Large Decorative Plates For Display

Looking for decorative plates for display? If you answered positively, there can’t be a better chance than this one to browse through a lot of designs and details that one can see below. All in all, what will be your decision as far as this variety of offers is concerned?

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Large decorative plates for display

A functional and space-saving piece of elegant plate rack, that will ensure that your plates are secured and properly displayed. It's wall-mount and it offers four narrow open shelves that will keep your plates pressed against the wall.

Decorative Plate
Elizabeth Coupe

Decorative Plate
Add a stylish accent to your indoor ambiance with this beautifully crafted decorative plate on swirly base. It features an eye-catching pierced panel in its centre, framed with floral and key motifs in warm color scheme.

Large decorative plates for display 1
Alexis Hallify

Large and very stylish decorative drapes are an excellent way to create an attractive interior design. The beautiful vintage cabinet trim beautifully emphasizes the subtle and delicate motifs on the plates.

Large decorative plates for display
Rachel Massonable

No idea how to decorate your kitchen? Check out these plates! They are great at enhancing the design of your kitchen with a modern yet subtle twist. Available in plenty of different colours and shapes!

Large decorative platters
Renee Garcia

Beautiful white interior, where the wood reigns. Maintained in a shabby chick.The star of the interior is a wall shelf designed for white porcelain.Made of wood, fences with delicate beams, additional spaces for decorative dishes.

Love this idea for storing large platters and plates rather

A clever storage spot for one's large platters and plates. Rather than storing them in some high, hard to reach cupboard, they are placed at a narrow, wall-mounted shelf, matching an average person's height.

Large decorative plates for display
Maria Gray

If you are looking for decorative ceramic platters for your kitchen and want to display them nicely this beautiful white and large set is for you. It will bring a lot of attention and always give you pleasurable atmosphere.

Large decorative plates for display 9

Adorned with beautiful floral patterns, this set of decorative plates can be used for special occasions or treated as a decorative display. Each of the items is hand-finished, therefore there no two same objects.

Cherry Blossom Decorative Large Plate in White

Cherry Blossom Decorative Large Plate in White
I totally want to add this decorative large round plate into my kitchen. It features the cherry blossom motif and white finish. I think, that it will be a great gift too.

Large decorative plates for display 11
Sarah Lew

The wooden pallets were discovered for several years and the answer to everything was found in them - for example as a porcelain shelf. Raw wood and a simple square - great as a large decorative display for interesting greenish plates.

Small nook of a wall plates are arranged in a
Holly Cook

small nook of a wall, plates are arranged in a collage. Hanging plates ...

Large decorative plates for display 15
Alexis Hallify

Designed for decoration purposes, these large plates for display will help you create a warm and elegant shabby chic or cottage ambiance. Ideal for one's kitchen or dining room.

Decorative display plates
Rachel Massonable

These large decorative plates look exquisite on my wall in dining room. They are made of porcelain with lovely gold accents. Everyone of my guests is impressed how fab they are.

Large decorative plates for display
Emily Ross

The elegant plate and cups rack, renewed from my grandma's one. Made of high quality wood, covered with the delicate lacquer. Longlasting, so it could be used for long years, you just have to repaint it sometimes.

Large decorative plates for display
Crystal Gree

The gorgeously designed and very impressive large decorative plate for display is an excellent way to get a unique interior design. Beautiful finishes and enchanting decorations create a unique atmosphere in the interior design.

Large decorative plates for display 4
Olivia Smithist

A stunning piece that will let your display your decorative plates with more ease and charm - this cabinet comes with the special compartment for putting each and every single plate separately and will fit thirteen large and small pieces.

Large decorative plates for display 13
Katie How

Are these plates or giant buttons? Both, perhaps! Large decorative plates cut out of hardwood, stylized as oversized buttons - perfect display plates in a cottage farmhouse / rustic kitchen / any other interior.

Tip search for magazine racks that might be able to

Tip: search for magazine racks that might be able to serve the same purpose.

Large decorative plates for display 1

This large DIY tiered jewellery tray is a simple, homemade construction, made from plates and glass candlesticks. Its ornate character fits will work out well also as a table decorations, offering a spot for cupcakes, appetizers and others.

