Lamp Post Cover

Looking for lamp post covers? Browse below and check out the products I've collected in the board. With a variety like this you'll easily find what you need for your home. Take a look and find out more details and prices.

Lamp post covers

An aesthetic stylish ground mounted cover for e.g. unbeautiful, rust-eaten, worn or damaged garden lamp posts. It's of metal and plastic with a weatherproof white finish. It has a wider base and a tall square pillar adorned with stepped ledges.

Lamp post cover 16

Signature 89" Post Lantern Set

Signature 89" Post Lantern Set
Lamp post designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of metal and plastic. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

83.25" Outdoor Post

83.25" Outdoor Post
Add a touch a charm to your garden or backyard with this outdoor post. It curves out gently and taper off to lanterns that look just captivating, while the stained glass render subtle lighting effects.

Light post base

Lamp post cover 5

Lamp post replacement 18 white acrylic street light cover 20018

Light post cover

Lamp post cover 33

Lamp post cover 7

Street lamp post grate bollards next motor frame with cover

Lamp post cover 32

Lamp post cover 18

Lamp post cover 2

Outdoor lamp post cover that hides the ugly concrete post away. Now its surface beams with elegance delivered by terracotta coloured stone mosaic. A nice support for a traditional post lamp in black caging.

Lamp post cover 6

A unique look for an outdoor set of street lamps, covered with a material resembling snow to create an unusual winter decoration. Perfect addition to any garden in the holiday season, bound to provide a festive vibe.

Lamp post cover 1

Lamp post cover 3

Lamp post covers 1

Lamp post cover 4

Lamp post cover 8

Lamp post cover 9

Lamp post cover 10

Lamp post cover 11

Lamp post cover 17

Lamp post cover 28

Lamp post cover 29

Lamp post cover 30

Lamp post cover 31

Lamp post cover 34

Lamp post cover 35

Lamp post cover 36

Lamp post cover 37

Round globe outdoor light plastic fixture lamp pole acrylic new

Lamp post cover 38

The strongest most durable lamp post base covers in the

Lamp post cover 39

Globe light plastic cover available in frosted and clear color

Lamp post cover 40

Snowman lamp post cover 1

Ethereal lighting from the netherlands remodelista picture of my home

Lamp post cover 41

Christmas pin vintage castlecliff brooch snow covered lamp post holly

Manhole cover lamp post pipe fitting pvc pipe and so

Lamp post cover 42

Making a lamp out of a statue tutorial

Orbs of light repurpose old light covers by filling with

Lamp post cover 43

Last year my husband turned our lamp post into a

Lamp post cover 44

Lazy Hill Farm Barrington 104" Lantern Post

Lazy Hill Farm Barrington 104" Lantern Post