Kids Wall Clocks

Wall clocks for kids? Why not – below you will get familiar with a very diverse collection of such solutions so what are you waiting for? Actually, there are quite a lot of people who have decided to buy them and they didn’t regret such choices. What will be your favourite model out of this collection?

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Unity Henley Children's Nursery Wall Clock (Cream)
Thomson Marisa

A very interesting kind of wall clock that has got a functional and educational character. It is a mechanism that features a round shape and some pieces of information about reading the current time. It is a product created especially for kids.

JustNile Kids Basic Color Round 12-inch Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock - Baby Pink
Olivia Smithist

It is an adorable wall clock that has got a round shape, baby pink color and white finish. It fits perfectly to any style and decor in your kids room, bedroom, living room and other.

Maple's 12-Inch Wall Clock, White Face with Colored Numerals
Tara Gosselin

This 12-inch diameter wall clock can be a cheerful addition for dining rooms and kitchens. The round white face features colorful Arabic numerals, black hands, a red second hand, and provides superior quality movement.

Kids wall clocks
Carmen Milani

This Lego wall clock is a beautiful, colorful composition, that can truly enhance children bedrooms or nursery rooms. Handmade from solid wood and finished with bright, fire-engine red zero VOC paint, creates a wonderful way for teaching how to tell time.

Childrens rooms kids wall clock spotty
Mendes Natasha
Childrens wall clock
Kids wall clocks 2

Kids love elephants! Well, what if their new wall clock is one of them? This greyish elephant wall clock looks super friendly and calming. Finished with yellow digits and hands of the clock makes it look even more artistic.

Childrens clock custom hand painted kids wall clock cute little
Monica Perr
DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock, Pink Zebra, Blue
Evans Liliana

This friendly zebra with extraordinary pink stripes will make any interior more cozy. Non-ticking clock mechanism ensures good nighttime sleep. White Arabic numerals are clearly visible on a blue backdrop.

Bai Children Wall Clock, Butterflies
Latoya Wat

Wall clock with pink frame and dial featuring appealing butterfly motif. Additionally, it features glass lens and comes gift-boxed and has one year manufacturer's warranty. The clock is a great addition to any girl's room.

HITO™ 10-Inch Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock (Blue)
Rachel Howard

This is a simple and attractive wall clock designed for use in children's rooms. This type of equipment has got a silent non-ticking mechanism and large arabic numbers that are easy to read. Its frame is made of solid ABS.

13 Inch Basketball Clock - Sports Themed Boys and Girls Room Wall Clocks by bogo Brands
Patterson Gracie

Colorful and current, this basketball clock will be a perfect decor element in any basketball fan's room. It has plastic backing and real glass face. Quick and easy to mount with a single nail or screw. Features precision quartz movement.

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Julia Lambertify

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Charming clock on the wall in the shape of a monkey. It is made of recycled MDF. Battery powered. Positive accent for a child's room, and more.

EasyRead Time Teacher Children's Wall Clock with simple 3 Step Teaching System. 12" dia, learn to tell the time, ages 5-12.
Martinez Lindsey

This type of product is a simple, but stylish and functional wall clock. It is an ideal element created for teaching children how to use a clock. The overall size of this round clock is 11.4 x 1.6 x 11.4 inches.

HITO™ 10-Inch Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock w/ 3D Colorful Numerals and Front Glass Cover (White)
Mackenzie Milani

Wall clock featuring 3-D colorful and large numerals and front glass cover. Additionally, it features high quality quartz sweep movement, which provides accurate time and silent movement. The clock is powered by one AA battery.

Seiko Wall Clock Silver-Tone Metallic Case Luminous Numerals
Alexis Milani

This aesthetic wall clock can be a stylish and functional addition for both homes and offices. The clock features a beautiful silver frame with glass cover, a black face with Arabic numerals and second hand, and ensures quick and easy mounting.

Trend Lab Dr.Seuss Wall Clock, Oh! The Places You'll Go Blue
Anderson Marisa

It is an ABC wall clock that is a great addition to your kids room, nursery and other. It is available in eight color options. You will be impressed how cool this product is. You need to have it.

bogo Brands Sports Themed Soccer Ball Sports Wall Clock 13 Inch

This clock will perfectly complement soccer-themed decor. It has a soccer field graphic all over its face, and each hour is marked with a characteristic white-and-black soccer ball. Accuracy is its other virtue.

EasyRead Time Teacher Children's Wall Clock with 2-step Digital / Analogue Time Teaching System, 12" diameter
Kristin Ward

A very interesting type of product that is created for children and their parents. It is a wall clock that helps to teach children how to read the current time from the clock. It has got a round shape and attractive colors.

Turtle pendulum kids wall clock
Cintia Brook
Childrens wall clocks
Adriana Andersson

Wall clock with cowboy theme. Round shield is made of wood and decorated with interesting application. It is fitted with quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Lovely addition for any kid's room. Great gift idea.

Wall clock for kids room
Mega Leahbrown
Funky childrens round wall clock
Emily Wilson
Blue train wood wall clock blue train kids wall clocks
Julia Alexander
Time teaching 11 childrens toddlers pink wall clock
Alyssa Wilsonify
MOON GAZER HD resin 9.4" plastic shell Mute Wall round Non Ticking Ultra Silent quartz Movement numbers Clock for indoor outdoor Home office White Dial with Red Frame Wall Clocks Modern Kitchen Home Office Round Decorative Hanging Clock New Retro style ro
Lambert Abbey

A high quality, durable and functional wall clock. It has got a round plastic shell and a silent, non-ticking mechanism. It features large black numerals that are very easy to read. The mechanism always shows an accurate time.