Large decorative plates for display 10
Jamie Lew

This set of large decorative plates can be a great wall decoration. Adding a cool, retro or vintage vibe, it can embellish the interior of a gastronomic premise or one's private house.

Love this solution for silver trays could be used for

love this solution for silver trays! could be used for photos too, or hanging silverware

Large decorative plates display
Laetitia Anderson

The beautiful old decorative plates on the wall are a sensational way of antique style in the decor. Large and smaller plates allow you to create an exceptionally pleasing composition in the interior.

Decorative plate display
Melanie San

Wall mounted shelf for storing tableware. It is completely made of wood. It is fitted with hooks for storing mugs. Provides space saving in each kitchen.

Large decorative plates for display 6
Carmen Milani

blue bath martha stuart

Large decorative plates
Mega Leahbrown

Interesting display stylization that includes a hanging wall fireplace with decorative plates, trays and baskets. Wooden construction of this fireplace is resistant to wear and enhances any home decor.

Decorative plates for display
Crystal Perr

This transitional white kitchen island with bun feet not only offers a large top to serve food, but it has another welcome quality: a plate rack, which might be used to display a collection of big decorative plates.

Decorative plates for wall display

With this gorgeous set of large plates, you can now decorate your kitchen with floral patterns and quality porcelain. Each plate is made with attention to details, giving you a beautiful and easy to clean adornment.

Large plates for display
Courtney Ram

Unique vintage plates that are created in ready to hang state. They play roles of attractive wall decorations. Their stylish patterns and attractive shapes look very nice on neutral walls in white color.

Corner shelf for dining room
Sara Turn

Boasting of aesthetic and stylish appearance, this storage bench is as practical as beautiful. Crafted of sturdy wood and covered in a white finish, the bench comes with a corner design, allowing you to save space in your kitchen.

Plate display
Sara Ross

plate display

Large decorative plates for display 7
Tara Zucker

This is the "during" phase but, I think I like it better than the finished product.

New uses for old pots and plans love the wreath
Sarah Ashleyist

new uses for old pots and plans Love the wreath out of old silver, tin, serving pieces

Love the china shelf for my grandmas china set the
Roberts Isabelle

Love the china shelf for my grandma's china set, the mirror (use one on bedroom dresser) and the chair rail/picture frame molding.

Wall decor with decorative plates 1

Wall decor with decorative plates

Large decorative plates for display 4

Plate Collection Biggest Effect: For collectible plates you don't use, why not go for major artistic impact? Install plate wall-hangers and group the plates in a large cluster for a jaw-dropping display.

The possibilities are endless love the old fashioned look of
Olivia Smithist

The possibilities are endless. Love the old fashioned look of the embroidery hoops with pops of color!

Plate decor 1

plate decor

Pinned by natasa bole
Julia Brow

Pinned by Nataša Bole

A large focal piece such as decorative metal plate art

A large focal piece such as decorative metal plate art is perfect for a dining room. Arrange small frames on either side to really enhance and complete your look.

Large decorative plates for display 5

This next photo shows a great way to cover a space on a small wall.  The overlapping china is grouped so that the heaviness of the large yellow piece is balanced with the five small plates on the bottom.  Don’t believe me?  Cover the bottom five plat

Large decorative plates for display
Johnson Shannon

large decorative plates for display

Large decorative plates for display
Susan Mur

Tutorial on how to hang plates WITHOUT plate holders!! I hate the plate holders they seem to take away from the beautiful plates you are trying to display!

Via decorpad 1

via Decorpad

Large decorative plates for display 8
Elizabeth Tay

Edison Avenue: 10 Interior Decorating Ideas: Using Emerald Green

Large hutch for dishes colorful display

large hutch for dishes...colorful display

Was thinking of doing this above a sideboard with maybe
Laura Perr

Was thinking of doing this above a sideboard with maybe a few silver/antique and a few colorful ones. DIY to hang so they can easily be taken down and used too

Large decorative plates for display 16
Natalie Lee

Trumeau mirror and ironstone for dining room wall

Cool idea for behind couch but i need to send

Cool idea for behind couch. But I need to send my hubby to carpentry school! Or maybe invest in classes myself!

Decorating with plates

Decorating with Plates

Plate rack great idea for storing displaying odd shaped and

plate rack, great idea for storing/displaying odd shaped and large serving dishes