L Shaped Outdoor Bar

Party wild, organize family barbecues and enjoy leisure time in the garden! With an L-shaped outdoor bar doing it is easy and so much fun. Food gets prepared quickly, drinks replenished in an instant - check out the outdoor bars below and design a perfect bar zone ever.

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
L shaped outdoor bar
Anderson Marisa

A great idea to have your own mini bar made of L-shaped repurposed desk. The unit is durable and stable, and includes a solid wood top and a wooden plank frame - all covered in a natural finish.

L shaped outdoor kitchen
Laetitia Zernike

Bring your bartender skills into your backyard and use them on this beautiful outdoor bar. It's L-shaped, crafted of hardwood and nicely-polished, with 2 shelves for placing your glassware and liquor bottles.

L shaped outdoor bar 1
Craven Zoe

The simple design of this L-shaped outdoor bar is a perfect combination of beautiful bamboo construction and functionality. The whole is fascinating; it has plenty of storage space, a sink, and a solid countertop.

Build outdoor bar
Lisa Jack

L shaped bar mounted on wooden frame and fitted with metal front. Dedicated to outdoor use. It includes a lot of shelves for storing bottles, snacks, glass and more. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

L shaped outdoor bar 2
Leah Butler

With this L-shaped island your outdoor decor is going to be as chic as never before. It features the rectangle fire pit, stone front with tile counter and bar ledge. Great set for outdoor parties with friends.

How to build outdoor bar
Natasha Kell

A splendid solution for having quality time with your friends in your backyard. The L-shaped bar features a striking brick design with 3 stone counters and a built-in lighting system. Underneath its a plenty of free space to place multiple appliances.

L shaped outdoor bar 1

Incorporate a bit of the cool, summer vibe straight into your garden or backyard with this wooden L-shaped bar. Handmade, it can be an easy and inexpensive way to start your DIY adventure.

Diy outdoor bar plans
Yulia Thompson

Fully functional outdoor bar, L-shaped. It has everything you need – a sink, running water, oven and even a small fridge underneath. Stainless steel finish guarantees it doesn’t get damaged by the harsh outdoor weather conditions.

This l shaped tiki bar has no roof it is

This L-shaped tiki bar has no roof it is 6' x 7', and can be used ...

Shape bar click for large image this expandable bamboo bar
Katherine Hen

... shape bar click for large image this expandable bamboo bar features

Build an outdoor bar
Esther Taylor

A great addition to outdoor areas such as sun decks, backyards, and patios. The L-shaped bar is made of geometrically placed stone bricks, with a granite top, stainless steel compartments, a grill and a built-in pergola trellis.

Outside bar plans
Sara Cole

Kitchen island with barbecue is a perfect solution for a great venue for parties and family meetings outdoors. I shaped bar looks perfectly built of bricks and connected to an awesome bar. Ideal for the garden.

Pallet bar counter
Theresa Phil

Apart from its functional L-shape design, this outdoor bar catches the attention also with its refined appeal. resulting from the use of granite counters and beautiful stone base.

L shaped bar plans
Laetitia Zernike

The outdoor bar that doesn’t take much space at all. L-shape makes it perfect for throwing garden parties. From one side, you’re able to cook, while the other with a bar counter is perfect for your guests to lean against.

Outdoor bar and grill designs
Jenna Edward

Kitchen island intended to you garden or terrace. This spacious bar area is perfect for a luxurious outdoor dining experience and ideal for entertaining. With its ample space for seating you can serve up your favorite grilling recipes in style.

L shaped outdoor bar 3
Jacqueline Edwards

With this Mexican equipale bar with rustic charm to it your interior will not only gain on its practical side, creating a fun place for your friends to gather and enjoy a shared drink but will also beautifully complete the style of your decor.

L shaped outdoor bar

L-shaped patio bar counter with glass top. Hand-woven by craftsmen from Indonesia that used the highest quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material (German technology) wrapped over a powder-coated aluminum frame.

Build a outdoor bar
Jenkins Katie

In most of the cases, L-shaped means practical, but this outdoor bar proves that L-shaped mean also stylish. Finished with a granite counter over a stone base. One of its ends is reserved for a built-in grill.

