Kohler Bathtub Colors

Bathtubs might prove to be a nice looking and useful element of all bathrooms. If you decide to check all the options that are shown at the photos below, you won’t get disappointed. As you can see, there is a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes to choose from, so feel free to see them all.

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Colored bathtubs

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Kolhler is a company known to everyone who dreams of a high quality finish in a bathroom. Here were used from the palette of kohler bathtub colors tiled in sand color, with a touch of chocolate, and mosaics in the niches, near white ceramic bathtub.

Kohler bathtub colors

An elegant shower unit that is combined with a graceful bathtub. The space is characterized by small, pretty tiles in a neutral, earthy color. They perfectly match a shower fixture with a brushed nickel finish.

Best bathtub

Best Bathtub
Set intended to the bathroom. It is composed of shower, ceramic bathtub with cover of tiles and shower curtain. Shower head, faucet and taps are made of brass. Shower curtain is made of waterproof cloth.

Bellwether Alcove 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

Bellwether Alcove 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub
This simply designed, deep bathtub complements decently modern bathroom decor. For easy and safe usage, it is equipped with a treshold step inside and anti-slip surface. It is made of iron with white enamel.

Bathtub colors

Colored bath tubs

Kohler fixture colors

Kohler deep tub

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Standard shaped and sized bathroom decor with a bath that includes an elegant curved apron. Standard white color of this bathtub matches any design. It is durable and provides good comfort of taking a bath.

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Kohler bancroft tub

This 60" x 32" alcove bath with integral apron, integral flange and the right-hand drain was made by Kohler Bancroft, which guarantees quality and style. Available in 5 colours, it evokes associations with the old colonial style.

Kohler bancroft bathtub

The design of this kohler bancfrot bathtub drew inspiration in the elegant aspects of the American architectonic from the early 20th century. It is white and beautifully integrated. It has molded acrylic lumbar support and a textured surface.

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Standard, white, acrylic bathtub with a durable and aesthetic acrylic construction. This element of bathroom design is neutral and it looks very interesting in different indoors of this type. Bathtub of this type is also resistant to excessive wear.

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If you don't have too much space in your bathroom but would still like the comfort and convenience of a bathtub then this piece is just the perfect solution, while it offers a left-hand drain and comes in a neutral, white finish.

Tea-For-Two 60" X 32" Drop-In Bath with Reversible Drain

Tea-For-Two 60" X 32" Drop-In Bath with Reversible Drain
Rectangular bathtub designed for installation in the bathroom. The construction is made of durable cast iron enameled. It offers 2 seats. It has a capacity of 60 gallons. Designed for use in the bathroom.

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Bancroft Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub

Bancroft Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub
A beautiful bathtub which has a design that draws inspiration from the simple elegance of early 1900s American architecture. It features eight factory-installed, color-matched plastic hydro-massage jets.

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Bathtub in traditional white color and standard shape. It looks very attractive among simple tiles finished in neutral colors. This area also includes a shower head mounted in the wall, so it can also play the role of a shower.

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Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub
A magnificent, rectangular-shaped, soaking bathtub which is made from high-quality, cast iron for increased durability, stability and safety. The whole bathtub's water capacity is estimated at 45 gallons.

Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub
An elegant and humble soaking bathtub which is made of high-quality materials only. Due to its capacity of 45 gallons it is very convenient to use. It's rectangular-shaped and mainly made of enameled cast iron.

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Mariposa 66" x 36" Alcove BubbleMassage Air Bathtub

Mariposa 66" x 36" Alcove BubbleMassage Air Bathtub
This type of equipment is a high quality, solid and relaxing bathtub that offers a comfortable air massage. The product is equipped with 120 air jets and it has got an electronic keypad that is simple in use.

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Villager Bath Tub with Right-Hand Drain

Kohler Dynametric 5.5Ft Bath with Left Hand-Drain

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Proflex 54" x 54" Soaking Bathtub

Proflex 54" x 54" Soaking Bathtub
A contemporary and decent bathtub which provides maximum comfort with space-saving dimensions. There is enough space to fit two people. Its capacity is estimated at around 71 gallons of water. Its material is high-quality acrylic.

Carrera marble and white tile with kohler tub sinks and

Archer 60" x 30" Soaking Bathtub

Archer 60" x 30" Soaking Bathtub