Kids Wooden Playsets

Kids like to play and that isn’t a surprise for anyone. If you decide to see and check if any of the designs and types of playsets and playgrounds would be suitable for your garden or wherever you want to have them, feel free to get inspired. The choice is really diverse so there is no need to rush.

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An extraordinary outdoor playset for kids: constructed with oak wood, featuring a traditional swing, a horizontal ladder, a net for climbing and rope bridge. All these elements help improve balance and muscle strength.

Kids wooden playsets

A beautiful children playhouse for outdoors, hand-crafted of natural wood planks. Includes a high-pitched roof, a fenced balcony, glass windows, a built-in ladder, a curvy slide, a pair of swings, and a large sandbox underneath.

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Beautiful and very attractive wooden playset is a great way to have fun in the yard. Large cottage with balcony and sandbox and swing area will allow for excellent fun and a great time. Interesting color scheme captivates with details.

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Phenomenal playhouse fitted with slide, climbing wall and swings. Construction is made of wood and plastic. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

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Practical and very interestingly made wooden playset makes the kids do not get bored. The cottage with a slide and a lovely swing allows the children to have a great time. Robust wooden structure captivates.

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Being a great all-day entertainment for most of the kids, this fantastic wooden playset enchants not only with the various fun possibilities but also with the stability and solidness of construction, which meets all safety regulations.

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A large colourful playhouse of wood. It has full grey walls, brown doors and window shutters, a terrace with red aprons, a greenish gable roof, a bridge with walls. It's equipped with a tube slide, 2 swings, a climbing wall, stairs, a rope ladder.

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Ahoy! Transform your lawn into pirate's lair. This wooden ship playset with yellow slide is meant to cruise around the world in an adventure-filled play! High quality yacht playhouse for kids. Feel the salty breeze!

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Kids wooden playset with rambler cedar wooden swing set by Gorilla Playsets. The complete playhouse features a yellow slide, small climbing wall, sandbox and tree house. Looks like tons of outdoor fun.

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A simple yet efficient homemade backyard playground, self-made out of reclaimed wood with an unfinished look. The playground has a set of swings, as well as a house with a slide and a set of stairs to get on top.

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A cool playhouse of natural-finished wood. It has sturdy posts, a rectangular base, vertically slatted sides, a span roof of fabric. It's equipped with a curved slide of greenish plastic, a wooden ladder, a portable pink plastic sandpit with a lid.

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Kids wooden playground

An eye-catching large outdoor playset of wood with a prevalent natural finish but a brown door and a red gable roof with attic rooms. It has a terrace with a balustrade. It's equipped a.o. with a ramp with rope rails, a wide rope ladder, 3 swings.

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An impressive playhouse set for outdoors, crafted of natural wood and enhanced with plastic slides, swingsets and ladders. The playset is shaped like a fort, with high-pitched guard towers, a bridge and a dummy boat.

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Kids wooden playsets
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Prairie Ridge Playset

Prairie Ridge Playset
An amazing play set for your children that will let your kids have plenty of fun, while you are ensured of their safety, since the set was made with security in highest regard. It is strong, sturdy and durable, sporting beautiful, lively colors.

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An awesome playset for children, that can be a great birthday gift for both boys and girls. The playset consists of weather-resistant wood construction, a built-in ladder, a swing set and a curvy slide.

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Kids wooden playsets 4
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A great addition for outdoor areas such as parks, backyards, and gardens. This playset is crafted of sturdy wood and able to withstand weather conditions, including a fenced sun deck, a tire swing and wide ladders.

Kids wooden playsets

A pretty playhouse on stakes made of solid wood with a natural stained finish. It has sturdy supports and frames. It's equipped a.o. with swings on chains, a bluish plastic slide, a slanted ladder, a verandah, a house with a gable roof, a sandpit.

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Kids wooden playsets 5
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Glider for wooden swing set
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A comfortable swing set for outdoor areas such as backyards, that will give your children a tone of wild fun. The frame is weather-resistant and crafted of sturdy hardwood, accommodating 3 plastic seat swings suspended from metal chains.

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Great Skye II Swing Set with Wood Roof Canopy

Great Skye II Swing Set with Wood Roof Canopy

Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set

Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set
If you are looking for an interesting proposal for children that meets their needs and provide play this fantastic wooden swing set is the perfect solution. Robust design and the possibility of a variety of fun and at the same security.

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