with round practical and decorative surface. It features a durable wooden frame in starburst stylization. This mirror plays practical and decorative roles indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to damage and wear.

Wildon home c2 ae defour decorative wall mirror 1

Wildon Home %c2%ae Defour Decorative Wall Mirror
For everyone who simply can't resist a beautiful starburst mirror this piece is a truly breathtaking addition to your decor, especially thanks to the original shape of its frame that makes the mirror itself stand out perfectly.

Large full length mirror 17

Large starburst mirror 99

Round mirror with sunburst theme on the frame. Designed for mounting on the wall. Adds freshness and elegance to each place. Application in all kinds of interior according to taste and need.

Large starburst mirror 1

This large sunburst mirror fits smoothly into this elegant contemporary interior, corresponding well with the sleek, white surfaces and rattan elements. It brings in a warm, sunny appeal to the space.

Centauri Starburst Mirror

Centauri Starburst Mirror
This stunning wall mirror has done a wonderful frame made of metal and resin. Maintained in style reminiscent of the beautiful sunshine or star. Perfect for the living room, bedroom or hallway.

Large full length mirror 26

Large full length mirror 28

Large full length mirror 30

Large full length mirror 31