Large Decorative Storage Trunks

Perhaps you also understimate storage trunks. Here you can see that these can be both elegant and functional. The wide range of choice presented here should satisfy even the most demanding customers. You will find here different designs, shapes and sizes. Thanks to this, you will find the right one for you without a problem.

Rough luxe 3 piece esprit storage trunk set

Rough Luxe 3 Piece Esprit Storage Trunk Set
A beautiful set of little matching chests with different finishes. Gives off a wonderful, rustic vibe with a subtle, vintage touch. Great for your bedroom as a storage compartment, or even for a living room to act as decoration.

Phat tommy victorian decorative wooden storage trunk

Phat Tommy Victorian Decorative Wooden Storage Trunk
A chic antique storage trunk of quality hardwood with a finish in brown shades. It has a rounded lid and a cutout base with decorative low legs. Fittings are of black iron. Side panels have a darker shade and feature intricate floral carvings.

Large decorative storage trunks

A set of beautiful storage boxes for storing the essentials. They are in different sizes and patterns, but they share a pretty combination of white and turquoise colors and a silver lock. The trunks are practical, but decorative too.

Decorative trunks and boxes

Large decorative storage trunks 2

A set of boxes that help in organization of different items and accessories. Each MDF trunk is solid and features a very attractive distressed shade of turquoise and distressed faux leather strap accents with antique gold details.

Large trunks

Short on storage opportunities? Create new ones quickly - using a large storage trunk is probably one of the easiest options. This trunk is white, with metal hardware of silver chrome finish to suit contemporary decor.

Set of three aged leather and wood trunks product small

Large decorative storage trunks 12

Large treasure chest storage

Large decorative storage trunks

Large decorative storage trunks 13

Abbott Storage Trunk

Abbott Storage Trunk

Large red mahogany hope chestcoffee 1

Large Red Mahogany Hope Chestcoffee
Large decorative trunk,looks great in the garden next to your favorite bench. It functions as a storage or a coffee table.Made from recycled pallet wood.Not only has beautiful color but also is environmentally friendly.Comes with a lock,and two side handles.

Large decorative storage trunks 8

Wooden trunk antique trunk wood trunk

Wooden Trunk Antique Trunk Wood Trunk
Old-fashioned chest. It is work-out and made of old unpainted wood. This simple, but elegant chest is intended to storrage jewellery and frippery in cloakroom. In spite of its simplicity, this item is very chic and useful.

Large decorative storage trunks 1

This two metal offer a stylish storage space, perfect for storing clothes and accessories. Its vintage design and polished metal mechanisms reveal that we are dealing with a small masterpiece.

Decorative chests and trunks

Large decorative wooden trunk

Butterfly storage trunk

Decorative storage trunk sets

Large treasure chest storage box

Large decorative storage trunks 10

Large decorative cardboard storage boxes

Classic box with convenient handles for easy carrying. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Larger view 292

Large decorative trunks

Large decorative storage boxes

In which box did you leave your heart? In smaller, medium - or large? For sure in decorative storage one. Storage boxes with giraffe print - in square form, comes with a great reliable rattan lid, also in brown color.

Market Village Postage Stamp Storage Trunk

Market Village Postage Stamp Storage Trunk
Great chest in country style provides extra storage space. It has hand painted canceled stamp motif. Outstanding quality, solid construction and unique piece. It is perfect as a coffee table in small spaces. No assembly required.

Large decorative boxes

Large, decorative storage boxes will help you keep things in order. Light colors will make them great addition to your room decor. They have also pocket, where you can put a name of things which you hide.

Large decorative storage boxes 4

In every trip, even the most spontaneous, should take with you a good large suitcase, which can be also a decorative storage box, and your trustee. Vintage suitcases are also adorned with stickers, reminiscent of favorite cities - such as London.

Large Steel Storage Trunk

Large Steel Storage Trunk
It is a large metal box for storing various items. It is very roomy, practical, and at the same time very safe. This way you can use it to store the important and precious items. It is perfect for a transport.

Cranes Storage Trunk

Cranes Storage Trunk

Large Decorative Storage Bin with Handles

Large Decorative Storage Bin with Handles
Storing things is easier when you are able to move a storage place around with facility. This box is pretty portable, as it is equipped with convenient side handles. Using such a box you may enhance the storing capacity of any piece of furniture at any time.

Decorative photo storage boxes 1

Rectangular storage boxes made of cardboard with floral pattern on black, white or red background. These boxes include practical drawers for pictures and other small, lightweight items or accessories.

American Home Wesley Storage Trunk

American Home Wesley Storage Trunk
Aesthetic rectangular modern chest with a spacious storage compartment. It is made of pine wood and fibreboard finished in white. It has low curved legs and a lift hinged lid. Side handles and a latch are made of zinc alloy with a dark finish.

Decorative photo storage boxes 1

A vintage set of three stackable decorative photo storage boxes made out of antique trunks of different sizes. Each box has its own lock with a dedicated key and a unique look, which makes them fit in perfectly in traditional rooms.

Large decorative storage trunks 14

Pce decorative storage boxes marilyn monroe

Decorative photo storage boxes 5

This lovely adorned storage box will a charming accent in your decor, creating storage space for papers, documents or photos. Featuring flower mosaic depicted, the whole set comprises 25 drawers.

Decorative metal plates

Elegant decorative photo storage box for wide use. Made of solid cardboard but what is amazing - it's like a golden ornament on a white strip can turn a normal box into something exclusive. From now on you do not have to hide cartons, but to expose them.

Large decorative storage trunks 5

Large decorative storage boxes 2

A simple but interesting idea of making pretty decorative storage boxes from seemingly useless cardboard boxes. The latter are plastered with different types of colourful old maps and plans of cities.

Large decorative storage boxes 1

Now you can finally hide all of your children's legos in one place, when they're not currently playing, making sure your interior is tidy and there's no surprises and pain when it comes to stepping on them.

Large decorative storage trunks

Decorative boxes hobby lobby

Rustic addition to any garden that is bound to bring a refreshing, old-fashioned detail to it – a coarse, rough wooden storage chest with a large, spacious design, bound together with rope which adds a cozy vibe to the piece.

Unique storage trunks

Wicker Sea Grass 3 Piece Utility Basket Set

Wicker Sea Grass 3 Piece Utility Basket Set
It is a set of three wicker baskets, which perfectly suits to organize your space. Baskets, besides being wicker, they are padded inside with a soft, nice material. They are very pretty and very practical.

Accessory Decorative Bowl 5 Piece Set

Accessory Decorative Bowl 5 Piece Set
This is a set of various decorative accessories. The whole ideal for interesting and boldly equipped interior. It is in brown colors, it fits so well to brown interior. Modern, interesting and attractive.

Silver trunks 2

Metal trunks that are very durable and provide protection for stored items. They are available in different sizes and colors (gold, silver and bronze). Their rectangular shapes are very stylish and decorative.

Black storage trunk

Antique design for a bedroom storage made out of an old-fashioned trunk suitcase with a set of locks requiring a key. The trunk also makes for a great coffee table in a living room, as it has wooden legs on the bottom.

Large Finished Cedar Storage Trunk

Large Finished Cedar Storage Trunk
This Large Storage Trunk is crafted from manufactured wood, offering an eco-friendly design, resistant to water and weather. Includes a strong lid with an unbreakable nickel lock, 400 pounds of weight capacity, and heavy duty nickel plated hardware.