Kids wall clock 2

A charming and unusual wall clock for your kid's room. The numerals and a cute owl were hand-painted on green canvas. Thus, hands are the only element that was mounted to it. It features positive and bright colors.

Pixar "Despicable Me" 10" Wall Clock: Minion Wall Clock Quartz Accuracy, Easy Wall Mounting. Battery Operated Requires 1 Aa Battery (Not Included)

This kind of product is a wall clock that has got an attractive minion pattern. The product is designed for use on walls. The overall size of this item is 5 x 5 x 3 inches and its overall weight is 12.8 ounces.

Kids wall clocks 1

A funny wall clock for your kids' room. It's a classy round shape without numerals, but with black, well visible hands. The clock features a cute image of a cat in vivid colors with the dominance of orange.

WallElf (TM) Kid's Room Wall Decal Clocks, Bombom Rex
Abigail Wrightful

Blast your children on every corner of your home - for example, with easy-to-install wall kids clock, which also features a DIY kit! Certainly the yellow dinosaur will be well associated with children and adorned their space, measuring time!

Trend Lab Wall Clock, Basketball

This stylish baseball clock by Trend Lab will appeal not only to baseball lovers, but everyone who appreciates original design. 11" diameter, can smoothly enhance all most kinds of interiors.

Karlsson Oversized Wall Clock

Karlsson Oversized Wall Clock
With such a clock your inner decor will get this mysterious "something" that topps off the ambiance and grabs praises. It has no numerals and no face. Just those big, big black hands! Uber modern! Viva la minimalism!

Hello Kitty Clock 10" Wall Clock: Wall Clock Quartz Accuracy, Easy Wall Mounting. Battery Operated Requires 1 Aa Battery (Not Included)
Jessica Zernike

This kind of wall clock is a product created for use in a girl's room. It has got a "Hello Kitty" pattern, so it plays a functional and decorative role. This round clock measures 12.5" x 10.5" x 1.75".

"MINNIE BOWTIQUE" DISNEY 10" WALL CLOCK: Quartz Accuracy, Easy Wall Mounting. Battery Operated Requires 1 AA Battery (Not Included
Samantha Clar

It is an adorable wall clock with Minnie Mouse and pink color that is perfect for your kids room. If you looking for a great kids wall clock, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

HomeFlav 11.75" Non-ticking Silent Quartz Wall Clock - digital, modern,vintage,large,decorative, contemporary,kitchen wall clock

This type of product is a wall clock that is very silent. It has got a modern, contemporary look that has got a high decorative value. It has got simple digits that are easy to read. This clock has got an aluminum finish.

Modern Flowers Mirror Clock Wall Decal Home decoration For Girls Kids Living Room Bedroom Art Wall stickers

It is a wall clock that has got a mirror finish and flowers motif. This product fits perfectly to your modern style and decor in living room, bedroom, family room and other.

NFL High Def Plaque Wall Clock
Maria Anderson

NFL High Def Plaque Wall Clock
This will rejoice any NFL admirers, especially the Philadephia Eagles fans! Authorized by the NFL, this fabulous football-themed wall clock would be a key design element in your interior. It features high quality quartz movement.

NFL 12.75" Wall Clock
Stacy Tor

NFL 12.75" Wall Clock
Where time and style is of the essence, this wall clock comes right up your alley. You cannot overlook these huge orange letters - yes, it is NFL Bears logo! You may customize the clock with choosing other logos of favourite NFL teams.

My Little Pony Clock 10" Wall Clock: Wall Clock Quartz Accuracy, Easy Wall Mounting. Battery Operated Requires 1 Aa Battery (Not Included)
Alexis Millerism

A piece of equipment that plays a decorative and functional role in a child's room. It has got a "My little pony" pattern and it features a round shape. The overall size of this clock is 12.5" x 10.5" x 1.75".

Your Heart's Delight "Take Me Out" Baseball Wall Clock, 11-1/4-Inch
Natasha Kell

"Take me out to the ballgame", this is what this wall clock says. If you are a fan of baseball, you can easily find this design delightful. The bezel loooks like a baseball, of course, and it even has red stitches print on it.

Yesurprise Modern 3D Frameless Large Wall Clock Style Watches Hours DIY Room Home Decorations Model MAX3 #6
Laetitia Zernike

This eye-catching 3D wall clock includes an alloy clock face, aluminum clock pointer, and EVA foam stickers. Finishing size of the clock depends only on you, allowing you to place it on both smaller and larger walls.

"CARS" DISNEY PIXAR 10" WALL CLOCK: Quartz Accuracy, Easy Wall Mounting. Battery Operated Requires 1 AA Battery (Not Included)

It is a fantastic wall clock with Disney Pixar Cars and black and red colors that is perfect for your kids room. If you looking for a great kids wall clock, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

Wood kids wall clock pink ladybug
Renee And
Onaroo OK to Wake Children's Alarm Clock and Nightlight
Lily Cravenable

Funny alarm clock for kids. Its round flower-like casing is of colourful plastic. It has a yellow display with black numerals and is equipped a.o. with smiles and blinks animations, regulated volume and brightness, a snooze function, buttons on feet.

Cute frog kids wall clock 1
Emily Ross
Die case models with magnets put on chalkboard wall with
Springfield 91572 Dual Sided Outdoor Thermometer and Clock with Wall Bracket
Katie Taylor

It is a beautiful station thermometer and clock that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. If you looking for stylish clock, you need to choose this one. It is a nicely finished and fantastic product.

Dalmatian puppy kids wall clock
Mermaids personalized kids wall clock
Rachel Massonable
Wall clocks for boys
Laetitia Kloss