Lantern Style Chandelier

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Lantern style chandelier

Original lantern style chandelier with a durable metal frame in attractive wood look finish. Its geometric accents are very attractive and they improve overall interior elegance. It provides light thanks to four electric candles.

Lantern style chandelier 4

Lantern style chandelier 16

Lantern style chandelier 5

This lantern style chandelier with a rustic character was inspired by the ancient lantern. It is topped with a dark color of the border, forged in iron and almost invisible glass. Has a small four-armed structure for narrow candles.

Lantern style chandelier 3

Pendant lamp in industrial style. Frame is made of metal and covered with clear glass. Perfect as main or extra source of light in any interior as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Lantern style chandelier 13

This lantern style chandelier will fit into all cottage or shabby chic decors, adding a warm, alluring appeal. If you like the character of the Southern France, this is something for you.

Lantern style chandelier 7

Lantern style chandeliers

This lantern style chandelier is a truly perfect form of art and a suitable way of blending romantic style with a bold statement of fashion and sleek appeal, creating a well-thought decor in any living room.

Small modern fretwork frame lantern small gold lantern ceiling fixture

Lantern style chandelier 32

Lantern style chandelier 18

Lantern style chandelier 35

Lantern style chandelier 36

Lantern style chandelier 33

Lantern style chandelier 40

Chandeliers traditional chandeliers wood lattice lantern

Lantern style chandelier 31

Lantern style chandelier 9

Lantern style chandelier 6

Lantern style chandelier 17

Lantern style lights

A pretty country style ceiling chandelier with a delicate cuboidal frame of white finished metal. Its walls are made of clear glass and feature gently bowed top edges. It hangs on a chain attached to 4 bowed arms.

Lantern style chandelier 37

Tuscan style chandeliers 20

Richly decorated chandelier as the main or additional source of light in any interior according to taste and need. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Lantern style chandelier 2

Lantern style chandelier 8

Tuscan style chandeliers 9

This tuscan style chandelier will make for one of the finest decor options for your elegant and sophisticated living room, giving off a warm and welcoming vibe and drawing some class to the setting immediately.

Lantern style chandelier 10

Tuscan style chandelier 2

If you like the Tuscan style chandeliers, this bronze one shall attract you. Adorned with gentle curves, this three light lighting fixture will a romantic, cottage-like appeal to the space.

Lantern style chandelier 11

Tuscan chandelier 9

Tasteful pendant lamp with glass lampshade. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Tuscan chandelier 7

Antique, Tuscan design for a sophisticated bathroom setup with stone, marble walls and tiles floor. The old-fashioned elements such as a classical bathtub and the wrought iron chandelier bring an exquisite look to the room.

Tuscan chandelier 33

Very elegant old-fashioned chandelier in the style of nineteenth century Tuscany. Frame of lamp is made of wrought brass, it is decorated of hanging crystals and light bulbs stylised on candles. It will fit to elegant, vintage dining room.

Tuscan chandelier

This ornamental, nine light Tuscan chandelier constitutes a great proposition for all traditional, elegant interiors. Made from cast iron and silver patina, it enchants with its swirling silhouette and calicular shades.

Tuscan style chandelier

Stylish chandelier mounted on metal frame and finished with decorative crystals. Elegant addition to the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Tuscan chandelier 26

A luxury classic entrance to a lovely residence can be manifested with a Tuscan chandelier. A classic combination of a double-layered wrapped frame with gold trim, hanging crystals and subtle candles that surround the chandelier.

Tuscan Villa 5 Light Chandelier

Tuscan Villa 5 Light Chandelier
If you're a fan of elegant and stylish design, you're gonna fall in love with this intriguing and unique chandelier! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of functionality and original look, no matter what is your preferred style.

Tuscan Villa 3 Light Chandelier

Tuscan Villa 3 Light Chandelier
If you're looking for stylish and intriguing solutions for your living room or bedroom, this amazing and elegant chandelier might be a perfect match for you! Check it out now and enjoy an awesome design.

Holbrook 5 Light Chandelier

Holbrook 5 Light Chandelier
Pretty traditional ceiling chandelier for 5 candelabra bulbs. It's crafted of steel, has a bronze coating and an adjustable chain. Its column has a large bottom bowl joined with 5 basic thin S-curved arms having upturned hat-like cups.

Tuscan style chandeliers 10

A sophisticated take on a Tuscan style chandelier with a bunch of artificial candles used as a light source. The chandelier is made out of wrought iron with a unique coat of beige paint, which gives it a classy finish.

Lantern style chandelier 26

Lantern style chandelier 27

Tuscan style chandeliers 12

Original chandelier suitable for entryways and other indoors. It features a ceiling mounted frame made of metal. The frame is solid and includes some decorative scrolls. It not only decorates indoors, but it also improves illumination level.

Lantern style chandelier 28

Vaxcel OD21836BN Chatham 13-Inch Outdoor Pendant, Brushed Nickel

Lantern style chandelier 29

Sea Gull Lighting 5231 Bretton 3 Light Lantern Pendant,

Lantern style chandelier 30

Moroccan lantern style chandelier

Lantern style chandelier 38

Lantern style chandelier 39