Lafuma Recliners

To relax and chill in the garden choose a Lafuma recliner. They are comfortable and durable outdoor seating option that are easy to maintain. Assume a comfy posture and chill away! Browse the styles below.

Alice Hilton Interior Design Expert
Lafuma rsxa recliner chair

Must... have... this! A Lafuma recliner chair was complemented with a DIY PC desk. You can lean back in a zero gravity reclining chair while still using your computer. The desk has a tilting top, of course.

Lafuma zero gravity chair

Defeat gravity together with this exceptionally comfortable sun lounger - used both internally and externally. Use its soft material in dark green, and with armrests. Lafuma recliner has a fabric providing a windproof barrier, and a stable construction.

Lafuma padded recliner
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Lafuma gravity chair
Lafuma Transalounge Folding Recliner Chair - MOKA/MARRON BROWN

A must-have for your patio or garden. This simple, yet functional recliner in an elegant design will offer you comfort while relaxing or sunbathing. You can quickly fold or unfold it. Its universal look will adapt to any environment.

Lafuma chair parts
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Lafuma lotusgrill lafuma recliners lafuma rsx padded reclining chair
Lafuma loungers
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A beautiful outdoors recliner in a nice, carbon colour. Great for a patio or for your garden to put up next to a pool to unwind in. The contemporary design makes it perfect if you’re looking for something modern.

Lafuma anti gravity chair

This camping folding chair comes with extra arm rests to ensure more comfort and makes for the most perfect choice for your outdoor trips or even to sit back and relax in your garden while enjoying the sun.

Lafuma recliners 2
Evolution Zero Gravity Chair with Cushions

Evolution Zero Gravity Chair with Cushions
Superb zero gravity chair offering durable steel frame in powder coated finish, soft and supportive padded seat and back, functional armrests, and practical design providing foldable and easy to transport frame.

Lafuma clipper
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Lafuma futura outdoor relaxer
Transabed Folding Reclining Chair

Transabed Folding Reclining Chair
This amazing and durable reclining chair offers solid and versatile design, sturdy frame made steel with position adjustment function, and comfortable mesh fabric seat and back with removable armrests.

Lafuma rsx recliner
Lafuma recliner
Lafuma recliners
Lafuma reclining chair
Lafuma rsx
Lafuma recliners
Lafuma futura recliner
Lafuma recliners 1
Lafuma rsxa recliner

The Lafuma R Clip zero gravity recliner supports many comfortable postures. Add it to swimming pool area or porch and enjoy the sunny hot days.

Futura Clipper Zero Gravity Chair

Futura Clipper Zero Gravity Chair
A decent chair that uses a series of elastic clips to suspend the mattress so it creates a feeling of zero gravity. Those clips allow easy removal of the mattress for cleaning. It also features a reinforced mattress with richly woven fabric.

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Anti gravity blue recliner lounge folding chair
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Lafuma futura clipper xl lounge chair wood armrest carbon color
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Lafuma futura recliners lafuma r clip recliners lafuma rsx recliners
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Llc hart of ten parasol for lafuma recliners and relaxers
Lafuma padded rsx recliner chair ibaia color
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