Kids Loft Beds For Sale

A loft bed is a perfect purchase for a kid's room and it's really worth the money. It combines functionalities well and leaves more free space for the children to play. With a sleeping, learning and storage space on just a few square meters, it is really a great idea for small rooms. Check out kids' loft beds for sale in my collection below.

Pottery barn loft bed with desk

Beautiful design and functionality make the whole bunk loft beds look unique. Functional solutions and interesting details in the form of desks, shelves, corkboard and not only delight in creating a sensational whole.

Kids loft beds for sale 5

Thanks to this kids loft bed you will experience the best feeling of comfort and taste. It features the full loft bed, white finish, modern, clean lines, chest with drawers and shelves for clothes, books, magazines and more.

Loft beds with desk for sale

Solid loft bed for children. Its durable wooden frame is finished in neutral white color. The lower part includes a desk with book shelves. Upper area is a bed that is accessible thanks to a functional ladder.

Sleeper beds for sale 1

If you want to adorn the room of your little princesses, this is the way to do it. The bunk bed set comes with a pull-out bed, a properly secured top bunk, open shelves, a metal ladder, a nightstand and a quite large desktop.

Double loft bed with desk

Trying to find the excellent, nicely finished and high quality loft bunk bed? We suggest you to choose this one! It creates the fun sleeping space, that can be used as a cozy study or play area!

High sleeper sale

Kids' Bedroom Furniture Sale | Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery barn kids loft bed

A gorgeous piece of girly furniture, excellent for spicing up kids' rooms. The loft bed set is shaped like a beautiful castle and adorned with pink accents, offering 8 open shelves, a built-in staircase, and a spacious compartment underneath the top bunk.

Berg Furniture Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed With Desk And Storage

Berg Furniture Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed With Desk And Storage
Contemporary twin bed with desk, a chest and drawers for storage. Includes railing for safety. The construction is made of wood. The ideal solution for the kid's room and more.

Bed with desk and closet

Sensational colors, functional details, and an attractive style make this kids loft bed with desk and drawers an excellent choice for the kids. The whole creates a very practical place for rest, study, and storage.

Cheap high sleepers for sale

Triple Bunk bed. Perfect for children all the same gender sharing a room! I'll have to remember this if we have all girls

Blue dresser for sale 16

Bunk bed for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. Base is fitted with desk, open shelves and a lot of drawers for storing needed items. Simple form and functional design.

Treehouse beds for sale

A fancy way of accommodating children's rooms by using this fantastic floating loft bed. It's mounted to a wall and ceiling, offering protective railings on top, and a built-in staircase with open compartments and rug-covered stairs.

Stompa casa 4

Kids' Bunk Beds And Loft Beds | Pottery Barn Kids...have it made

Cool loft beds for sale

A pretty practical loft bed of wooden materials in white. A headboard and a footboard have full panels and arched tops. Side rails are simple, a ladder - slanted. A desk and an open shelving unit underneath have full sides with a slatted up design.

Triple bed

This unique example of loft bed is designed to embellish contemporary children bedrooms with its modern character. Its construction is equipped with convenient stairs, being totally safe for the kids.

Stompa loft bed

Teen Bedroom Small Loft Beds Design Fot Teen Space Saving Ideas Wonderful Loft Bedrooms For Teenagers

Pottery barn cottage loft bed for sale

Loft bed in contemporary style. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with a lot of open shelves on the base for storing books or display decorations. Great solution for saving space in kid's room or teenager's room.

Bunk bed with desk cheap

Bunk bed is the perfect solution for small rolls. This stable structure with a built-in desk and a place to relax will perfectly suit your child's room. The whole thing is extremely practical and checks in daily use.

High sleeper beds for sale

This tiny Victorian Cottage, measuring 9 feet by 14 feet, is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while. Renovated and decorated for just $3,000 by it’s owner, Sandra Foster, each corner, nook and cranny is filled with beautiful details

Stompa bed for sale

Twin Loft Storage Bed

Camper van bed unique van inspired bed comes with a

Camper Van Bed Unique van inspired bed comes with a desk and comfy seating.

High sleeper for sale

built in bed ideas | 33 Space-Saving Built-In Kids Beds Ideas

School House Twin Princess Low Loft Bed with Slide

School House Twin Princess Low Loft Bed with Slide
A princess low loft bed with the amazing slide - the design will allow your daughter hours of fun and let you add a stunning sleeping solution for your child. The pink and purple finish look charming and beautiful.

NE Kids School House Stair Loft Bed in White

Bunk bed for kid's room, teenager's room and more. Includes desk and a lot of drawers for storing clothes and others needed items. It is made of wood and fitted with railings for added safety. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Pottery barn kids loft beds

I wish....Maybe in the future... ?

Awesome beds for sale

Atlantic, Essaouira, Morocco, Sleeps 8 — The Modern House Estate Agents: Architect-Designed Property For Sale in London and the UK

Suncast Claremont Vinyl Cupola with Copper Roof

A vinyl cupola with copper roof will add a traditional, cottage appeal to the house. Copper will age to a light green/gray color when exposed to the elements. Its has a premium quality base from plastic lumber (Azek), with UV protection to protect from discolouration.

