Large Cat Trees

Everyone wants to have some fun once in a while. This collection will show you a wide range of choice of large cat trees, all in different sizes, shapes, designs and colours so that anyone interested could pick the one for themselves and for their pet. Now you can also choose – which one is for you?

Chloe Hughes Interior Design Expert
Sisal cat tree
Patricia Cook

If your cat is bored out of its mind, this tree house is going to make its lazy fur to move out of the couch. This cat tree offers many different attractions that will make your cat a devoted dweller of this fun house.

Large cat trees
Melissa Allen

Each cat will be delighted with this impressive cat tree design. The ideal base for solid construction resembles a castle and is a highly interesting option for cats. The soft details, a lot of interesting elements create a sensational whole.

Cat tree diy
Stone Caroline

Resembling a real tree, this large tree will provide a cool dose of entertainment for your cat, providing 5 levels, on which he can rest, play and develop his agility. Each of the tiers is covered with fleece.

Instructables cat tree
Danielle Thom

This large cat tree distinguishes itself with its impressive spinning wheel, constituting a great additional way of entertainment for your furry friends. A multilevel construction with each tier concealing different attractions.

Cat jungle gyms
Bailey Victoria

Combine nature-inspired design, which undoubtedly elevates the interior style, with fine qualities welcome by your cat (or cats). This cat tree is a tree literally - and it has relaxation platforms affixed to its branches.

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Mitchell Jaclyn

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Large cat trees 1
Isabella Martinable

A gorgeous piece of playhouse for your energetic cats, that allow them to jump, nap, hang, and scratch. Its intricate desig offers 2 lovely-designed houses, few platforms, 1 built-in ladder, and 2 cozy open beds. Made of durable wood, covered with thick rug.

Cat scratching post that looks like a tree
Meghan Diaz

An eye-catching large and tall cat tree converted from unfinished wood of an old water tower. It is composed of several thick twisted and gnarled boughs and some thinner branches. It presents itself especially well in modern interiors.

Large cat trees 1
Mendes Natasha

An intricate cat tree for your furry jumpers, that will bring them much fun of jumping from one platform to another. Made of natural-finished wood, the platforms are easy to mount on a wall, and can also be used as shelves for displaying decorations.

Large cat trees 2
Renee Kel

Cats are the truest predators and when we domesticate them, we take away for them to climb trees, so we can suggest a funny large cat tree, covered with scratching fabric. In neutral color, with many branches for climbing.

Rustic cat furniture
Coupe Andrea

This high pedal rack for cats is a great functional and decorative element for the interior. Solid construction, natural colors and modern form captivate and create an impressive whole. Your cat will love it.

Large cat trees 4

Safety net enclosure for cats. If your cat is not reasonable enough to stay close to the window sill, buy a cat run - as simple as that. The see-through net doesn't lower the quality of the view, but it keeps the kitty inside the house / porch.

Cat tree cat furniture
Angela Pric

Cat Tree: Cat Furniture

Cat trees that look like real trees
Kristen Howa

Large 'jungle gym' cat tree. Includes a house, a bed, lots of platforms and sling beds to relax on, a ladder and stairs to climb, and ample of posts to scratch. Wrapped up in velvet like plush fabric, soft in touch.

Giant cat tree
Alicia Ram

Cat tree for indoor and outdoor use. Construction is made of wood and mounted on crossed strips. Suitable for each room as needed.

Franklin cat tower
Zernike Laetitia

Small cats are big predators and love climbing. Fantastic imitation of a tree, with a wooden branch, painted in a dark color - which brings the tiger to the soft round shelves. The whole large cat tree is based on a wooden circle.

Diy cat tree cheap
Alexis Millerism

An intricate cat tree designed of a real tree with leaves, equipped with 4 natural-finished wood platforms. The bottom is accommodated by a small, high-pitched roof house that creates a nice home for your meowing critter.

Huge cat tree

A large construction for cat owners who want to provide the best possible conditions to their animals. This cat tree includes plenty of platforms finished in red color. It also features gray posts resistant to scratching and other forms of wear.

Level mixed with 2 trays
Lisa Ward

level mixed with 2 trays.

Homemade pet furniture mancats these treehouse mancat mancaves are garanteed
Craven Rachel

homemade pet furniture | Mancats, these treehouse Mancat Mancaves are garanteed gerlcat magnets ...