L shaped outdoor kitchen plans
Alyssa Wilsonify

What's more cosy and comfy from an afternoon with family, spent around a fireplace? Exquisitely stylish, modern living room proposition with an L-shaped couch and the electric fireplace as the focal points.

Patio bar plans
Stacey Lew

Splendid addition to summer outdoor parties in your garden or backyard. This L-shaped bar has a concrete body with space-saving under-the-counter appliances, along with a trash collector, several drawers, a refrigerator and an icemaker.

Outdoor bar countertop ideas
Sarah Ashleyist

100s of Patio & Pool Design Ideas. Thanks to

Free l shaped bar plans
Wright Stacy

Outdoor kitchen with bar. Granite countertop sits over a stone bar, and there are some metal bar stools for company. The whole employs traditional inspiration blended with relaxed French bistro ambiance.

L shaped bars
Alexis Millerism

Improve your barbeque skills with this stunning outdoor kitchen with a spot to plant your greens. The L-shaped bbq island is made of stone bricks, with granite tops, and a stainless steel grill with 1 matching cabinet and 3 drawers.

Backyard bar plans
Krystle Flores

L shaped outdoor bar & barbecue area & galvanized steel kitchen. It's rather small in size, but still provides surface (concrete board) to serve a decent amount of freshly grilled food. The manfacturer offers custom counter and base finishes.

Outdoor breakfast bar
Miller Amanda

Unfortunately, loud and stuffy pubs are not conducive to rest, so make yourself your own stone l shapped outdoor bar. Combined with a metal grille with a cover, it has an "L" shape, which saves space and isolates the space for preparing meals and drinks.

Custom built outdoor bars
Cintia Brook

Amazing outdoor kitchen space. Future outdoor party zone <3

L shaped outdoor bar 3

Tami Owen & Thompson Custom Homes: outdoor kitchen

Build an outside bar

Two pallets plus three stepping stones makes perfect bar for deck or patio, Oooh you could add more to make it an L shape

L shaped outdoor bar 4
Veronica Wood

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Maui Galley Home Bar

Maui Galley Home Bar

Homemade outside bar
Martinez Marisa

Slim, made on the brick outdoor kitchen is an excellent combination of functionality and unique style. The whole covered with a solid top is perfect for family grilling and outdoor parties. Beautiful styling captivates.

L shaped bar ideas
Elizabeth Coupe

Other Metros Patio Bar

Outdoor bar grill designs
Thomson Marisa

i want an outdoor bar with blue tiles someday when im rich ;)

L shaped outdoor bar 2
Christine Hal

second picture shows a home bar with warmer atmosphere the home bar ...

Grilling 4
Lindsey All


L shaped bar counter
Monica Patt

Addition of bar to grill area, but usenatural stone. Semi circle rather than 'L' shaped to not block access to pool

Outdoor patio bar plans

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Outdoor wood bar plans
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Stacked stone l shaped outdoor kitchen with attached pergola and
Olivia Smithist

Stacked Stone "L" Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with Attached Pergola and Raised Bar

Joyful outdoor patio bars plans 2

Joyful Outdoor Patio Bars Plans

L shaped bar table
Alicia Dav

Backyard Bar Plans | Huge! custom outdoor kitchen with built in dcs gas bbq grill and keg ...

Outdoor l shaped bar and kitchen charlotte traditional exterior

Outdoor L-shaped bar and kitchen Charlotte - Traditional - Exterior ...

Cal Flame 8' Stucco BBQ Island and Side Bar with 4-Burner Gas Grill
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Cal Flame 8' Stucco BBQ Island and Side Bar with 4-Burner Gas Grill

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L shaped bar

Transform your outdoor area into a small paradise with this ambient lighting for bars, deck, and patios. Hanging on metal fixtures with milk glass shades, each of those romantic beauties is able to richly enchant your intimate gatherings.

Tiki bar l shape custom bamboo tiki bar bamboo bars
Jessica Wash

... Tiki Bar L shape, Custom Bamboo tiki bar, Bamboo bars set outdoor

Outdoor bar setting picture comprises 2 bar settings joined to
Ashley Hay

Outdoor bar setting - picture comprises 2 bar settings joined to make a u shape. Original bar setting is L-shaped. FALSODS19

Small l shaped flattened bamboo board tiki bar with no
Brittany Walk

small l shaped flattened bamboo board tiki bar with no roof outside ...