Kids Bedroom Wall Stickers

Maybe you should show this photos to your child and ask what he or she thinks. Below you will see a wide range of bedroom wall stickers in different styles, patterns and colours. They show different themes so that all the kids can enjoy their favourite characters and logos on the walls of their own bedroom.

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Kids bedroom wall stickers

Lovely kids bedroom wall stickers are a great combination of attractive form and cute details. Beautiful fairy motifs in the garden will delight the taste of every little girl beautifully decorating her room.

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A charming contemporary wall sticker for kid's bedrooms. It's showing a beautiful mystical horse named 'a unicorn' which is standing on hinder legs. It's made of quality white vinyl with a self-adhesive backing.

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If you're thinking about enlivening your bedroom, then these wonderful flower wall stickers come with a solution. Flowers of different colors and shape, all vivid, shall enhance both your children's bedroom, as well as yours.

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Large wall sticker with Marvel superhero: Incredible Hulk himself. This highly detailed wall sticker, perfect for boys bedroom - also for an instant style update of kids room - boasts vivid colors and high quality details.

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This printed world map vinyl wall sticker decal is perfect for decorating walls at home and the office. It is important to note that this product comes with a white boarder around the edge. It will look good both on dark wall and bright one.

Kids bedroom wall stickers

This unique set of cosmic stickers, will change your child's room into a space rocket, pacing outer space. Your kids will love the warm and coziness it brings to the room.

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Kids bedroom wall stickers inspired by computer game. This interesting decoratation causes an optical illusion - it looks like hole in the wall. This adornment will be perfect to child or geek bedroom.

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Childrens giraffe wall decal mom and baby kids bedroom nursery
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Lion king bedroom decorations
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Childrens alphabet wall stickers

A wonderful bedroom arrangement in the shades of white and blue. It's a musical theme bedroom with a beautiful wall stick. The headboard of the bed and a bedside table perfectly match the rest of the room.

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Michael jordan room decor

Every kid loves wall stickers! These french style stickers are perfect for youngsters, who have just started learning French. This beautiful set of stickers shows the most recognizible Paris monuments and places. Best for light pastel walls.

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A is For Alphabet Nursery and Bedrooms Wall Decal

A is For Alphabet Nursery and Bedrooms Wall Decal
It is a colorful alphabet wall décor that is perfect for nursery and kids bedroom. Your kids will be impressed how amazing it looks on walls in your home. This is a great addition and you need to have it.

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Looking at this sofa is like really participating the basketball match! Ideal for kid's or youngster's bedroom. Check this wonderful basketball player wall sticker. Creatively complemented with real size basket.

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Your sky is full of stars - that what Coldplay sings, but here it is you wall! Kids bedroom wall stickers take us streight to the center of Universe. They can be applied to all even and smooth surfaces.

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You can create beautiful, positive atmosphere in your kid's room by using wall murals. The one in the picture shows a colorful rainbow. Together with a set of furniture in vivid colors and a red toy car, the whole room looks just fab!

Paris themed wall stickers
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Lion king nursery wall decals

Great wall decoration when you do not have the plastic ability to do it yourself. Flower stems, can be adjusted to size. It is also possible to choose the colors of flowers, at no extra charge. 20 pink flowers, side by side occupy about 80 'width.

Lowercase Pastel Alphabet Nursery and Bedroom Wall Decal

Lowercase Pastel Alphabet Nursery and Bedroom Wall Decal
It is a pastel alphabet wall décor that is perfect for nursery and kids bedroom. Your kids will be impressed how amazing it looks on walls in your home. This is a great addition and you need to have it.

Childrens bedroom decoration stickers

A great, vinyl wall sticker that will be suitable for an entertainment room, a game room or a teenage bedroom. It is easy to stick as you don't need any glue as you just peel and stick. You can apply them not only on the wall, but on all smooth surfaces.

Paris wall stickers for bedrooms

Wall stickers are simple decoration making a big effect in the room. Create a magical atmosphere in your daughter's room by this wonderful butterfly wall stickers. The butterflies will evoke a feel of serenity for your little girl.

Zooyoo Wholesale Peel and Stick Wall Sticker for Kids Baby Bedroom
Disney tinkerbell quote laughter is timeless wall words sticker decal
Bhbuy Glow in the Dark Fluorescent Moon Star Baby Kid Bedroom Wall Sticker
Dago© Owl and Flowers Happy Family Wall Stickers & Murals Wall Decals Wallpaper Wall Decorate and Removable Wall Décor Decorative Painting Supplies & Wall Treatments Luminous Stickers for Kids Living Room bedroom wallpops decal
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Mickey and Friends Pluto Wall Decal

Mickey and Friends Pluto Wall Decal

Rocket stars kids personalised any name bedroom wall art sticker
Animal bedroom wall sticker animal bedroom wall sticker decal for
Surfer decal sticker vinyl wall home kids room by vinylmywalls
Snap Kids Flower Wall Decal

Snap Kids Flower Wall Decal

For the twins room vinyl wall sticker decal art birdcages
Lego movie cracked wall explosion full colour wall art sticker
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Very cute baby room idea
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