Guilford Vinyl Cupola

Guilford Vinyl Cupola
Beautiful vinyl cupola with decorative white base and window-like middle part (no glass), the roof covered in copper that will change color in time and due to weather conditions to look old and stylish.

Princess beds

Its like my princess bed mom but more fun and does'nt take up much space!!!!!

Kent Vinyl Cupola

Kent Vinyl Cupola
Vinyl cupola that can be painted any color you like. The base and middle are white and the roof is of neutral wood color. No glass windows. The weathervane can be mounted - the necessary hardware is built-in.

Smithsonian Alexandria Vinyl Cupola

Smithsonian Alexandria Vinyl Cupola
Vinyl cupola constructed of simple and sturdy base, decorative middle part and a pointy roof, covered with copper. The vinyl parts of the cupola may be painted any color you like. Looks great on most roofs!

Pottery barn kids loft bed with desk

We have a twin size loft bed for sale. It is only 2 years old. It comes with two dressers that fit under the bed. Which frees up floor space. The dressers drawers slide well and are in great shape. The stairs also have three drawers and slide well also. S

Twin over Full Convertible Toddler Customizable Bedroom Set

Twin over Full Convertible Toddler Customizable Bedroom Set
With this Twin over Full Convertible Toddler Customizable Bedroom Set, your children will be having a real blast. Designed of solid ponderosa pine wood, the set includes sturdy frame with casters for easy mobility, and convenient storage drawers with Kenlin drawer glide system.

Vinyl cupolas for sale 2

Attractive vinyl cupola suitable for different exterior stylizations. This element of outdoor design is made of durable materials. It is finished in white and brown colors. Classic shape is able to decorate many outdoor areas.

Manchester Vinyl Cupola

Manchester Vinyl Cupola
A cupola with copper roof and white vinyl base and middle, that can be painted any color you like. No glass windows. The weathervane mounting hardware is built-in so you may mount one if you wish. Weather resistant.

Kent Wood Cupola

Kent Wood Cupola
A natural wood cupola in three sections: base, middle and top. No glass windows. It can be painted any color you like and shingled with a metal roof. Looks great when installed, perfect for your house outside decor.

Mini bunk beds

Want for your kids to sleep safe and soundly? Such low bunk beds like those will, surely, help you to achieve this goal. Constructed of sturdy wood, the combo features numerous drawers with pull-knobs, open shelving, a built-in staircase, and a properly secured top bunk.

Pottery barn bunk beds for sale

Castle Loft Bed | Pottery Barn Kids. Not for $2K or on sale for $1400, but the boys would sure love it!

Smithsonian Arlington Vinyl Cupola

Smithsonian Arlington Vinyl Cupola
Extremely beautiful cupola. The base and middle parts are made of vinyl (white but can be painted) and the roof is covered in copper. Great decorative piece to make any roof complete, stylish and elegant.

Loft bed for sale

Loft Bed for Sale

Windsor Vinyl Cupola

Windsor Vinyl Cupola
White vinyl cupola with pointy roof covered in copper. The base and middle parts - made of vinyl - can be painted to a chosen color. The copper on roof will change color in time and due to weather conditions.

Pottery barn castle bed

Master II Storage Loft Now that is some storage :)

Farmington Vinyl Cupola

Farmington Vinyl Cupola
Beautiful decorative cupola to make any roof look more elegant and classy. Made of simple white vinyl base and middle (can be painted other colors) and copper covered roof. Pretty design, no glass windows.

Smithsonian Chesapeake Vinyl Cupola

Smithsonian Chesapeake Vinyl Cupola
Beautiful traditional style vinyl cupola. Solid and simple base and decorative middle part with fancy windows and arches. The base and middle parts can be painted. Triangular roof is covered in copper.

Guilford Wood Cupola

Guilford Wood Cupola
Gorgeous cupola in traditional style. Made of natural wood that can be painted any color. The roof is covered with copper. The hardware to install a weathervane is built in and ready. make the roof of your house complete!

Twin Convertible Toddler Customizable Bedroom Set

Twin Convertible Toddler Customizable Bedroom Set
Extremely practical and sturdy, this Twin Convertible Toddler Customizable Bedroom Set in Honey Finish provides reliable Pinewood craftsmanship with a 3-step hand-finish. The set also features multiple drawers for convenient storage.

Dover Wood Cupola

Dover Wood Cupola
Traditional wooden cupola, made of natural wood (can be painted) and with copper covered roof. The extension base is required to mount it on the roof. The weathervane may be installed as the hardware is built-in and ready.

Huntington Wood Cupola

Huntington Wood Cupola
A standard roof cupola, made of natural wood that can be painted. Simple base, middle section with windows without glass and a roof finished with copper. Great addition to any roof and house and beautiful decoration.

Sherwood Wood Cupola

Sherwood Wood Cupola
A natural wooden cupola with copper roof. No windows. May be painted any color. Beautiful and stylish addition to your roof, especially if you have a wooden house or want to make your cottage look nicer.

Full size loft bed with desk underneath 1

A stunning combo that will prove almost unbelievably convenient for your child's room, offering both a bunk bed and a desk and taking up as little space as only possible, while the natural finish makes the room look brighter.