Cat kennel cages

Your cat would love this large cat tree. It is a safe way for providing a friendly environment for your pet even inside your house. The great solution created for those who cannot afford a big house with the garden or live in a block of flats.

Large cat trees 3
Julie Cook

For all those who can't help themselves but opt for a more original designs this tree stumps structured piece will do the trick, completing any space and providing extra stylish room for some plants or decorations.

Tier outdoor tree 450 00
Kimberly Smi

tier outdoor tree $450.00

Large cat trees 10
Abigail Wrightful

Since wild cats have been domesticated and taken away from them the opportunity to frolic in the jungle - we can provide them with climbing the artificial large cat sisal tree, branches that emerge from large green leaves.

Tree could you make one i asked my bf who
Mendes Natasha

tree; “Could you make one?” I asked my bf, who has lots of tools. He’s a smart man, and knows that a happy wife equals a happy life, so after only a week or two of hemming and hawing, he cut a large old willow out front, and set to work peeling t

Large cat trees 1
Peyton Donaldson

This cat tree will be incredible entertaiment for every kitten or adult cat. This item connects function of place to fun, bed and scrather. Contrary to appearances, this piece of furniture doesn't stake a lot of place.

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber
Rebecca Pet

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

Sisal cat tree 1
Cooper Courtney

Natural Wood 72 Inch Four Level Cat Tree with by MountainCatTrees, $439.99

Large cat trees 6

Large cat trees 2
Jasmine Hayes

HOLLYWOOD FRANKLIN TOWER Kit 3 1 large by franklincatfurniture, $63.50

Large cat trees 5
Jenna Delicata

76 inch Casita Fur Cat Tree

Large cat trees 9

Humane Society of Sarasota County kitty room- so cool!

Jungle cat tree
Alexis Hallify

Review for this awesome cat tree! Overall the tree is high quality, stable and very sturdy. Its been able to withstand my cats jumping from top to bottom without tipping over or wobbling too much. My cats are certainly enjoying the height of the tree an

Large cat trees 7
Lopez Dana

Instructables | DIY Cat Tree House

46" Premier Large Cat Tree
Meghan Ramirez

46" Premier Large Cat Tree
Ultra-large cat tree with funny design that resembles a real tree with four perches where a cat may relax on. It is covered with fluffy carpet fabric in two colors. Square base provides desirable sturdiness and stability.

Large cat trees 5
Lisa Rivera

I only wanted the picture to help me figure out more options for our DIY cat condo were gonna build! :)

Cat tree plans
Amanda Flor

A cat tree made of revamped ladder? Why not - a drop of blue paint is sure to make it look fashionable. And the good news is that you can make it on your own with almost no tools. The piece can be a stand for plant pots, too.

Sisal cat tree
Alexis Millerism

Large Cat Tree. This cat tree looks nicely balanced and very solid. It looks like it would be quite difficult to tip over. Sturdiness is the most important consideration when making cat trees.

I love the idea of the shelf over the door
Anderson Marisa

I love the idea of the shelf over the door so they can see who's coming. Wonder how often it leads to ambushes?

Cool cat tower much cuter than others i have seen

Cool Cat tower. Much cuter than others I have seen. HOLLYWOOD FRANKLIN TOWER Kit 3 1 large by franklincatfurniture, $63.50

New cat condos

My two would go no where near this. Ever.

Large cat trees 4
Thompson Kristina

homemade pet furniture | Cat Tales b2b Jungle Deco b2b .. 41 Jungle Gym b2b .. 41 Keep Me In ...

Solid wood a wonderful alternative to carpet no more hours

Solid wood – a wonderful alternative to carpet. No more hours spent vacuuming the cat tree! Love the natural grain.

Buckingham palace by kitty mansions

Buckingham Palace by Kitty Mansions

Big foot cat tree

Big Foot Cat Tree

World largest custom cat trees jpg


Large stretched fabric raceway cat by catastrophicreations they even have
Lily Cravenable

Large Stretched Fabric Raceway / Cat by CatastrophiCreations They even have cats (polydactyl) like my Vincent!

Buckingham 20palace 2t jpg
Kathleen Ram


This is the worlds largest cat tree located atangels for
Melanie Brya

This is the world's largest cat tree. Located atAngels for Animals ...

Outdoor cat jungle gym
Abigail Wrightful

Cat tree. $395.00, via stillponds on Etsy.