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A crystal lamp is a stylish addition to the interior and it definitely plays the main role in it. The elaborate design and sparkling pieces of glass fill the space with a glamourous vibe. If you're a fan of such decorative pieces, look below and find some inspiration in my board of lamp crystal prisms.

Antique victorian bohemian art glass crystal chandelier prism luster mantle

Antique Victorian Bohemian Art Glass Crystal Chandelier Prism Luster Mantle Lamp
Artistic table lamps. Lamps are made of green glass and has shape similar to chess piece. It is decorated of painted flowers and pendant crystals. This lamps will perfectly play theirs roles as bedside lamp.

Lamp crystals prisms

Secret garden antique crystal wind chime

Secret Garden Antique Crystal Wind Chime
Wow, take a look at this awesome, very unique crystal wind chime! Have you ever seen anything quite so beautiful? Perfect for a garden or patio, bound to amaze your guests and breathe life into your backyard!

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Mid century modern hollywood regency lead crystal lamp light prisms

Lamp crystals prisms 11

Lamp crystals prisms 2

Table lamp made of glass and finished with crystals. Lampshade is decorated with floral theme. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Crystal Ball 8" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade

Crystal Ball 8" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade
This sensational table lamp in the shape of a crystal ball is an extremely impressive and stylish detail to your interior. The light coming from it creates an extraordinary atmosphere throughout the room.

3 three tier gone with the wind lamp banquet lamp

Crystal prism wind chime ab iridescent

Crystal Prism Wind Chime Ab Iridescent
My jaw dropped when I saw this marvellous crystal wind chime. Clear crystal prisms and beads of varied shapes, including raindrop and octagon cyrstals, create a truly dazzling effect. Imagine how awesome this looks on a sunny day.

Victorian pink art glass mantel mantle lustres bristol style each

Antique crystal lamps with prisms

A lavish chandelier perfect for the rooms with a high ceiling. It's a magnificent globe created from hundreds of transparent crystals hanged on countless slim lines, which look like rain. When the lamp is on, it will beautifully glitter.

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Vintage chandelier crystals prisms swag

Vintage Chandelier Crystals Prisms Swag
This beautiful, vintage chendelier sports the design made from crystals and is the right choice for when you need to make a statement in your household and add a certain amount of character to it, since it offers that and even more in terms of functionality.

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Antique crystal prisms glass chandelier candelabra sconce lamps photo

Lamp crystals prisms 30

Lamp crystals prisms 31

Lamp crystals prisms 24

Lamps with crystals hanging

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Crystal Table Lamp with Crystal Accents

Crystal Table Lamp with Crystal Accents
With this table lamp you may add both sophisticated and romantic touch to a decor. It boasts sturdy, sumptuously detailed base and it begs for attention with decorative shade and fixture with dangling crystal accents.

Chandelier prism pins chandelier prisms parts

Crystal 31" H Table Lamp

Crystal 31" H Table Lamp
Elegant 31-Inch Crystal Table Lamp with Bell Shade for placing on the nightstand next to your bed. With chrome finish, crystal accents, sturdy pole, and 3-way switch – the lamp provides as many functionality as style.

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Lamp crystals prisms 20

Gorgeous crystal wind chime with white ceramic base and soft

Lamp crystals prisms 34

50mm MEC Crystal Leaf Prism of Lamp 9pcs

Mid century modern hollywood regency lead crystal lamp light prisms

Lamp crystals prisms 28

Cristalis Prism Crystal Candleholder by Studio 55D

Lamp crystals prisms 29

Lamp crystals prisms 36

Fabulous vintage cherub lamp crystal prism shade

Fabulous Vintage Cherub Lamp Crystal Prism Shade
This crystal lamp enchants with its rich ornaments, beautiful details, and exquisite quality. Conscientiously reflected cherub will constitute a masterpiece for all fans of this kind of design.

Lamp crystals prisms 32

Lamp crystals prisms 10

Mid century modern hollywood regency lead crystal lamp light prisms

Prism lamp

Cool led crystal wine decanters made into light pendants. Veeery creative idea, and super cheap as well, of how to create beautiful chndelier out of nothing! I really adore its warm shaded light and different shapes and patterns of the lamp shades.

Crystal 34" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Crystal 34" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
This 34-inch height table lamp in a black finish features 3 extruding arms, with sparkling crystals. The body is constructed of acrylic and metal, and can be wiped clean with a dry cloth, The lamp also includes a 4-way switch, and accommodates three 40W candelabra bulbs.

Crystal 34" H Table Lamp

Crystal 34" H Table Lamp

Chandelier parts crystal prisms and lamp crystals 2

Chandelier parts crystal prisms and lamp crystals

Strada Crystal 32.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Strada Crystal 32.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Add this breathtaking table lamp to your decor and enjoy the look of pure awe on your guests' faces. The construction is durable and stable, while the finish provides a glossy and chic look with the slight gold accents.

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Huge pair of venini style prism floor lamps from a

20 vintage french clear crystal lamp chandelier hanging u drop

Vintage chandelier crystal prisms glass teardrops hanging lamp parts

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