Lamp Bases Wholesale

The right lamp, or a group of good-quality coordinating lamps, can greatly update the look of any interior, be it home or a commercial property. I have collected some lamp bases wholesale options in case you need to buy in bulk. No common theme actually. There are different designs, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Lamp bases wholesale 1

Lamp bases wholesale

Durable metal lamp base with decorative, but stable and supportive base. This element of equipment is available without light bulb and shade. It allows for creating a practical and original table lamp.

Lamp bases wholesale

Lamp bases wood

Wooden lamp bases wholesale

Table lamp with an attractive bird's nest pattern on a white background. Upper area features a traditional styled shade finished in neutral color. The whole lamp assures good illumination and decorates indoors.

Lamp bases wholesale 6

Modern table lamp with drum lampshade decorated with geometric pattern. Wooden legs are arranged conically. Stylish addition to the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

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Table Lamp Base

Table Lamp Base
Vintage or rustic styled with no cost to overall elegance, intriguingly distressed lamp base with golden tone finish and black cord equipped with on/off switch. It is durably constructed of high quality wood.

Lamp bases wholesale 2

Table Lamp Base

Table Lamp Base
So beautifully looking base table lamp is a beautiful decorative detail to your salonulub bedroom. The ceramic design is stylishly decorated and has a beautiful decoration.

Lamp bases wholesale 1

Tiffany lamp base ba23010

Tiffany lamp base ba19001

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Lamp bases wholesale 11

Lamp base wholesale

Lamp bases wholesale 35

Lamp bases wholesale 10

Wholesale lamp bases

Wood lamp bases suppliers

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Lamp bases wholesale 4

Lamp bases wholesale 5

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Case Deal: Wholesale Assorted Oil/Tart Warmers - Multi Color Style 12/CS

Durable, multi-color lamps with oils. These aroma lamps improve interior attractiveness and they provide attractive smell. Their multi-color finish looks very attractive in any type of interior design.

Lamp bases wholesale 8

Lamp bases wholesale 12

Wholesale Marbled Glass Plug In Oil Warmers - Red

Unique oil warmer with marbled red finish and oval vase form. When plugged directly to a wall socket, it gently warms the aromatic oil inside to reveal the aroma. The halogen light intensity can be adjusted.

Lamp bases wholesale 15

Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp Value Pack (4 Lamps)

It is a large set that includes 16 Himalayan salt lamps. They have got a beautiful orange color and they are perfect as a decoration for your home, or as a gift for your friends and family. It is a great choice.

Lamp bases wholesale 19

OBI Luxury Fragrance Lamp with Wood Base, Oil/Wax Warmer, (Black with Cutout Stars)

Make your room smell of anything of your choice with this amazing fragrance lamp with the wooden base that is the ideal warmer for both oil and wax. It includes the dimmer so that you can adjust the light and a lightbulb for maximum convenience.

Lamp bases wholesale 20

Wholesale aroma lamps

Decorative design for a ceramic oil warmer with an aroma lamp on the top. The frame of the lamp is made out of brown ceramic with a round, wooden frame made out of burned oak wood, providing an elegant detail.

Lamp bases wholesale 21

Toscana 3 Piece Vase Set

Toscana 3 Piece Vase Set
Decorate your interior with a touch of Tosca style with this set of three vase in different sizes. Those bottles are made of carved metal and have a wooden finish. This set can be use to storage or just as a decor.

Lamp bases wholesale 23

Aroma 29" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Aroma 29" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
A very attractive design created for different types of indoors. It is a modern table lamp that offers a very solid and supportive base. Its upper area includes a classic drum shade in a neutral white color.

Lighted Small Town Framed Photographic Print on Canvas

Lighted Small Town Framed Photographic Print on Canvas
Moody print on canvas showin a quiet town at winter night. The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, the image does not include the outer frame. It can be hung horizontally only. It has mounted LED lamps that illuminate drawn street lamps.

Lamp bases wholesale 24

Lamp bases wholesale 25

Ultrasonic Anion Diffuser

Ultrasonic Anion Diffuser
Incredible lmap with space shape and vivid turquoise color of light. Features fragrance oil container - oil heated by the heat lamps gradually releases its aroma. It has a timer function. It can also produce mist.

Ball Shape Ultrasonic Anion Diffuser

Ball Shape Ultrasonic Anion Diffuser
Discreet and yet elegant addition to the room. This small ball is a clever device that releases a pleasant scent of perfume oil, which can be added to the water tank. Perfect to refresh the room. Comes with adaptor.

Lamp bases wholesale 26

Himalayan salt lamps wholesale

A charming table lamp that is a block of Himalayan Salt. It features an irregular structure and a magnificent, turquoise color that magically glitters when it's on. The lamp is supported on a wooden stand.

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Lamp bases wholesale 28

Himalayan salt lamps wholesale 2

Why not opt for a nice and charming salt lamp for your interior that will not only look stylish but prove healthy and add a certain amount of appeal and benefit your family members? It offers the stunning himalayan salt structure that will offer durability and years of use.

Lamp bases wholesale 29

Himalayan salt lamps wholesale 1

This is an exellent example of nature turned into a home furniture. Himalayan salt lamp are composed of a block of ferruginous rock salt of several kilos. It has a natural orange shades, and it is based on little wooden ground.