Kathy Ireland Chandelier

A chandelier introduces plenty of royal chic and grandeur into the interior. It's one of my favourite types of lighting. Just take a look below and check what designs attracted my attention. Their elaborate style and forms can be an awesome addition to the living-room or a big hall. Here's my collection of Kathy Ireland chandeliers.

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Eight light chandelier with decorative crystals and solid bronze frame. This element of home design not only provides illumination, but it also increases aesthetic value of the room. All materials of this chandelier are long lasting.

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All family meetings will go well under such a kathy ireland chandelier. European design, luxurious crystals that fall like Christmas chains along the whole shaft of the lamp, and also hang from small white lampshades.

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Kathy ireland chandelier

Elegant 5-light chandelier with decorative crystals. Antique rubbed-white finish and beaded details look very good in many types of indoors. This chandelier not only decorates rooms, but it also improves the level of illumination.

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Inspired by 18th-century designs and updated to the height of chic. The weathered white finish frame of this wonderful chandelier is dressed up with crystal glass beads and teardrops. Along with 5 lights on scroll arms, it creates a lovely glittering experience.

Kathy ireland european treasure 28 1 4 crystal chandelier
Kathy ireland lighting fixtures

Richly decorated chandelier fitted with 4 lights. Metal frame is finished with carefully made crystals. Elegant addition to each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Kathy ireland chandeliers

Bronze finish accented with intricate leaf accents stand behind the glamour of this unique Kathy Ireland Chandelier. Its clear crystal drops and cream faux drip candle sleeves provide even more sparkle and romance. Measures 28" wide x 29" high.

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Kathy Ireland Bamboo Slat 31" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Kathy Ireland Bamboo Slat 31" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
It is a beautiful and extremely interesting night lamp. Its base is made of bamboo, which is set on a pedestal. Cover is, however, very simple, ordinary, painted in pastel colors. With bamboo leg, a very interesting sedation and toning the whole.

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Kathy Ireland Downbridge Traditional 63" Floor Lamp

Kathy Ireland Downbridge Traditional 63" Floor Lamp
If you're looking for some stylish and practical solutions for your house or office, this amazing and unique floor lamp might be a perfect opportunity for you. Check it out now and enjoy its highest functionality!

Antique white crystal chandelier one day replace fixture above dining
Chateau Vieux Collection Antique White Five Light Chandelier
In my home kathy ireland venezia bronze 8 light 26
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Gianni possini hollis 15 wide crystal swag chandelier 149
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Kathy ireland ramas de luces bronze 30 wide chandelier 7
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Kathy ireland 30 wide metallic silver chandelier w5304
Kathy ireland venezia 12 light 28 wide bronze chandelier 4
Kathy ireland devon 5 light antique white crystal chandelier 4
Kathy ireland chateau de conde five light chandelier 4
Carlton L-Shape Desk Office Suite

Carlton L-Shape Desk Office Suite
It is a L-shape desk office suite that is very stylish and perfect for your office space. It fits perfectly to any style and décor. This desk is high quality and nicely finished product.

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