Large Decorative Wall Clocks

Even if you are not one of those who think that time is money, you still might find this collection interesting. See these photos and check if any of these would be fine for your bedroom or wherever you want to have it. These designs, sizes and colours are truly impressive so shouldn’t find it difficult to pick something for yourself.

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Large decorative wall clocks
Julia Anderson

Go rustic while choosing a wall clock. This timepiece blends well with nautical decor too, as its dial is composed of raw wooden boards with black Arabic numerals stencilled with black paint on it. The clock may be either hanged or set on a table.

Funny wall clock
Cintia Brook

The unique and colossal wall clock is a way for a very stylish interior design. The clock face of the clock with Roman numerals creates a very impressive whole, which becomes an integral part of the decor.

How to make a large wall clock
Angela Nelson
Large pocket watch wall clock 1
Stephanie Sanders

This exceptionally impressive wall clock is a unique detail that will beautifully emphasize the character of the decor. The large and very impressive dial, beautiful and large Arabic numerals make the whole is expressive and unique.

Large decorative wall clocks
Mendes Natasha

The big, massive and phenomenal wall clock is an excellent way to create a uniquely original interior. Beautiful details and Roman numerals on the dial make it look perfect. The solid form of the clock and shield blend perfectly with any interior.

Large decorative wall clocks

Interesting combination of massive, large wall clock with Roman numerals and rustic foyer table design impresses. The Beautiful wood design is adorable and brings cozy and warm atmosphere to the decor.

How to make a giant clock

A cool though not working DIY wall clock. Its dial is of a round tabletop, Roman numerals of upholstery strips, hands - of square rods with wooden scrolls on ends. Elements are fixed with glue and nails. The entirety is painted with a bronze spray.

Large wall clock
Kelly Stew

Giant wall clock in vintage style. Circular shield is made of wood and fitted with Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for any interior according to taste.

Cottage wall clocks
Julie King

If you are looking for amazing and original looking and large clock for your home this is something just perfect for you. Old and fascinating looking clock face with big iron hands would bring a lot of attention into it.

French wall clocks

Add a vintage, lovely and romantic touch to your home with the giant round wall clock. The wooden structure looks incredible in beige interior. It features Roman numerals and solid finish.

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French style clocks

Now you can easily decorate your vintage home or office with this large wall clock, designed of reclaimed wood and covered in a distressed finish. The round dial holds blacak metal Arabic numbers and two matching hands.

Large decorative wall clocks 7
Asian cabinet

In case of naked walls in larger rooms, this wall clock will, surely, help you to decorate them properly. Its all crafted from metal, and has large Roman numerals, bringing vintage accents to your home decor.

Huge clocks
Thompson Alyssa

A giant antique style fashionable wall clock crafted of metal alloy with a dark bronze finish. It has an openwork round frame with jumbo Roman numerals and arrow-like hands with exquisite scrolling. It's 2AA battery-powered.

Large pocket watch wall clock
Patterson Gracie

Giant wall clock with antique finish. Round shield has shape of pocket clock. It is fitted with Arabic numeral. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated wall decoration in all kinds of interiors.

Oversized 36" Decorative Wall Clock
Christine Alex

Oversized 36" Decorative Wall Clock
It is a very decorative wall clock. Its frame is openwork, decorated with delicate leaves. As a result looks very nice and aesthetically. The clock face is white and has Roman numerals. It is very elegant and stylish.

Large decorative wall clocks 1
Antique white wall clock
Peyton Donaldson

Gorgous sitting living room set, made from grey cotton, with extra ottoman. Additionaly big, old-school whitish wall clack with huge hands of time makes it look fantastic. Cool, rustic wooden table is a perfect spot to keep your favourite deco at.

Roman great finish nice accent with the shiny dots
Wesson Jessica
How to make a large clock
Lily Cravenable
Paris wall clock
Colleen Pete

A well-designed accessory for indoors; this big wall clock knows how to impress with its accuracy and vintage craftsmanship. The ancient-looking timepiece comes with a durable round dial, a pair of decorative metal hands, and Roman numerals.

How to make a large clock 1
Erin Jon
Large decorative wall clocks 4
Isabella Martinable
Giant wall clocks
Jennifer Edwards

This large wall clock might become a finishing touch in a decor where unique chronometer is what lacks to complete it. This aged bronze one sports openwork design, enormous Roman numerals and classic spade hands.

Elegant wall clocks
Renee Murphy

A giant modern wall sticker clock. Size-varied Arabic numerals and English numbers names are of waterproof non-toxic black dense foam but metallic pointy hands of lightweight alloy. Stickers are easy to stick and remove. It's 1AA battery powered.

Large wall clock decor
Dominique Wilson
Large Wall Clock

Large wall clock, having 36 inch in diameter and black and bronze finish. Additionally, it has beautifully crafted hands and large Roman numerals, which are easy to read. It's a great addition to all interiors which require more originality.

Large decorative wall clocks 5
Large decorative wall clocks 1
Ebony Price
Large wall clock decorating ideas
Michele Smith

Crafted of wood and hand finished in antiqued ivory, it has distressed edges and dark chestnut undertones. Features a solid, quartz movement and uses 1 AA battery (not included).

Big metal wall clock
Denise Grif

Have you dreamt of a big, wall clock? This DIY one may attract you, if you enjoy the country, cottage style. This large construction is a solid combination of wood planks and metal clock elements.

Pier one clocks
Jenna Edward

The stylish and highly impressive large wall clock with Arabic motifs is a great way to decorate the interior. Made of gray boards is very attractive and beautifully combines with the contemporary design of the decor.

Large clocks wall decor 8
Karen Hay
Decorative large wall clocks
Sarah Ashleyist

An aesthetic fashionable wall clock featuring an openwork round metal frame with a dark finish with brass accents. Large Roman numerals between 2 diameter-varied rings and 2 large arrow-like handles are of same metal. It's 1AA battery powered.

Sabra wall clock sabra wall clock
Rodriguez Julia
Glass chest of draws
Jaclyn Rus
Home wall clocks london clock co london clock co art
Ashley Hay
Round clocks
Mackenzie Milani
Pallet wall clock
Amber Pri

A gigantic antique wall clock having a round dial with a weathered white finish and numerous cracks. Its edge, large Roman numerals, round convex minute points and decorative hands are black. All parts are quite strongly worn and have traces of rust.

Diy family picture clock id love to do this and
Large decorative wall clocks
Elizabeth Ward
Assortment of clocks from domayne esspecially love the large red
Wilson Alexis
Unique wall clocks
Cintia Kowalski

A gorgeous accessory for living rooms, bedrooms, and sun rooms. This exquisite arm chair rests on stylishly-curved wood legs that support quality off-white fabric upholstery, along with a medium-firm seat, a rolled back and long arms.

Wow the oversized clock paired with the capiz shell chandelier
Abbey Kowalski
Large decorative wall clocks 2
Large decorative wall clocks
Oversized 30" Crosby Wall Clock
Thompson Alyssa

Oversized 30" Crosby Wall Clock

MJ8184 23-Inch Wooden Oval Hotel Lancaster Paris Wall Clock, Large

Vintage oval wall clock which looks great & stylish and retains all the functionality of a modern clock. It is made of light weighing wood and finished with care, in dark brown and white, so that it looks like an antique.

Oversized 36" Large Wall Clock
Olivia Smithist

Oversized 36" Large Wall Clock
This piece of equipment is a nice wall clock that has got a round shape and solid frame. Its black and gold colors look very nice in different interior stylizations. Mechanism of this large clock (36" H x 36" W x 2" D) is accurate and reliable.