Karlsson Wall Clock

Wall clock can prove to be quite an important element of your house. This collection can make the choice of one for yourself much easier, just see all the photos that are presented on this site. You stand before a rare opportunity to pick from such a wide variety so appreciate it.

Liliana Gadjus Interior Design Expert
Karlsson wall clock 10
Bush Eliza

A unique style of this fantastic wall clock is, definitely, going to change your room to something more sparkling and colorful. Its numerals are designed of colorful crystals that are set around a stainless steel round case with matching hands and accurate mechanism.

Karlsson Wall Clock Worldtime Aluminum
Carmen Kowalski

Wall clock featuring aluminum construction and dial with map of the world. Additionally, it has five small dials for displaying time in five different time zones. The clock requires five AA batteries for operation.

Present Time Karlsson Embossed Station Wooden Wall Clock with Green Second Hand
Aloma Garcia

This round wall clock is availble in two colors to choose: pink and green. It looks very modern and fits perfectly to contemporary style and décor in your bedroom, office space, kids room and other.

Karlsson Wall Clock Falling Numbers, Black White

Exquisite, modern-looking clock with eye-catching design. Features white dial and contrasting black falling numbers that makes the piece look unique. Stainless steel square face of the clock measures 12 by 12 by 2-Inch.

Present Time Karlsson Diy Grand Numbers Wall Clock, Multi-Colored
Sara Col

Jazz up the look of your interior as you beautify it with this adorable multi-coloured clack. Extra large numerals are particularly easy to read! The clock boasts a unique design that is both modern and cheery.

Karlsson rainbow wall clock
Stacey Davi
Karlsson Do-It-Yourself Cubic Wall Clock, Multicolor
Rachel Massonable

Extraordinary wall clock with one-of-a-kind design: the classic clock dial has been replaced with a composition of multicoloured cubes - it depends on you how you arrange them! The time is shown by black, straight hands.

Present Time Karlsson Multi-Colored Numbers Mobile Wall Clock
Mary Roge

Funny and inspiring wall clock with multicoloured numbers scattered on a round dial constructed of concentric silvery wire rings. Such a design undoubtedly allows you to release your creativity and brings everyone to high spirits!

Present Time Karlsson Feathers Wall Clock, Chrome

This clock is sure to attract the attention of your guests - they'll be in awe! It has no case and no numerals, and the hands are replaced by oversized silvery feathers... The design is just beautiful!

Karlsson Wall Clock Timezone Magnet Aluminum, Black
Aloma Garcia

Designed of durable aluminum, this black wall clock includes 4 dials for different time zones. You can choose the time zone by using interchangeable magnets. Each clock has a silver frame, a round black face, and Arabic numerals. Requires 4 AA batteries.

Present Time Karlsson Diamond Web Wall Clock

For anyone looking for something more than a classic wall clock, this extraordinary piece is worth taking a closer look. The face has a unique, updated design of metallic, diamond inspired wire web. Bold and chic!

White karlsson clock
Natalie Mart
Karlsson Wall Clock Pictogram, Black Case Steel
Jenna Daviesful

Funny wall clock looking like a clock pictogram, with white face and black hands. If you like to have unique and smartly designed accessories around you, this minimalist clock in steel case is just perfect.

Karlsson wall clock pictogram rainbow white frame
Karlsson Wall Clock Little Big Time Mini, Silver
Jillian Bel

If there's something that your minimalist interior decor lacks, maybe it's high time - nomen omen - to complete it with a wall clock like this one. It has no numerals, yet you'll be able to immediately get to know what time it is, as silver hands are very precise!

Present Time Karlsson Wood Painted Pendulum Tube Steel Wall Clock
Martin April

It is obvious that when we think of the clock we imagine a circular form. Here it was abandoned to express modernity.The karlsson wall clock is an decorative wooden and steel tube that encases a silver swinging pendulum.Hour and minute hands are made of silver.

Karlsson wall clock 11

A very functional and decorative solution in the house. This round wall clock features a round shape and black face. Hours are substituted by multi-color elements. The clock also offers large white hands.

Diamond wall clock
Laetitia Kloss
Karlsson rainbow clock
Sara Harr
Karlsson Wall Clock Station Numbers Hologram Steel Polished
Brittany Gree

This clock has a classic train station style design, but it is in fact very outstanding: the dial has a hologram face, and it shows black numerals or white on black hour marks, all depending on the angle you look at it.

Karlsson wall clock 2

Embodying minimalist elegance, this steel pillar tube wall clock with pendulum blends gracefully and boosts the interior decor. All metal, this karlsson clock features polished chrome hands and no numerals.

Karlsson Wall Clock DIY Maxi Numbers, Shiny Black

Do-it-yourself wall clock with enlarged, shiny black numbers and hour marks, designed to be placed around the clock center in accordance to one's personal preferences - you can obtain a compact or extra-large clock.

Karlsson Wall Clock Double Sided Aluminum

this 14-inch diameter double sided wall clock features a stainless steel frame, accommodating a white round face that is covered with glass lens. The clock includes black hands, a red second hand, and black bars instead of numbers. Requires 1 AA battery.

Karlsson Wall Clock DIY Photo Frame, Plastic Multi Color
Wright Stacy

Cherry and decorative wall clock with thin silvery hands and no dial; the latter is replaced by colourful square photo frames arranged around the center. Fill up the plastic frames with your favourite pictures.

Karlsson white wall clock
Krystal Lee
Karlsson wall clock

Do you need something funny and extraordinary to the home office? Or maybe you looking for a special gift? This Karlsson wall clock with falling numbers is a modern and unique suggestion!

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Elizabeth Coupe
Karlsson Wall Clock Platinum Record Aluminum, Silver

Designer's clock with no dials or hour marks, featuring round silver face inspired by platinum record. The clock is an elegant and unique music-themed accessory, especially recommended for music lovers.

Present Time MDF Pop Quiz Wall Clock, Chalkboard
Krystle Turner

Funny and surprising design of this wall clock effortlessly enhances any decor and enriches it with a drop of unpretentious humour. The clock mechanism with red hands is built in a square black chalkboard.

Wall Clock
Kimberly Hugh

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Karlsson Wall Clock Mr. White Numbers Steel Polished, 15-Inch
Davis Courtney

Elegant wall clock with simplistic modern design. It features white face and numbers and solid polished steel trim. Measures 20-Inch diameter. Requires 1 AA battery (not included). Refreshes and modernizes any home decor.

Present Time Karlsson Mr. White Station Wall Clock
Megan Pow

This amazing wall clock has got a white finish, round shape and contemporary design. It fits to modern and simple office space, living room and bedroom. You need to have it.

Karlsson Oversized Wall Clock

Karlsson Oversized Wall Clock
With such a clock your inner decor will get this mysterious "something" that topps off the ambiance and grabs praises. It has no numerals and no face. Just those big, big black hands! Uber modern! Viva la minimalism!

Karlsson Wall Clock Vintage Glass, Black

This vintage 14-inch diameter wall clock is designed in retro style, and requires 1 AA battery. The clock includes a square shape black dial, chrome Arabic numbers, and brushed metal hands.

Present Time Karlsson Bright Line Wall Clock with Sweep Movement, Green
Lisa Cox

This wall clock is available in three color options to choose: green, orange and yellow. It has got a sweep movement, contrasting minute and second hands and contemporary design.

Karlsson Calendar Clock Big Flip, White

Highly functional and good-looking calendar clock with flip mechanism. It features elegant white case, black background and white well-visible large numerals. Requires 2 D and 1 AA batteries (not included).

Karlsson Wall Clock Station with Second Hand Steel Polished

Wall clock having nine inches in diameter and featuring white face, black minute and hour hands and red second hand. Additionally, it features classic silver finish, which fits different styles and designs.

Karlsson Wall Clock Maxie, Steel
Julia Lambertify

Add some industrial glamour to your interior, with this sophisticated modern wall clock. It is crafted of polished steel case with matching hands and numbers that are easy to read. equires 1 AA battery (not included).

Karlsson Wall Clock Little Big Time, Aluminum and Silver

This modern clock in a silver finish is designed of durable aluminum, and equipped with two long hands for even more captivating appearance. The clock requires 1 AA battery, and can be easily mounted on your wall.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Melissa Turner

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Wall Clock
Jillian Moor

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Present Time Karlsson Modern Roman Numeral Wall Clock, Black
Long Lindsay

Classic, simply designed wall clock with Roman numerals printed on a solid black face, trimmed by silvery frame. Metal hands complete the look, which boasts a complete lack of unnecessary or silly elements.

Present Time Karlsson Bold Engraved Numbers Wall Clock, Steel
Alyssa Wilsonify

Glossy steel wall clock with bold raised numbers engraved on a disc-like dial; operated with 1 AA battery. The bold and stylish design blends seamlessly with modern interiors and inspires the surrounding to a high end.

Karlsson Wall Clock Color Splash Mini
Zernike Laetitia

This simple, but eye-catchy clock is a good solution to create a colour impact in a plain decor. The dial is coloured in rich plum, with white hands and hour marks on it. Silvery case adds to elegance.

Present Time Karlsson Aluminum Station Wall Clock, Gold
Carter Valerie

This 15-inch diameter wall clock in a gold finish is crafted from durable aluminum. The clock features an eye-catching round face, a sweep movement, black Arabic numerals, and black hands. Requires 1 AA battery.

Karlsson wall clock station
Karlsson wall clock bright line green sweep movement box32 design
Mackenzie Poly
Karlsson wall clock mini flip plastic chrome
Peyton Donaldson
Karlsson wall clock one to twelve
Present time karlsson wall clock mixed spider multi color steel
Andrea Youn